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Electrolux EOB5630 User Information

Electrolux built-in electric oven user information
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B u i l t - I n
E l e c t r i c
O v e n
User information
822 923 231-A-040203-05



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  • Page 1 B u i l t - I n E l e c t r i c O v e n User information EOB5630 822 923 231-A-040203-05...
  • Page 2: Dear Customer

    Dear Customer, Please read this instruction book carefully. Above all, please observe the “safety” section on the first few pages. Please retain this instruction book for later reference. Pass them on to any subse- quent owners of the appliance. The following symbols are used in the text: Safety Instructions Warning: Information concerning your personal safety.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Switching the Oven On and Off ........
  • Page 4 Oven Interior Dimensions ........
  • Page 5: Operating Instructions

    • Warning: Risk of burns! The interior of the oven becomes hot during use. • Using ingredients containing alcohol in the oven may create an alcohol-air mixture that is easily ignited.
  • Page 6: Disposal

    To Avoid Damaging Your Appliance • Do not line your oven with aluminium foil and do not place a baking tray or dish on the oven floor, otherwise the oven enamel will be damaged by the resulting build up of heat.
  • Page 7: Description Of The Appliance

    Description of the Appliance General Overview Control panel Door handle Full glass door...
  • Page 8: Control Panel

    Control Panel Oven Power Indicator Oven Functions Oven Features Shelf positions Temperature Pilot Light Time display Clock function buttons Top heat and heating elements Oven shelf runners, removable Temperature Selection Oven lighting Fan heating element...
  • Page 9: Oven Accessories

    Oven Accessories Combination shelf For dishes, cake tins, items for roasting and grilling. Grill pan with handle Support for the grill tray as a collecting vessel for fat Grill tray Insert for the grill pan for grilling smaller amounts of food...
  • Page 10: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Setting the Time The oven will only function if the time is set. The set time function indicator will flash after the appliance has been connected to the mains or following a power failure.
  • Page 11: Initial Cleaning

    Initial Cleaning Before using the oven for the first time you should clean it thoroughly. Caution: Do not use any caustic, abrasive cleaners! The surface could be damaged. To clean any metal front panels use commercially available cleaning agents. 1.Turn the oven function switch to oven lighting L.
  • Page 12: Operating The Oven

    Cooling fan When the oven is switched on, the fan comes on automatically to keep the surfaces of the appliance cool. When the oven is switched off, the fan con- tinues to operate to cool the appliance down, then switches itself off.
  • Page 13: Oven Functions

    Oven Functions The oven has the following functions: L Oven lighting With this function you can illuminate the oven interior e.g. for cleaning. The heating element is not in use. ¥ Fan Oven For roasting and baking on up to three levels simultaneously.
  • Page 14: Attaching/Removing The Grill Pan Handle

    Press the release button on the top of the handle (1) and lift up the handle (2) to re- move it. Important: Never leave the handle in the heated oven! Overheating can cause the handle to deform or break, and may cause an injury.
  • Page 15: Clock Functions

    To set a countdown. A signal sounds after the time has elapsed. This function does not affect the operation of the oven. Cook time d To set how long the oven is to be in use. End time e To set when the oven is to switch off again.
  • Page 16: Switching Off The Time Display

    • The required oven function and temperature may be selected before or af- ter setting the clock functions cook time d and end time e. • When the cooking time has expired turn the oven function switch and the temperature selection switch back to the off position.
  • Page 17 Countdown G 1.Press selection button T repeatedly until the countdown function indicator G flashes. 2.Using the + or - button set the re- quired countdown G. (Max. 2 hours and 30 minutes.) After approx. 5 seconds the display will show the remaining time. The countdown function indicator G is il- luminated.
  • Page 18 The cook time function indicator d is illu- minated. When the time has expired the function indicator will flash, an acoustic signal will sound for 2 minutes and the oven will switch off. 3.Switch off the acoustic signal and the programme by pressing any button.
  • Page 19 2.Using buttons + or - set the time at which you want the oven to switch off. After approx. 5 seconds the display will revert to the time. The end time function indicator e is illu- minated.
  • Page 20 Cook time d and End time e combined Cook time d and end time e can be used together if the oven is to switch on and off automatically at a later time. 1.Using the cook time d function set the time required for the dish to cook.
  • Page 21 Changing Time W The time can only be changed if neither of the automatic functions (cook time d or end time e) have been set. 1.Press selection button T repeatedly until the time function indicator flashes. 2.Using buttons + or - set the current time.
  • Page 22: Usage, Tables And Tips

