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Epson PictureMate - Compact Photo Printer Using Manual

Using picturemate without a computer.
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Using PictureMate
Without a Computer


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   Summary of Contents for Epson PictureMate - Compact Photo Printer

  • Page 1

    Using PictureMate Without a Computer...

  • Page 2

    Get to Know Your PictureMate LCD menu screen Save your photos to an external Turn PictureMate storage drive (CD-R, Zip disk, or on or off flash memory drive) Go back or stop printing Use these buttons to move through menu Memory card light options (flashes when reading card;...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Welcome! ............... . . 2 Prepare to Print and Use the Wizard .

  • Page 4: Welcome

    Welcome! PictureMate is your easy-to-use, personal photo lab. The digital process is simple too, and it gives you Just insert a digital camera memory card and you’re complete control. Just follow these basic steps: ready to print brilliant, long-lasting photos. Because PictureMate is light and portable, you can print 1.

  • Page 5

    Printing with your PictureMate becomes even easier wirelessly to PictureMate for printing. You with these special features: just need the optional Epson ® Bluetooth Photo Print Adapter. (See page 31.) From the PictureMate Main Menu,...

  • Page 6

    Where to Find Information Where to Get Ink and Paper See your Start Here poster to unpack, See page 33 for information on where set up, and use your PictureMate. to buy the PictureMate Print Pack. Using PictureMate Without a Computer (this book) explains how to print photos directly from your camera’s memory card.

  • Page 7: Prepare To Print And Use The Wizard

    Prepare to Print and Use the Wizard Before you can print, you need to load paper and Slide the top part of the paper support up gently insert your memory card in PictureMate. until it clicks into place. Load Paper Follow these steps to load PictureMate Photo Paper: Caution: Don’t load plain paper;...

  • Page 8

    Insert Your Memory Card Press On to turn on PictureMate. Top: Open the memory card door. Insert the memory card into the correct slot, as shown on SmartMedia xD Picture Card the right side of this page. Push the card in carefully until it stops (it won’t go in Middle: all the way).

  • Page 9

    Print a Proof Sheet With the Wizard Now you can do one of the following: Print a proof sheet of all the photos on your card The PictureMate Print Wizard offers a simple way to using the PictureMate Print Wizard (see below). print 4 6-inch photos.

  • Page 10

    Press Print to print your proof sheet. Note: You should print a proof sheet if you’ve deleted photos or taken new photos since the last time you printed one, as the photo numbering may have changed. Your proof sheet includes up to 20 photos per sheet, so it might require several sheets of paper, depending on the number of photos on your card.

  • Page 11

    All Photos Some Photos Press Print to start printing all your photos as Press OK. borderless, 4 6-inch prints. Press to highlight the number of the photo you want to print (from the proof sheet), Note: If your card has more than 20 photos, you will need to then press OK to choose it.

  • Page 12

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional photo Note: If the Print Confirmation is off, you will not see the screen above and only need to press Print once to start printing. you want to print. The screen shows the selected photos and the number of copies for each.

  • Page 13: Choose Photos And Page Layouts

    Choose Photos and Page Layouts PictureMate’s Main Menu gives you lots of choices for Tip: You can print a proof sheet of any photos you choose from your card: select several photos or a range, and then printing. For example, you can select a range of photos choose the Proof Sheet Layout.

  • Page 14

    Select the Photos You Want to Print Make sure your memory card is inserted in PictureMate and the Main Menu is on the screen, then The Select Photo option lets follow the steps below for the option you want. you choose which photos to print.

  • Page 15

    One Photo Several Photos Press to highlight Select Photo, then Press to choose Select Photo, then press OK. press OK. Press to highlight One Photo, then Press to highlight Several, then press OK. press OK. Press to highlight the photo you want to Press to highlight the photo number, print, then press OK.

  • Page 16

    Note: If you press OK too many times, you will deselect Range of Photos the photo. Press to choose the number of copies to print for that photo (up to 10), then press OK. Follow the steps below to choose a range (or sequence) of consecutive photos from your camera’s memory card (for example, photos 7 through 12).

  • Page 17

    Press to choose the first photo under Camera-Selected DPOF Photos From. (Make sure you choose the smaller number in your range first.) Then press OK. If your camera supports DPOF (Digital Print Order Format), you can use it to pre-select which photos and how many copies you want to print.

  • Page 18

    Deselect DPOF Note: DPOF appears only if you chose images for printing while the memory card was in your camera. If DPOF is selected and you want to choose other photos to print, press to highlight Select Set the Number of Copies Photo and press OK, then choose a different option.

