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How To Maintain - Electrolux Afuera Owner's Manual

Electrolux afuera owners manual
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Overload-Protection Reset Button
The built-in vacuum system features an overload protection (circuit breaker) which can be reset should the motor be
overloaded causing the circuit to open. Should this happen and the power unit fails to operate, depress the reset but-
ton which is located on the side of the power unit. If the protector continues to trip; contact the authorized service
center nearest you.
Inlet Valves
Each inlet valve has electrical contacts which activate the power unit motor when the hose is connected. The low volt-
age wires attached to the inlet activate the power unit when the hose cuff is inserted. The system shuts off as soon as
the hose is removed.
An obstruction in the inlet valve may cause the power unit to continue to run after the hose is removed from the inlet.
Check all the inlet valves and remove any obstruction to shut down the power unit.
When unplugging the hose from the inlet valve, hold the inlet cover open for
a few seconds to allow the suction to decrease and protect the inner seal.


The instructions given in the booklet serve as a guide to routine maintenance.
Proper airflow or suction can be maintained by keeping the dirt container and
filter clean and the plastic pipe and hose free from clogs. Check the Home
Maintenance Section at the end of this booklet for suggestions before calling
for service.
Dirt Receptacle and Filter
Reduced airflow or suction indicates the built-in vacuum system is not operating at maximum efficiency: If the dirt
receptacle is full and the filter is clogged, no air can pass through the unit and no cleaning can take place.
Empty The Dirt Receptacle
NOTE: Disconnect power cord from electrical outlet before removing the dirt receptacle.
Some models feature see-through windows on the receptacle to tell at a glance when the receptacle needs to be emp-
tied; on other models the receptacle must be removed. To remove the receptacle, grasp the handles and turn the recep-
tacle to the left. Remove and empty the contents. Return the receptacle and turn to the right. Be sure the receptacle
is securely attached to avoid any suction leakage.
Filter Cleaning
If the filter is clogged, no air can pass through the unit and no cleaning will take place. For best
performance removable filter should be cleaned every 3 years or when you notice a decrease in
suction performance.
NOTE: Do not operate this unit without filter in place.
NOTE: Disconnect power cord from electrical outlet before cleaning the filter.
1. Remove the dirt receptacle.
2. Wrap large garbage bag around lower portion of the power unit and hold firmly in place.
3. Grasp loose debris from surface of filter through the plastic bag, remove bag and discard.
4. Grasp filter on the bottom end cap and pull straight down.
5. Clean by tapping filter firmly against the inside of a trash
can or on a hard surface striking the plastic end cap.
6. Clean until dirt stops falling from the filter.



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