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Important Safety Information; Child Safety; Maintenance And Service - Electrolux CH 710 Instruction Book

Electrolux cooker hood instruction book
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These warnings are provided in the interests of your safety. Ensure that you understand them all before
installing or using this appliance. Your safety is of paramount importance. If you are unsure about any of the
meanings of these warnings contact the Customer Care Department.
• Any installation work must be undertaken by a quali-
fi ed electrician or a competent person.
• This hood must be installed in accordance with the
installation instructions and all measurements must
be adhered to.
• If the cooker hood is installed for use above a gas
appliance then the provision for ventilation must be
in accordance with the Gas Safety Codes of Practice
BS.6172, BS.5440 and BS.6891 (Natural Gas) and
BS.5482 (LP Gas) 1994, the Gas Safety (Installation
& Use) Regulations, the Building Regulations issued
by the Department of the Environment, the Building
standards (Scotland) (Consolidated) Regulations
issued by the Scottish Development Department.
• The fan motor of this cooker hood incorporates a
cut-out device which will operate if the cooker hood
is installed below the minimum height recommended
under section 'Clearance Height', or if the motor be-
comes overheated. If the cut-out device is activated,
switch off the fan motor and allow the cooker hood to
cool. The cut-out device will reset itself when the fan
motor has cooled signifi cantly.
• It is dangerous to alter the specifi cations or modify
this product in any way.
• When installed between adjoining wall cabinets the
wall cabinets must not overhang the hob.
• If the room where the hood is to be used contains
a fuel burning appliance such as a central heating
boiler then its fl ue must be of the room sealed or
balanced fl ue type.
• If other types of fl ue or appliances are fi tted ensure
that there is an adequate supply of air to the room.
• The ducting system for this appliance must not be
connected to any existing ventilation system which is
being used for any other purpose.
• Do not install above a cooker with a high level grill.

Child Safety

• This appliance is designed to be operated by adults.
Children should not be allowed to tamper with the
controls or play with the appliance.
During Use
• This product is for domestic use only.
• Never leave frying pans unattended during use as
over-heated fats and oils might catch fi re.
• Never do fl ambé cooking under this cooker hood.
• Do not leave naked fl ames under the hood.
• This cooker hood is designed to extract unpleasant
odours from the kitchen, it will not extract steam.

Maintenance and Service

• This appliance can be a hazard if the synthetic paper
and charcoal fi lters are not replaced as recommen-
• Under no circumstances should you attempt to
repair the appliance yourself. Repairs carried out
by inexperienced persons may cause injury or more
serious malfunction. Refer to your local Electrolux
Service Force Centre. Always insist on genuine
spare parts.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents