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  • Page 1: User Guide

    MAKING MODERN LIVING POSSIBLE FP975 7-Day Electronic Programmer User Guide Danfoss Heating...

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    For a large print version of these instructions please call Marketing on 0845 121 7400. Certification Mark Danfoss can accept no responsibility for possible errors in catalogues, brochures, and other printed material. All trademarks in this material are property of the respective companies. Danfoss and the Danfoss logotype are trademarks of Danfoss A/S.

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    Thank you for buying a Danfoss product Danfoss Heating...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    User Instructions FP975 7-Day Electronic Programmer Index 1.0 User Instructions ..................6 Your Programmer ................6 Preset Programmes ................6 Before you start ................7 Choice of 24 hour or AM/PM display ........7 Setting the date and time ............7 Accepting the Preset Programmes ...........8 Before you change the preset programmes ......8 1.7.1 Programming the heating in 5/2 day mode ......9 1.7.2 Programming the heating in 7 day mode ......

  • Page 5: What Is A Programmer

    The text below has been edited and approved by the Plain English Campaign, who has issued a Crystal Mark to be displayed with it. What is a programmer? ... an explanation for householders. Programmers allow you to set ‘On’ and ‘Off ’ time periods. Some models switch the central heating and domestic hot water on and off...

  • Page 6: User Instructions, Your Programmer, Preset Programmes

    1.0 User Instructions 1.1 Your Programmer The FP975 allows you to switch your heating and hot water on and off at times that suit you. You can programme up to 3 ON/OFF times per day for the heating and the hot water and the two systems can be operated independently. +1HR override +1HR override (HEATING)

  • Page 7: Before You Start, Setting The Date And Time

    1.3 Before you start Open the fl ap on the front of the clock. Press the RESET (R/S) button using a non-metallic object (e.g. pencil/matchstick) until you hear a click and the red light on the front of the unit fl ashes once. This will cancel all manual overrides.

  • Page 8: Accepting The Preset Programmes, Before You Change The Preset Programmes

    Press PROG to display the time. The words SET TIME will appear at the top of the display and the time will fl ash on and off . Use the + or - buttons to set the correct time (press and hold to change in 10 min.

  • Page 9: Programming The Heating In 5/2 Day Mode

    Please Note The unit must be programmed in sequence and ON/OFF times cannot be set out of sequence. If you want to leave a preset time as it is, simply press NEXT ON/ OFF to move on to the next setting. Your timeswitch allows you to programme 3 ON and 3 OFF times each day.

  • Page 10

    Continue programming the central heating system ON and OFF times for weekday events 4, 5 and 6 as in Step 2. Press the DAY button once and SASU will appear at the bottom of the display. Either press COPY to keep the same settings for Saturday and Sunday as you have programmed for Monday to...

  • Page 11: Programming The Heating In 7 Day Mode

    1.7.2 Programming the heating in 7 day mode Press PROG until SET CH ON TIME appears at the top of the display and MO appears at the bottom of the display. Use the + and - buttons to set the time you want your heating to fi...

  • Page 12: Programming The Hot Water

    c) DAY to advance to the next day. Alternatively press COPY to keep the same settings as the day before. Press the PROG button to return the unit to RUN mode (time appears and colon in the display begins to fl ash). Proceed to ‘Programming the Hot Water’...

  • Page 13: Running Your Programme

    1.7.4 Running your Programme To run the central heating programme: press the SELECT button next to the radiator symbol. To run the hot water programme: press the SELECT button next to the tap symbol. As you press the SELECT button the display will change between ON, OFF, ALLDAY and AUTO.

  • Page 14: Advanced Settings, Temporary Override Buttons

    2.0 Advanced Settings 2.1 Temporary override buttons Sometimes you may need to change the way you use your heating temporarily, i.e. due to unusually cold weather. The FP975 has two convenient overrides which can be selected without aff ecting the set programme.

  • Page 15: Making A Full Reset

    2.2 Making a Full Reset If it is necessary to fully reset the unit, excluding the date and time, follow the instructions below. Press and hold the +1HR and MAN buttons on the left hand side of the product. Press the RESET button and hold for 3 seconds. Release the RESET button.

  • Page 16

    Danfoss Ltd. Ampthill Road Bedford MK42 9ER Tel: 0845 1217 400 Fax: 0845 1217 515 Email: Website: Part No. 8572v01s7-03 03/11...

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