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Panasonic HC-V130 Operating Instructions Manual

High definition video camera.
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Table of Contents

Operating Instructions

High Definition Video Camera
Model No.
Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions High Definition Video Camera HC-V130 Model No. Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future use. SQT0053...
  • Page 2: Read This First

    Panasonic does not accept any responsibility ∫ Cards that you can use with for damages directly or indirectly due to any type of problems that result in loss of recording...
  • Page 3 ∫ For the purposes of these operating instructions ≥ SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card and SDXC Memory Card are referred to as the “SD card”. ≥ Functions that can be used for motion picture recording/motion picture playback are indicated by in these operating instructions.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Read this first ..........2 Advanced (Playback) Preparation Playback Operations........51 Motion picture playback using Names and Functions of Main Parts .... 6 operation icon ........51 Power supply..........9 Creating still picture from Inserting/removing the battery ....9 motion picture ........52 Charging the battery ......
  • Page 5 With a PC What you can do with a PC ......73 End User License Agreement....75 Operating environment ....... 77 Installation ............ 80 Connecting to a PC........81 About the PC display ......83 Starting HD Writer LE 2.1 ......84 Reading the operating instructions of the software applications ....
  • Page 6: Preparation

    Preparation Names and Functions of Main Parts Speaker USB terminal [ ] 66, 81) Intelligent auto/Manual button [iA/MANUAL] 22, 47) Delete button [ Power button [ HDMI mini connector [HDMI] A/V connector [A/V] 61, 69) Battery release lever [BATT] Lens cover opening/closing switch When not using the unit, close the lens cover to protect the lens.
  • Page 7 Enter button [ENTER] 24, 26, 36) 15 16 LCD monitor ≥ It can open up to 90o.   Menu button [MENU] Mode switch Status indicator Recording start/stop button ≥ It can rotate up to 180o A towards the lens or Cursor button 24, 26, 36) 90o B towards the opposite direction.
  • Page 8 Photoshot button [ Zoom lever [W/T] (In Recording Mode) Thumbnail display switch [ Volume lever [sVOLr] (In Playback Mode) Grip belt Adjust the length of the grip belt so that it fits your hand.    1 Flip the belt. 2 Adjust the length.
  • Page 9: Power Supply

    Please be advised that we are not liable for any accident or failure occurring as a result of use of a counterfeit battery pack. To ensure that safe products are used we would recommend that a genuine Panasonic battery pack is used. Inserting/removing the battery ≥...
  • Page 10: Charging The Battery

    Charging the battery When this unit is purchased, the battery is not charged. Charge the battery fully before using this unit for the first time. ∫ Charging with an AC adaptor. The unit is in the standby condition when the AC adaptor is connected. The primary circuit is always “live”...
  • Page 11 ≥ When connected to a PC, an error message may be displayed at the top of the PC screen. For more details, refer to page 91. ≥ The unit will be charged if it is connected to a Panasonic Blu-ray disc recorder or DVD recorder with a USB cable, even if the unit is turned off.
  • Page 12: Charging And Recording Time

    Charging and recording time ∫ Charging/Recording time ≥ Temperature: 25 oC/humidity: 60%RH ≥ Time in the parenthesis is charging time when this unit is connected to a PC, Panasonic Blu-ray disc recorder, or DVD recorder. Maximum Battery model number Actual...
  • Page 13: Recording To A Card

    Check via the label on the card, etc. ≥ Please check the latest information on the support website below. (This website is in English only.) ≥ When using an SDHC Memory Card/SDXC Memory Card with other equipment, check the equipment is compatible with these Memory Cards.
  • Page 14: Inserting/removing An Sd Card

    Inserting/removing an SD card When using an SD card not from Panasonic, or one previously used on other equipment, for the first time on this unit, format the SD card. 32) When the SD card is formatted, all of the recorded data is deleted.
  • Page 15: Turning The Unit On/off