  • Page 19

    Press to highlight the number of copies Press to highlight the layout setting you you want to print for each photo (1 to 100), then want for your photo(s), then press OK. press OK. You have four choices: Borderless Proof Sheet To change the layout for your photo(s), see the next (20 per sheet) section.

  • Page 20

    Confirm and Print sheets. When you see the message “Try loading paper again,” load more paper and press OK to continue. Once you have made all the basic print settings, you If you need to cancel printing, press Cancel. are ready to print. Note: Before printing, you may want to select other options for The Print Confirmation screen does not show changes...

  • Page 21: Do More With Your Photos

    Do More With Your Photos Print Photos in Black and The More Options menu on PictureMate lets you modify your prints, as follows: White or Sepia Print photos in black and You can print your photo in black and white or in a white or a sepia tone sepia tone without changing the original photo.

  • Page 22

    Press to choose Black and White or The Print Confirmation screen does not show the Sepia, then press OK. Color Effects setting. Crop Your Photo Note: This setting remains in effect until you print or You can print just part of a photo, cropping out the press Cancel.

  • Page 23

    Press to highlight Print Crop Template, Choose the number for the area you want to print. then press OK. Press to highlight Crop, then press OK. Press Print to print the template. Your photo Press to select the crop number you prints with a preview of the cropping options.

  • Page 24

    If you don’t need to change any other settings, Press to choose one of the options. press Print. Check your selections on the Print Confirmation screen and press Print again. Note: See page 24 for more information about the Print Confirmation screen.

  • Page 25

    Add the Date or Time Press to choose a setting: You can add the date and/or time your photo was originally taken to the bottom right corner of your print. Select the photo(s). (See page 12.) None (default, turns off the date stamp) On the Main Menu, press to highlight (2004.09.01)

  • Page 26

    Confirm and Print Press to choose a setting: After selecting your print settings, you’re ready to print. Press Print. Check the selected photos, number of copies, and layout setting on the Print Confirmation screen. None (default, turns off the time stamp) (Press to see more selected photos.) 12-hour (03:00 for 3 pm)

  • Page 27: Save Your Photos To A Computer Or An External Device

    Save Your Photos to a Computer or an External Device You can save photo files on your memory card to a Note: Epson cannot guarantee the compatibility of any drives. If you’re not sure about a drive, check computer when you connect it to PictureMate with a for a list of...

  • Page 28

    Connect the drive to PictureMate: Note: If you see the message “Not enough memory on backup media,” press Cancel and insert a new CD-R or For a CD-R/RW or Zip drive, connect its USB Zip disk, or connect a flash memory drive with more free cable to the EXT/IF port on the back of space.

  • Page 29

    When you see this Beginning backup confirmation, press OK. When your photos are saved, you see this screen. Press OK. You can save photos multiple times to the same disk or drive until it is full. Each time you save photos on the same disk or drive, they are saved in a new folder.

  • Page 30: Print From A Computer Or An External Device

    Print From a Computer or an External Device Printing From an External Device PictureMate can print stored photos on a computer or on another device such as an external hard drive, a PictureMate can print stored photos: Bluetooth-enabled device, or a digital camera. From a data storage device, such as a CD, Zip disk, or flash memory (thumb) drive (see below) Printing From a Computer...

  • Page 31

    Make sure PictureMate is on. For a CD or Zip drive, insert a CD or Zip disk with photos into the drive. Make sure there are no memory cards in PictureMate’s memory card slots. The card light If you used PictureMate to save photos on the should be off.

  • Page 32

    PictureMate counts the photos on your drive, then Print From a PictBridge-Enabled Camera shows one of the following screens: You can connect your PictBridge- or USB DP-enabled If you see this message, print your photos digital camera to the back of PictureMate and use the from the PictureMate Print Wizard (see camera to control printing.

  • Page 33

    PDA, cell phone, or computer when you use Make sure you are within about 30 feet of the optional Epson Bluetooth Photo Print Adapter. The PictureMate, then select the photo you want to Adapter (part# C12C824142) is available from the...

  • Page 34

    Disconnecting the Adapter Make sure PictureMate isn’t printing, then pull the adapter out of the EXT/IF port. Caution: Do not remove the adapter when its blue light is flashing; this may cause PictureMate to malfunction.

  • Page 35: Replace Ink And Paper

    If you see this message while printing, you can still replace the photo cartridge and continue the current print job. Just You can also buy the Print Pack from the Epson Store replace it without turning off and unplugging PictureMate.

  • Page 36

    Remove the Used Photo Cartridge Flip the handle over to the front. Make sure you have a new PictureMate photo cartridge before you begin. Once you start replacing a cartridge, you must complete all the steps in one session. Caution: Before you replace the cartridge, read the “Photo Cartridge Safety Instructions”...