    • Metal, glass and ceramic tins are suitable for use with the fan oven function ¥. Shelf position • When using the fan oven ¥ function you are able to bake dry, flat items on up to 3 baking trays simultaneously. 1 baking tray: e.g.
  • Page 23 • Always place cake tins in the middle of the shelf. • When using the fan oven ¥ function you are also able to bake two tins side by side on a rack simultaneously. This increases the baking time only slightly.
  • Page 24: Baking Table

    Sponge cake (DIN) Base for fruit slice Sponge roll Small sponge cakes (Fairy/Queen) Yeast Ring cake Yeast roll/-ring Streusel cake Apple-streusel cake (DIN) Cheesecake (tray-size) Fan Oven ¥ Temperature in Shelf posi- °C 150-170 140-160 150-170 150-170 140-160 150-170 150-170*...
  • Page 25 Quiche Lorraine Bread and bread rolls Brown bread White bread, loaf Flat bread, pita Baked pasta dishes Potato gratin Cooking ”au gratin” Hawaiian toast* * Pre-heat the oven Fan Oven ¥ Temperature in Shelf posi- °C 150-170* 230-250* 80-90* 100-120...
  • Page 26: Frozen Foods

    Frozen Foods Type of pastry or cake Pizza (frozen) Also observe the manufacturer’s instructions for all other frozen prod- ucts. Fan Oven ¥ Temperature Shelf position in °C Lay on the grill Follow the man- insert baking tray ufacturer’s in-...
  • Page 27: Roasting

    The infor- mation is for guidance. • We recommend roasting meat and fish in the oven from a weight of 1kg. • To stop meat juices or fat burning onto dishes or the oven, we recommend adding a little water to the roasting dish.
  • Page 28: Roasting Table

    Leg of lamb (1800 g) Poultry Roasting smaller items on the baking tray Sausages “cordon bleu” Sausages Escalope or chop coated with breadcrumbs Rissoles Fan Oven ¥ Tempera- Shelf position ture in °C 1 Level 2 Levels 150-160 150-160 160-170...
  • Page 29 Perch fillet coated with breadcrumbs (total weight approx. 1kg) Poultry 1 kg Turkey roast Chicken Duck (2000-2500 g) Goose (4500 g) * Pre-heat the oven Fan Oven ¥ Tempera- Shelf position ture in °C 1 Level 2 Levels 190-200 170-180 190-200...
  • Page 30: Grilling

    Grilling To grill, use grill º oven function together with the appropriate temperature setting. Important: Always close the oven door when grilling. Always pre-heat the empty oven for 5 minutes using the grill functions. Grilling implements • When grilling, use an oven rack and a universal tray together.
  • Page 31: Grilling Table

    Grilling Table Tempera- Item ture in °C 4-8 pork chops 2-4 pork chops marinated pork steaks Fillet steak, rare 4 fillet steaks, medium 2 chicken halves 4 chicken halves 1-4 chicken thighs 4-6 chicken thighs Grilling sausages, Sausage coils whole fish Toast (without top- ping) Universal...
  • Page 32: Defrosting

    Defrosting To defrost food, use the oven’s defrosting function A without setting a tem- perature. Defrosting dishes • Put the food on a plate and put the plate on the tray. • Use only parchment paper or film to cover the food. Do not use plates or dishes as they significantly increase the defrosting time.
  • Page 33: Drying With The Fan Oven