    Preparation Turning the unit on/off You can turn the unit on and off using the power button or by opening and closing the LCD monitor. Turning the unit on and off with the power button Open the LCD monitor and press the power button to turn on the unit. To turn off the unit ...
  • Page 16: Selecting A Mode

    Preparation Selecting a mode Operate the mode switch to change the mode to Recording Mode 19, 21) Playback Mode 24, 51) - 16 -...
  • Page 17: Setting Date And Time

    Preparation Setting date and time The clock is not set at the time of purchase. Make sure to set the clock. ¬ Change the mode to Select the menu. : [SETUP] # [CLOCK SET] Select the date or time using 2/1 and set the desired value using 3/4. A Displaying the World time setting 27): [HOME]/...
  • Page 18: Basic

    Basic Before recording ∫ Basic camera positioning 1 Hold the unit with both hands. 2 Put your hand through the grip belt. ≥ When recording, make sure your footing is stable and there is no danger of colliding with another person or object.
  • Page 19: Recording Motion Pictures

    Basic Recording motion pictures ≥ Open the lens cover before turning on the unit. Change the mode to  open the LCD monitor. Press the recording start/stop button to start recording. A When you begin recording, ; changes to ¥. Press the recording start/stop button again to pause recording.
  • Page 20 ≥ To change the recording format, change the [REC FORMAT] or [REC MODE]. 40, 41) ≥ The images recorded between pressing the recording start/stop button to start recording and pressing it again to pause recording become one scene. When you record with the [REC FORMAT] set to [iFrame] or [MP4], the scenes longer than approximately 20 minutes will be automatically divided.
  • Page 21: Recording Still Pictures

    Basic Recording still pictures ≥ Open the lens cover before turning on the unit. Change the mode to open the LCD monitor. Press the button. ≥ The still picture operating display ( ) will turn red while recording still pictures. ∫...
  • Page 22: Intelligent Auto Mode

    Basic Intelligent Auto Mode The following modes (appropriate for the condition) are set just by pointing the unit to what you want to record. /MANUAL Intelligent auto/Manual button Press this button to switch Intelligent Auto Mode/Manual Mode 47). Mode Effect Portrait Faces are detected and focused automatically, and the brightness is adjusted so it is recorded clearly.
  • Page 23: Automatic White Balance

    ∫ Intelligent Auto Mode When switching to Intelligent Auto Mode, the Auto White Balance and Auto Focus operate and automatically adjust the colour balance and focusing. Depending on the brightness of the subject, etc., the aperture and shutter speed are automatically adjusted for optimum brightness.
  • Page 24: Motion Picture/still Picture Playback

    Basic Motion picture/Still picture playback 15.11.2014 Change the mode to Select the play mode select icon A  using 3/4/2 and press the ENTER button. ≥ This can also be set from the menu. [VIDEO SETUP] or [PHOTO SETUP] # [MEDIA, VIDEO/PICTURE] Select still picture B or motion picture C to playback using 3/4/2/1 and press the ENTER button.
  • Page 25: Motion Picture Compatibility

    Motion picture playback Still picture playback 1/;: Playback/Pause 1/;: Slide show (playback of the still Rewind playback* pictures in numerical order) start/ Fast forward playback* pause. ∫: Stops the playback and shows the Plays back the previous picture. thumbnails. Plays back the next picture. Stops the playback and shows the ∫: thumbnails.
  • Page 26: Using The Menu Screen

    Basic Using the menu screen To get back to the previous screen Press the MENU button. Press 2 of the cursor button. Press 3/4/2/1 to select the top To exit the menu screen menu A, then press the ENTER Press the MENU button. button.
  • Page 27: Using The Setup Menu

