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Motorola DCT6208 User's Reference Manual: On Demand (optional Feature)

Digital cable box.
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Q. Why can't I purchase this Pay-Per-View program?
A. There are several things that could restrict Pay-Per-View ordering:
1. Check to make sure the phone line is plugged in.
2. You may have inadvertently made too many Pay-Per-View orders. You may have to cancel one before you make
another order.
3. You may have reached your credit limit. Call your cable company and have them check your account.
Q. What if I missed a Pay-Per-View movie/event that I ordered?
A. In cities that provide impulse-ordering capability, you will not be billed for Pay-Per-View on channels that aren't
tuned. In cities that require phone ordering, you need to call your cable company to cancel Pay-Per-View orders.
Check with your cable company to confirm canceling procedures.

On Demand (Optional Feature)

Q. Do my Parental Locks & Purchase PIN settings stay the same for On Demand purchases as with regular
A. Yes. PINs and settings apply to On Demand ratings and purchases.
Q. What if I only watched 15 minutes of my On Demand program and didn't get to watch the rest before it
A. You will have to order it again. Refer to the On Demand section in this manual for remaining rental and viewing
time for more information on rental and viewing times.
Q. If I get to the end of a On Demand program and want to watch it again, can I restart at the beginning?
A. Yes, as long as your viewing period has not expired, you may watch it again.
Q. How do I return to watching an On Demand program after I've tuned to another channel?
A. Select My Rentals from the On Demand Menu and choose the program you want to resume watching. You can
either begin watching where you left off by selecting Resume, or start over with the Restart.
Q. Some of the programs appear in the listings with a checkmark or a dollar sign next to the title. What does
this mean?
A. Depending on the services your cable provider offers, you may see a checkmark or a dollar sign to indicate a
program you have ordered is available for viewing.
Q. How many On Demand programs can I order at one time?
A. Typically, there is no limit on purchases. Check with your cable operator for system-specific ordering information.
Q. I tried to order an On Demand program and received an error screen that said,"Unable to Process
Request." What does this mean?
A. The "Unable to Process Request" message occurs when the set-top box is unable to communicate with the On
Demand equipment at your cable company. Try turning your set-top box off, and then turn it on again. If the
message appears again, note the time it appeared and the action you took and call your cable operator.
Q. When I select a category from the On Demand menu, I receive a message that says,"No program listings
available" .
A. If there are no listings for a particular category, this message will appear.
DVR (Optional Feature) and Digital Services
Q. I have a home theater system. Can I record a program in Dolby Digital
5.1 on my DVR?
A. As long as the program is being broadcast in digital audio, the DVR will record the digital audio portion. A Dolby
Digital indicator will appear on the Flip Bar for programs that are broadcast in Dolby Audio.


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