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Motorola DCT6208 User's Reference Manual: Recording And Playback Of Recorded Programs (optional Feature)

Digital cable box.
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Q. Can I receive and record programs in High Definition with my DVR?
A. Yes. As long as you have the DVR connected to a High Definition television (HD), you can watch HD
programming as well as record it on your DVR. Note: Recording HD programs will take more storage space on your
Q. What is the picture quality of recorded programs?
A. The DVR records programs in the same quality in which they are broadcast. For example, programs broadcast in
HDTV format are recorded in HDTV quality (if your DVR is connected to a High Definition television). Broadcast
quality may vary.
Q. Can I record Digital Music channels?
A. Yes, you can record and playback Digital Music. However, the playback controls (Pause, FF and REW) are not
functional for recorded digital music.
Q. Can I record On Demand and Pay-Per-View programs?
A. On Demand cannot be recorded with the DVR. You may record Pay-Per-View programs like any other program.

Recording and Playback of Recorded Programs (Optional Feature)

Q. How many recordings can I schedule for the future?
A. There is no limit to the number of recordings you can schedule as long as you do not schedule more than one
program to record at the same time and you have available recording space.
Q. What if the program I want to record runs over its scheduled airtime such as when a football game goes
into overtime. How can I make sure I record everything?
A. Change the Record Options for the program. Just adjust the start and end times for the recording to ensure
everything gets recorded.
Q. Can I watch another program while I'm recording?
A. You can watch a previously recorded program while you are recording a live program by accessing the DVR
menu. However, if you change channels you will see a screen asking you to confirm you want to change the channel
and stop the recording.
Q. Can I watch a show I am recording before recording is completed?
A. Yes! You can either watch it in "real time" as it's being recorded or you can rewind the program you are currently
recording and watch it from the beginning while the recording continues.
Q. Can I make a VHS tape of a recorded program?
A. Yes. As you are watching a program you have recorded on your DVR, you can record it to a tape. See "Managing
Your Personal Video Library" in the DVR Section of this manual.
Q. Can I set up my DVR to record every episode of a specific program title?
A. Your DVR will allow you to schedule recordings based on a program's airtime and channel. You can set a
repeating recording, such as every day or once a week. However, if the program you want to record does not air in
the scheduled time slot, the DVR will record whatever is airing at that time on that channel.
Tip: Use Title Search to find all air times for a particular title. You can then set up individual recordings for any or all
episodes, no matter what time they're on.
Q. Can I schedule a recording for two shows airing at the same time?
A. Currently, your DVR can only record one program at a time. If you try to schedule a recording at the same time
you have scheduled another, you will see a Scheduling Conflict message that gives you the opportunity to change
your Recording Options.


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