    Basic Using the Setup Menu [DISPLAY] Set the display method for the screen information display. : [SETUP] # [DISPLAY] # desired setting [ON] (Display all information)/[OFF] (Display part of information) [EXT. DISPLAY] Please refer to page 62. [CLOCK SET] Please refer to page 17. [SET WORLD TIME] It is possible to display and record the time at the travel destination by selecting your home region and the travel destination.
  • Page 28 (Only when setting the region of your travel destination) Select [DESTINATION] using and press the ENTER button. ≥ When the home region is set for the first time, the screen for selecting home/travel destination appears after setting the home region successively. If the home region has already been set once, execute the menu operation for Step 1.
  • Page 29: Date Format

    [DATE/TIME] It is possible to change the date and time display mode. : [SETUP] # [DATE/TIME] # desired setting [DATE]/[D/T]/[OFF] [DATE FORMAT] It is possible to change the date format. : [SETUP] # [DATE FORMAT] # desired setting [Y/M/D]/[M/D/Y]/[D/M/Y] [ECONOMY (BATT)] When about 5 minutes have passed without any operation, this unit automatically turns off to save battery life.
  • Page 30: Quick Start

    [QUICK START] This unit is put into recording pause approx. 0.6 seconds after the LCD monitor is reopened. ≥ When in Quick Start Standby Mode about 60% of the power used in recording pause mode is being consumed, so the recording time will be reduced. ≥...
  • Page 31: Power Lcd

    [ALERT SOUND] Starting and stopping of recording and unit on/off can be confirmed with this sound. When [OFF] is selected, the sound is not output at the start/end of recording, etc. : [SETUP] # [ALERT SOUND] # desired setting (Volume low)/ (Volume high)/[OFF] 2 Beeps for 4 times When an error occurs.
  • Page 32: Hdmi Resolution

    [HDMI RESOLUTION] Please refer to page 63. [VIERA Link] Please refer to page 64. [TV ASPECT] Please refer to page 62. [INITIAL SET] Set to [YES] for changing the menu settings back to the default condition. (Only when the mode is at the position) : [SETUP] # [INITIAL SET] ≥...
  • Page 33: Version Disp

    You can update the firmware version of this unit. (Only when the mode is at the position) : [SETUP] # [Version Up] For the latest update information, check the support website below. (As of December 2013) (This Site is English only) - 33 -...
  • Page 34: Demo Mode

    [DEMO MODE] This item is used to start the unit demonstration. (Only when the mode is at the position) : [SETUP] # [DEMO MODE] # [ON] ≥ If [DEMO MODE] is switched to [ON] and you press the MENU button when there is no SD card inserted and while this unit is connected to the AC adaptor, the demonstration automatically starts.
  • Page 35: Advanced (recording)

    Advanced (Recording) Using the Zoom ¬ Change the mode to Zoom lever T side: Close-up recording (zoom in)  W side: Wide-angle recording (zoom out) A Zoom bar ≥ The zoom speed varies depending on the range over which the zoom lever is moved. ≥...
  • Page 36: Recording Functions Of Operation Icons

    Advanced (Recording) Recording functions of operation icons Select the operation icons to add different effects to the images to be recorded. ¬ Change the mode to Press the ENTER button to display (e.g. Backlight Compensation) the operation icons on the screen. Select an operation icon.
  • Page 37: Backlight Compensation

    Fade When you start recording, the image/audio gradually (Fade in) appears. (Fade in) When you pause recording, the image/audio gradually disappears. (Fade out) ≥ The Fade setting is cancelled when the recording stops. ∫ To select the colour for Fade in/out (Fade out) : [RECORD SETUP] # [FADE COLOUR] # [WHITE] or [BLACK]...
  • Page 38: Colour Night View

    PRE-REC This prevents you from missing a shot. This allows recording of the pictures and sound to start approximately 3 seconds before the recording start/stop button is pressed. appears on the screen. ≥ PRE-REC ≥ Aim the unit at the subject beforehand. ≥...
  • Page 39: Recording Functions Of Menus

