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Electrolux cooker hood instruction book
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Before carrying out any maintenance or
cleaning isolate the cooker hood from the
mains supply.
The cooker hood must be kept clean, as
a build up of grease or fat can be a fi re

External Cleaning

Wipe the cooker hood frequently with warm soapy
water using a mild detergent.
Never use scouring pads or abrasive
Never use excessive amounts of water
when cleaning particularly around the
control panel.

Metal Grease Filters

The grease fi lters absorb grease and dust during
cooking to help keep the cooker hood clean
The fi lters must be washed once every
month, using a normal household
detergent; their compact dimension
also enables them to be washed in a
dishwasher. Allow to dry completely
before replacing.
Removing and replacing the fi lters
Remove the fi lters one at a time, press
against the metal actuator to release
the spring catch as illustrated. When
replacing, ensure that the handles face

Charcoal Filter

In the recirculation mode the charcoal fi lter
absorbs smells and unwanted odours.
The charcoal fi lter cannot be cleaned or
regenerated, and must be replaced approximately
every 4 months, or more frequently if the hood is
subjected to heavy usage.
Replacing the charcoal fi lter
First remove the metal grease fi lters.
Remove the saturated activated charcoal
fi lter by releasing the fi xing hooks as




Table of Contents

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