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Video And Independent Movie Production - Panasonic HVX200A - Camcorder - 1080p Manual Book

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6-2 Video and Independent Movie Production

High-Quality HD, Expressive VFR -- Versatile, Low-Cost Production
The AG-HVX200 lets you produce the same level of slow- or fast-motion HD images in high
resolution that were previously possible only with expensive, high-end video systems. And it
does it at a cost closer to the level of DV production. The AG-HVX200 is a powerful tool for
anyone creating music video, promotional videos, or indies. This single camera lets you
choose from among 720/1080 HD and 480 SD formats, and gives you versatility on a par
with a DV camera, both in terms of mobility and recording modes.
Lower-Budget Production with VariCam Expressivity and Image Quality
Shooting with a variable frame rate
It is easy to achieve slow- and fast-motion effects
using the overcranking and undercranking techniques
that were previously possible only with VariCam. By
recording ordinary scenes onto tape in DV mode, and
recording only the parts using the variable frame rate
onto a P2 card, you can then dub it all onto DV tape
and use a standard DV environment for editing.
HD progressive images
The AG-HVX200 lets you record in 720 or 1080 HD
format at low cost. Progressive HD images can also be
easily used in composite images using computer
graphics or blue-back sets, lowering costs even more.
Multi-format shooting
By selecting a different recording format for different
scenes, you can give each one a distinctive feel. The
AG-HVX200 is the first to provide 480, 720, and 1080
formats and both interlaced and progressive scanning
in a single camera.


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