    Advanced (Recording) Recording functions of menus ≥ Change the mode to [SCENE MODE] When you record images in different situations, this mode automatically sets optimum shutter speeds and apertures. : [RECORD SETUP] # [SCENE MODE] # desired setting [OFF]: Cancel the setting 5Sports: To make fast moving scenes less shaky with slow playback and pause of playback...
  • Page 40: Zoom Mode

    ≥ (Fireworks) j The shutter speed is 1/25. j Image may get washed out when recorded in bright surrounding. ≥ (Night scenery) j Using a tripod is recommended. [ZOOM MODE] Set the maximum zoom ratio. : [RECORD SETUP] # [ZOOM MODE] # desired setting [i.Zoom OFF]: Up to 50k [i.Zoom 75k]:...
  • Page 41: Rec Mode

    [REC MODE] Switch the quality and recording format of the motion picture to record in AVCHD. ≥ Set [REC FORMAT] to [AVCHD]. : [RECORD SETUP] # [REC MODE] # desired setting [HA]/[HG]/[HE]: Set the recording mode to 1080/50i.   A Favours image quality B Favours recording time ≥...
  • Page 42: Creative Control

    [Creative Control] You can record motion pictures with added effects. : [RECORD SETUP] # [Creative Control] Press 3/4 to select the desired Creative Control Mode, and press the ENTER button. Mode Effect You can record motion pictures with a diorama effect like recording a miniature by intentionally creating focused area and out of focused area in the peripheral of the image and [Miniature Effect]...
  • Page 43: Start Recording

    Press 2 to select , and change the size of the in-focus portion. ≥ Each time you press , the size of the in-focus portion will change. Medium size # Large size # Small size ≥ If you press 3/4, you can adjust the horizontal position of the in-focus portion.
  • Page 44: Time Lapse Rec

    [Silent movie] SILN (When adjusting the brightness) SILN Press 2 to select , and adjust the setting. ≥ Each time you press , the brightness setting will change. 3/3 3/3 (Standard) # (Bright) # (Dark) Start recording. ≥ Audio cannot be recorded. [Time Lapse Rec] INTV Press 3/4/2/1 to select the desired setup time, and press the ENTER button.
  • Page 45: Face Framing

    [FACE FRAMING] Detected faces appear with frames. : [RECORD SETUP] # [FACE FRAMING] # desired setting [PRIMARY]: Only the prioritised face framing is displayed. [ALL]: All face detection framings are displayed. [OFF]: Cancel the setting. ≥ Up to 15 frames are indicated. Larger faces and faces nearer to the centre of the screen take preference over others.
  • Page 46: Picture Size

    [PICTURE SIZE] The higher the number of pixels, the higher the clarity of the picture when printing. : [PICTURE] # [PICTURE SIZE] # desired setting Picture size Aspect ratio 3968k2232 16:9 1920k1080 ≥ This function’s default settings is ≥ The recording will become longer depending on the recording pixels. ≥...
  • Page 47: Manual Recording

    Advanced (Recording) Manual recording ¬ Change the mode to Press the button to switch to Manual Mode. Intelligent auto/Manual appears on the screen. ≥ /MANUAL 4/5 NEXT 4/5 NEXT 4/5 NEXT 5/5 NEXT 5/5 NEXT 5/5 NEXT White Balance Manual Shutter Speed Iris Adjustment Focus ≥...
  • Page 48: White Balance

    White Balance Automatic White Balance function may not reproduce natural colours depending on the scenes or lighting conditions. If so, you can adjust the White Balance manually. ≥ Press the Intelligent auto/Manual button to switch to Manual Mode. Select [WB] using the cursor button. Press 2/1 to select White Balance Mode.
  • Page 49: Manual Shutter Speed/iris Adjustment

    Manual shutter speed/Iris adjustment Shutter Speed: Adjust it when recording fast-moving subjects. Iris: Adjust it when the screen is too bright or too dark. ≥ Press the Intelligent auto/Manual button to switch to Manual Mode. Select [SHTR] or [IRIS] using the cursor button. Press 2/1 to adjust settings.
  • Page 50: Recording With Manual Focus

