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Slow-Motion And Fast-Motion Effects - Panasonic HVX200A - Camcorder - 1080p Manual Book

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4. What's a Variable Frame Rate?

4-3 Slow-Motion and Fast-Motion Effects

Slow-Motion Effect
2.5 times slower when set to 60fps in 24p mode, two times slower when set to 60fps in 30p mode
Dramatic Effects for Decisive Moments
in Sports Competition
Slow-motion is most commonly used to give a
dramatic effect to crucial moments in sports scenes.
To emphasize speed, a slower shutter speed is used
to produce a soft focus. For example, a faster shutter
speed can be used to make beads of perspiration
drop like tiny balls of water.
Making Objects Appear Huge
in Science Fiction Works
Slow-motion shooting has been used ever since
moviemakers started producing science fiction films,
with their monsters and other imaginary creatures and
objects. By reducing the speed, the slow-motion
effect makes monsters and miniature objects seem
much larger. The degree of this effect can be adjusted
by varying the shutter speed.
Explosions and Implosions
The slow-motion effect is also used to emphasize
major moments in a movie. Although a fast shutter
speed is commonly used to create a strong visual
impression, a slow shutter speed can produce a
highly distinctive effects during an implosions.
Retrospective Scenes
Slow motion can also be used to present imaginary
scenes, such as recollections of the past. For these
scenes, the slow-motion effect is often added with a
change of color tone. The brightness is also
sometimes adjusted, and the shutter speed is varied
to achieve the intended effect.


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