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Applications And Workflows; High-End Production Of Movies And Commercials - Panasonic HVX200A - Camcorder - 1080p Manual Book

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6. Applications and Workflows

6-1 High-End Production of Movies and Commercials

Mobility, Easy Operation and High Cost-Performance
The mobility of the compact, lightweight AG-HVX200 rivals that of a DV camera for use in
high-end production, such as in movies and TV commercials. It allows the kind of active
shooting that is difficult with a conventional shoulder-type HD camera, and introduces an
entirely new level of video expression. Fitting a host of shooting and recording functions,
such as a variable frame rate, into its sleek-looking body, the AG-HVX200 also offers great
solutions to many tough shooting situations with its easy operation and high cost-
Shots that Only a Mobile Handheld Camera
Can Achieve
Inside a car
The AG-HVX200 fits into cramped car spaces where a
shoulder-type camera could not. Its short body also
allows it to be swung around easily inside the car.
Mounted to a car body
It is difficult to securely mount a large, shoulder-type
camera to the side or hood of a car for action shots.
The AG-HVX200 can be easily mounted just about
On a bicycle or motorcycle
The AG-HVX200 lets you capture HD scenes at high
speeds on narrow roads and pathways. Needless to
say, this would be difficult with a shoulder-type
Low-angle shots
The action of following or tracking an object in
comical scenes for example, can be easily recorded
with low-angle handheld shooting.


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