    Recording with Manual Focus If auto focusing is difficult due to the conditions, then use Manual Focus. ≥ Press the Intelligent auto/Manual button to switch to Manual Mode. (When MF assist function is used) Select the menu. : [RECORD SETUP] # [MF ASSIST] # [ON] ≥...
  • Page 51: Advanced (playback)

    Advanced (Playback) Playback Operations Motion picture playback using operation icon For details on the basic playback operations, refer to page 24. Cursor button/Playback Playback operation Operating steps display With the playback paused, press and hold 1 of the cursor button. (Press and hold 2 for slow rewind playback) Slow-motion playback will continue over the...
  • Page 52: Creating Still Picture From Motion Picture

    Creating still picture from motion picture A single frame from the recorded motion picture can be saved as a still picture. (1920k1080) still pictures will be recorded for the AVCHD scenes and iFrame scenes, and (640k360) still pictures will be recorded for the MP4 scenes. Press the button at the location to be saved as a still picture during the playback.
  • Page 53: Zooming In On A Still Picture During Playback (playback Zoom)

    Zooming in on a still picture during playback (Playback zoom) You can zoom in on still pictures during playback. Move the zoom lever to side. ≥ You can zoom to a maximum of 4a. (1k # 2k # 4k) Shift the position of the zoomed portion using the cursor button.
  • Page 54: Various Playback Functions

    Advanced (Playback) Various playback functions Playing back motion pictures/still pictures by date The scenes or the still pictures recorded on the same day can be played back in succession. Select the date select icon using the cursor button, then press the ENTER button.
  • Page 55: Changing The Playback Settings And Playing Back The Slide Show

    Changing the playback settings and playing back the slide show Select using the cursor button, then press the ENTER button. (Only when you would like to change the settings) Select the item to change and press the ENTER button. [DATE SETUP]: Select the date to be played back.
  • Page 56: Deleting Scenes/still Pictures

    Advanced (Playback) Deleting scenes/still pictures Deleted scenes/still pictures cannot be restored, so perform appropriate confirmation of the contents before proceeding with deletion. ¬ Change the mode to ∫ To delete the scene or still picture being played back Press the Delete button while scenes or still pictures to be deleted are being played back.
  • Page 57 (When [MULTI] is selected in Step Select the scene/still picture to be deleted, then press the ENTER button. ≥ The scene/still picture is selected and the indication appears on the thumbnail. Press the ENTER button again to cancel the operation. ≥...
  • Page 58: Dividing A Scene (avchd)

    Dividing a scene (AVCHD) It is possible to divide an AVCHD scene. Any unwanted parts in the scene can be deleted after dividing. ≥ Set the mode switch to , select the play mode selection icon, and select the AVCHD scene.
  • Page 59: Dividing A Scene To Partially Delete (iframe, Mp4)

    Dividing a scene to partially delete (iFrame, MP4) Divide the iFrame or MP4 scene, and delete unnecessary parts. This divides the recorded scenes in two and deletes the front half or back half. The scenes that were deleted after division cannot be recovered. ≥...
  • Page 60: Protecting Scenes/still Pictures

    Protecting scenes/still pictures Scenes/still pictures can be protected so that they are not deleted by mistake. (Even if you protect some scenes/still pictures, formatting the media will delete them.) ≥ Change the mode to Select the menu. : [VIDEO SETUP] or [PHOTO SETUP] # [SCENE PROTECT]* * [TRANSFER/PROTECT] is displayed when using the Eye-Fi card that is set as the selected transfer setting device in advance on the computer.
  • Page 61: Watching Video/pictures On Your Tv

    Use the HDMI mini cable that comes with this unit if supplied. If it does not come with a HDMI mini-cable, use a genuine Panasonic HDMI mini cable (RP-CDHM15, RP-CDHM30: optional). Check the accessories in the basic operating instructions.
  • Page 62 Select the video input on the TV. ≥ Example: Select the [HDMI] channel with a HDMI mini cable. Select the [Video 2] channel with an AV cable. (The name of the channel may differ depending on the connected TV.) ≥ Check the input setting (input switch) and the audio input setting on the TV. (For more information, please read the operating instructions for the TV.) Change the mode to to play back.
  • Page 63: Connecting With A Hdmi Mini Cable

    Refer to the following support site for information about the Panasonic TVs that you can directly insert an SD card into the SD card slot on the TV and then play it back. ≥ It may not be possible to play back scenes on the TV depending on the [REC FORMAT] and [REC MODE].
  • Page 64: Playback Using Viera Link

    Playback using VIERA Link What is the VIERA Link (HDAVI Control™)? ≥ This function allows you to use your remote control for Panasonic TV for easy operations when this unit has been connected to a VIERA Link compatible device using an HDMI mini cable (supplied or optional)* for automatic linked operations.
  • Page 65 VIERA Link, read the operating instructions for the devices. ≥ Available linked operations between this unit and a Panasonic TV is different depending on the types of Panasonic TVs even if they are compatible with VIERA Link. Refer to the operating instructions of the TV for the operations that support on the TV.
  • Page 66: Copy/dubbing

    ≥ The iFrame and MP4 scenes cannot be dubbed by inserting the SD cards or by connecting with the USB cable. To dub iFrame and MP4 scenes, refer to page 69. You can dub using a Panasonic Blu-ray disc recorder or high-definition (AVCHD) compatible DVD recorder.
  • Page 67: To Dub Using Equipment With A Usb Terminal

    Dubbing in high-definition picture quality ∫ To dub using equipment with an SD card slot You can dub by directly inserting an SD card. ∫ To dub using equipment with a USB terminal You can dub by connecting a USB cable. ≥...
  • Page 68 ≥ Do not use any other USB cables except the supplied one. (Operation is not guaranteed with any other USB cables.) ≥ When this unit is connected to a Panasonic Blu-ray disc recorder or a DVD recorder using a USB cable while the unit is turned on, power is also supplied from the connected equipment to this unit.
  • Page 69: Dubbing In Standard Picture Quality

    Dubbing in standard picture quality ∫ Dubbing using equipment without an SD card slot or a USB terminal, or using a video device You can dub by connecting an AV cable. ≥ Images are dubbed in standard quality. ≥ Use the AC adaptor to free you from worrying about the battery running down. Change the video input on the video device and TV that this unit is connected to.
  • Page 70: Using The Eye-fi™ Card

    Copy/Dubbing ™ Using the Eye-Fi card Using an Eye-Fi card (commercially-available), you can record motion pictures and still pictures on the card, and save them on a PC or upload them on a file-sharing website via a wireless network. ≥ The functions of the Eye-Fi card (including wireless transmission) are not guaranteed to work on this product.
  • Page 71: Using Eye-fi Direct Mode

    ∫ Using Eye-Fi direct mode The files can be transferred directly from the Eye-Fi card to a smartphone or tablet without going through the access point when necessary setting is performed in a PC in advance. ≥ Install the software supplied with the Eye-Fi card on your PC, and configure the Eye-Fi direct mode settings.
  • Page 72 ≥ The Eye-Fi menu only appears when an Eye-Fi card is used. ≥ The Eye-Fi transfer feature cannot be guaranteed to continue to operate in the future due to changes to the card specification etc. ≥ Update the firmware of the Eye-Fi card to the latest one using the software supplied with the Eye- Fi card before use.
  • Page 73: With A Pc

    With a PC What you can do with a PC HD Writer LE 2.1 You can copy the motion/still picture data to the HDD of PCs or write to media like Blu-ray discs, DVD discs or SD cards using HD Writer LE 2.1, the software installed in the supplied CD-ROM. Refer to the operating instructions of HD Writer LE 2.1 (PDF file) for details on how to use it.
  • Page 74: Important Notice

    ≥ Motion pictures that have been recorded on another device cannot be written to the software supplied with this unit. To write motion picture data recorded with the Panasonic High Definition Video Camera sold previously, use the HD Writer supplied with the unit.
  • Page 75: End User License Agreement

    Software will be uninterrupted or error modify the Software, except as expressly free. Panasonic or any of its distributors will not provided for in this Agreement. be liable for any damage suffered by Licensee arising from or in connection with Licensee’s...
  • Page 76 Article 9 With regard to MICROSOFT SQL SERVER COMPACT 3.5 produced by Microsoft Corporation (1) Licensee shall use the MICROSOFT SQL SERVER COMPACT 3.5 only when included in the Software, and shall not use the MICROSOFT SQL SERVER COMPACT 3.5 in any other configuration or method.
  • Page 77: Operating Environment

    With a PC Operating environment ≥ Even if the system requirements mentioned in these operating instructions are fulfilled, some PCs cannot be used. ≥ A CD-ROM drive is necessary to install the supplied software applications. (A compatible Blu-ray disc/DVD writer drive and media are necessary for writing to a Blu-ray disc/DVD.) ≥...
  • Page 78 Free hard disk drive Ultra DMA — 100 or more space 450 MB or more (for installing the software) ≥ When writing to a DVD/Blu-ray disc/SD, the twice amount of free space as the disc is necessary. Sound DirectSound Support Interface USB port [Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0)] Other requirements Mouse or equivalent pointing device...
  • Page 79 ∫ To use the HD Writer LE 2.1 You will need a high performance PC depending on the functions to be used. It may not properly play back or properly operate depending on the environment of the PC used. Refer to the operating environment and notes.
  • Page 80: Installation

    ≥ The autoplay screen is displayed automatically. Click [Run setup.exe] # [Yes]. ≥ If the autoplay screen is not displayed automatically, select [Start] # [Computer] (or double-click on [Computer] on the desktop), and then double-click [Panasonic]. Click [Yes]. Click [Next].
  • Page 81: Connecting To A Pc

    ≥ When performing reading/writing between a PC and an SD card, be aware that some SD card slots built into PCs and some SD card readers are not compatible with the SDHC Memory Card or SDXC Memory Card. ≥ When using an SDXC Memory Card, check the following support site. - 81 -...
  • Page 82: To Disconnect Usb Cable Safely

    ∫ To disconnect USB cable safely Select the icon in task tray displayed on the PC, and then click [Eject Panasonic Video Camera]. ≥ Depending on your PC’s settings, this icon may not be displayed. About the screen indication of the unit ≥...
  • Page 83: About The Pc Display

    About the PC display When the unit is connected to a PC, it is recognised as an external drive. ≥ Removable disk (Example: ) is displayed in [Computer]. ∫ Copying your still pictures to We recommend using HD Writer LE 2.1 to your PC copy motion picture data.
  • Page 84: Starting Hd Writer Le 2.1

    The software cannot be used with the user name for a guest account. (On the PC) Select [Start] # [All Programs] # [Panasonic] # [HD Writer LE 2.1] # [HD Writer LE 2.1]. ≥ For details on how to use the software applications, read the PDF operating instructions of the software.
  • Page 85: If Using Mac

    With a PC If using Mac ≥ HD Writer LE 2.1 is not available for Mac. ≥ iMovie supported. For details about iMovie, please contact Apple Inc. ∫ Operating environment OS X v10.9 Intel Core 2 Duo or better 4 GB or more Interface USB port Other requirements...
  • Page 86: Indications