    Drying with the Fan Oven Use trays lined with greaseproof paper or baking paper. You will achieve a better result if you switch the oven off half way through the drying time. Open and leave to cool, preferably overnight. Then finish drying the dried food.
  • Page 34: Cleaning And Care

    1.Switch on the oven lighting when cleaning. 2.Every time you use the oven, wipe it out afterwards with water and wash- ing-up liquid, then dry. Do not use any abrasive items. 3.Remove stubborn marks with special oven cleaners.
  • Page 35: Shelf Support Rails

    Shelf Support Rails The shelf support rails on the left and right hand sides of the oven can be re- moved for cleaning the side walls. Removing the shelf support rails First pull the front of the rail away from the oven wall (1) and then unhook at the back (2).
  • Page 36: Oven Lighting

    Warning: Risk of electric shock! Prior to changing the oven light bulb: – Switch off the oven! – Disconnect from the electricity supply. Place a cloth on the oven floor to protect the oven light and glass cover. Changing the oven light bulb/cleaning the glass cover 1.Remove the glass cover by turning it...
  • Page 37: Oven Roof

    Folding down the heating element Warning: Only fold down the heating element when the oven is switched off and there is no risk of being burnt! 1.Remove the side shelf support rails. 2.Grip the heating element at the front...
  • Page 38: Oven Door

    Oven Door The oven door of your appliance may be removed for cleaning. Removing the oven door 1.Open the oven door completely. 2.Completely fold back the brass-col- oured clamping lever on both door hinges. 3.Grip the oven door with both hands on...
  • Page 39: Oven Door Glass

    Oven Door Glass The oven door is fitted with two glass panels mounted one behind the other. The inner panel can be removed for cleaning. Caution: the following steps must be performed only with the oven door re- moved! If the glass is removed while the door is attached, the lighter weight may cause it to spring up and cause injury.
  • Page 40: What To Do If

    Advice on cookers with metal fronts: Because of the cold surface at the front of the cooker, opening the oven door during (or just after) baking or roasting may cause the glass to steam up. Possible cause The oven has not been switched on.
  • Page 41: Technical Data

    Technical Data Oven Interior Dimensions Height x Width x Depth Capacity (usable capacity) Regulations, Standards, Directives This appliance meets the following standards: • EN 60 335-1 and EN 60 335-2-6 relating to the safety of electrical appliances for household use and similar purposes and •...
  • Page 42: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions Important: The new appliance may only be installed and connected by a qualified electrician / competent person. Please observe this instruction, otherwise the warranty will not cover any damage that may occur. Safety Instructions for the Installer • A device must be provided in the electrical installation which allows the appliance to be disconnected from the mains at all poles with a contact opening width of at least 3 mm.
  • Page 43: Electrical Connection

    • Cooker Control Circuit It is necessary that you install a double pole switch between the oven and the electricity supply (mains), with a minimum gap of 3mm between the switch contacts and of a type suitable for the required load in compliance with the current regulations.
  • Page 47 3,5x25...
  • Page 48: Guarantee Conditions

    Guarantee Conditions Standard guarantee conditions We, Electrolux, undertake that if within 12 months of the date of the pur- chase this Electrolux appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our option re-...
  • Page 49: European Guarantee

    European Guarantee If you should move to another country within Europe then your guarantee moves with you to your new home subject to the following qualifications: • The guarantee starts from the date you first purchased your product. • The guarantee is for the same period and to the same extent for labour and parts as exists in the new country of use for this brand or range of products.
  • Page 50: Index

    ....11 Oven Ceiling ....37 Oven door glass .
  • Page 51: Service And Spare Parts

    Customer Care For general enquiries concerning your Electrolux appliance or for further in- formation on Electrolux products please contact our Customer Care Depart- ment by letter or telephone at the address below or visit our website at
  • Page 52 Subject to change without notice The Electrolux Group. The world´s No.1 choice. The Electrolux Group is the world´s largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux Group products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx.