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How To Use - Electrolux Afuera Owner's Manual

Electrolux afuera owners manual
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Power Unit Location
Mount power unit at least 12 inches from the ceiling and any adjacent wall, at least 28 inch-
es from the floor and within 6ft. of an electrical outlet.
WARNING: Do not block the hood ventilation openings and duct on the top of the power unit. Lack of venti-
lation will cause the motor to overheat.
WARNING: Do not locate the power unit in a high temperature area where it is inaccessible, for example, an
attic or crawl space.
The power unit should be located as far away from the general living area as possible, yet accessible so you can
remove the dirt receptacle, reach the filter, and inspect the power unit. A typical location would be in a garage where
you could vacuum your car or garage area and where emptying the dirt receptacle and
cleaning the filter would be more convenient. Other suitable locations are in the base-
ment, laundry room, or ventilated storage room. It is recommended that the exhaust be
vented outside; never into a wall, a ceiling, or a concealed space in the house.
Wiring for Power Unit
Place the power unit within six feet of a grounded electric outlet. The unit requires 120
volt, 60 cycle AC power. Be sure you will not overload the circuit.
Install Power Unit
You are now ready to install the power unit. Be sure the power unit will be located at least
12 inches from the ceiling and any adjacent wall and at least 28 inches from the floor.
The motor hood ventilation and safety relief valve should never be obstructed. The unit
must be mounted within 6 feet of a grounded electrical plug. Be sure you will not over-
load the circuit. Check to be sure you will be able to remove the dirt receptacle, reach the
filter, and inspect the power unit.
Compare the distance between the power unit mounting
bracket and the wall studs in the chosen mounting location. If
the mounting brackets cannot mount on the studs, mount two
lengths of boards horizontally between the studs; then mount the
power unit.
Drill the holes and tighten the screws to hang the power unit.
Align the power unit intake fitting to the main trunk line pro-
jecting from the wall. Securely tape each joint, using duct or
electrical tape. DO NOT GLUE. Attach the exhaust pipe to the
motor exhaust if exhausting outdoors.
Connect the two low voltage wires located on the backside of the
power unit to the wires installed with the main trunk line. It is
recommended you secure the connection with wire nuts. Be cer-
tain you comply with your local electrical codes and regulations. Plug the unit into a 120 volt
grounded receptacle. You are now ready to check the installation of the unit:
• Plug the hose into each inlet valve to be sure the electrical contacts operate properly.
• Check each inlet valve for air leaks
• Check each pipe connection for air leaks.
• Be sure the dirt container is properly secured to the power unit.
• Be sure the cartridge filter is properly installed in the power unit.
Your cleaning system is ready to use.


The Electrolux Vacuum System is designed to provide the utmost in dust-free, quiet cleaning. The
power unit, which is mounted in a remote area of your home, is connected to centrally located
inlet valves with a system of lightweight plastic pipes. Using the cleaner is as simple as inserting
the vacuum hose into an inlet valve after attaching the appropriate tool.



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