    Others Indications ∫ Recording indications Manual Focus (White) Card recording possible status (motion picture) 0h00m00s  R 1h20m (Green) Recognising the card (motion PRE-REC picture) 1/100  OPEN Recording Format/Recording Mode 40, 41)  R 3000 R 1h20m Remaining time for motion 15.
  • Page 87 ∫ Playback indications /7/8/D/E/;1/2; (White) Card recording possible status 1/;/5/6/ (still picture) Display during playback 24, 51) (Green) Recognising the card (still 0h00m00s Playback Time picture) No.10 Scene Number Number of recording pixels for still pictures 21, 46, 52) Repeat Playback In Playback Mode, the picture size is not Resume Playback displayed for still pictures recorded with other...
  • Page 88: Messages

    Others Messages Major confirmation/error messages to be indicated on the screen in text. CHECK CARD. This card is not compatible or it cannot be recognised by the unit. If this message appears even though motion pictures and still pictures are recorded on an SD card, the card may be unstable.
  • Page 89: Troubleshooting

    Others Troubleshooting ∫ It is not a malfunction in the following cases A clicking sound is heard ≥ This is the sound of the lens moving and is not a defect. when the unit is shaken. This sound will no longer be heard when the unit is turned on and change the mode to Object seems to be warped.
  • Page 90 Indication Problem Check points The remaining time ≥ [DISPLAY] of the [SETUP] is [OFF]. indication or the elapsed time indication is not shown. Recording Problem Check points The unit arbitrarily stops ≥ Use an SD card that can be used for motion picture recording. recording.
  • Page 91 ≥ Turn the unit off and then back on again. * Use the HDMI mini cable that comes with this unit if supplied. If it does not come with a HDMI mini cable, use a genuine Panasonic HDMI mini cable (RP-CDHM15, RP-CDHM30: optional). Check the accessories in the basic operating instructions.
  • Page 92 With a PC Problem Check points When connected by the ≥ After re-inserting the SD card into the unit, reconnect the USB cable, this unit is not supplied USB cable. detected by the PC. ≥ Select another USB terminal on the PC. ≥...
  • Page 93: Cautions For Use

    Others Cautions for use When you use the unit in a sandy or dusty About this unit place such as a beach, do not let sand or fine dust get into the body and terminals of the unit. The unit and the SD card become warm Also, keep the unit away from sea water.
  • Page 94: About The Battery

    ≥ To store the battery for a long period of time, Do not use the unit for surveillance we recommend that you charge it once every purposes or other business uses. year and store it again after you have ≥ This unit was designed for consumer completely used up the charged capacity.
  • Page 95: Lcd Monitor

    About status indicator during About the SD card charging When disposing of or giving away the SD card, note that: When the status indicator is flashing at a ≥ Formatting and deletion of this unit or particularly fast or slow rate, the following computer only changes the file management should be considered.
  • Page 96: About Copyright

    Video that was encoded by a consumer ≥ “AVCHD” and the “AVCHD” logo are engaged in a personal and non-commercial trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and activity and/or was obtained from a video Sony Corporation. provider licensed to provide AVC Video. No ≥...
  • Page 97: Recording Modes/approximate Recordable Time

    Others Recording modes/approximate recordable time ≥ SD cards are only mentioned with their main memory size. The stated times are the approximate recordable times for continuous recording.   Recording format [AVCHD] Recording mode [HA] [HG] [HE] Picture size/frame rate 1920k1080/50i 1920k1080/50i 1920k1080/50i...
  • Page 98: Approximate Number Of Recordable Pictures

    Others Approximate number of recordable pictures ≥ SD cards are only mentioned with their main memory size. The stated number is the approximate number of recordable pictures. Picture size 3968k2232 1920k1080 Aspect ratio 16:9 4 GB 3200 SD card 16 GB 3200 12500 64 GB...
  • Page 99: Optional Accessories

    Others Optional accessories Some optional accessories may not be available in some countries. About the Suction Cup Mount/ the Video Camera Mount (For Handlebar) You can attach the Suction Cup Mount (VW-SCA100) as follows. ≥ For information on how to mount the Video Camera Mount (For Handlebar) RP-CMC10E, refer to the operating instructions for it.
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