  • Page 37

    Insert the New Photo Cartridge Carefully pull out the cartridge and dispose of it properly. (For appropriate disposal, check local Shake the cartridge four or five times while it is resources for recycling guidelines.) still in its package. Then unwrap the cartridge. Caution: Don’t touch the green circuit board.

  • Page 38

    If either side is sticking out, remove the cartridge Close the cartridge door. Make sure it is and reinsert it so it is straight. completely closed. Wrong Correct Move the lever right to the Lock position. If it does If the door does not close completely, the not lock in place, the cartridge is crooked;...

  • Page 39

    When PictureMate recognizes the new photo cartridge, Press to highlight Cartridge Status, then it starts charging the ink and you see an ink charging press OK. message. When charging is complete, you can begin printing again. Check the Photo Cartridge Status (Ink Level) You see a screen showing the approximate ink You can check the approximate ink level in your photo...

  • Page 40

    Store and Display Your PictureMate Prints Photos printed on PictureMate Photo Paper are beautiful, long-lasting images. Follow these guidelines to make sure they will look great for generations. Store Your Prints To avoid scratches or smudging, do not rub the printed side of the photo.

  • Page 41: Take Your Picturemate With You

    If your prints don’t look as good after PictureMate has been moved, try aligning the print head (see page 45). Tip: You can order an optional PictureMate Carrying Case (part# ARC1B), from the Epson Store. See the inside back cover of this book for details.

  • Page 42: Set Picturemate Preferences

    Set PictureMate Preferences You can change these settings (preferences) on When Print Confirmation is Off, PictureMate does not PictureMate: display this screen before printing. You need to press Print just once to start printing. Turn Print Confirmation Off or On (below) On the Main Menu, press to highlight Turn the PictureMate Print Wizard Off or On...

  • Page 43

    The Print Confirmation setting remains in effect until On the Main Menu, press to highlight you change it again or reset the default preferences More Options, then press OK. (see page 43). Turn the PictureMate Print Wizard Off or On When you first insert a memory card, the PictureMate Press to highlight Print Wizard, then...

  • Page 44

    Adjust the LCD Screen Contrast Press to highlight LCD Contrast, then press OK. If the LCD screen is difficult to read, you can adjust the contrast. On the Main Menu, press to highlight More Options, then press OK. When you see this message, press OK to continue. Press to highlight Maintenance, then press OK.

  • Page 45

    Reset the Default Preferences You can reset the PictureMate preferences (Print Wizard, Print Confirmation and LCD settings) to the original, default settings. Press and hold Cancel for 3 seconds. You see this screen: Press OK to reset all the print settings. Note: This will also reset the defaults for other print settings you have changed (such as the date or time stamp or crop settings).

  • Page 46: Printer Care And Troubleshooting

    Printer Care and Troubleshooting If you have problems with your PictureMate, or you Follow these steps to clean the print head: want to improve print quality, read these sections: On the Main Menu, press to highlight “Clean the Print Head” below More Options, then press OK.

  • Page 47

    When you see this message, press OK to begin If there are gaps, press OK to clean the print head cleaning the print head. again. If there are no gaps, press Cancel to go back to the Main Menu. Align the Print Head If you have moved PictureMate and print quality is not as good as it was before—for example, you see Cleaning takes several seconds, during which the...

  • Page 48

    Press to highlight Align Print Head, then Press to highlight the number for the press OK. best pattern (1 to 15) in set #1, then press OK. Press Print when you see the next message. Press to highlight the number for the Look at the printed pattern to see which line best pattern (1 to 15) in set #2, then press OK.

  • Page 49

    Your PictureMate has a Pack and replace the photo hardware error that might cartridge with a new one. require service. Contact Epson See page 33. If the cartridge is as described in “Where to Get new, check to make sure it is Help”...

  • Page 50

    Printing and Noise Problems Your memory card does not work correctly. Make sure you are using a compatible memory PictureMate makes an unexpected noise after you card. See page 6. install a photo cartridge. Make sure only one card is inserted at a time. The first time you install the photo cartridge, PictureMate does not read from multiple cards at PictureMate will charge its print head for about three...

  • Page 51

    Your printout is blurry or smeared. The photo cartridge may be old or low on ink. To replace the cartridge, see page 33. Use the PictureMate Photo Paper to ensure proper saturation, absorption of ink, and quality. Try turning on or off Enhance or Fix under the Auto Correct setting.

  • Page 52

    PictureMate. Make sure you are using only PictureMate Photo The wrong photo is printed. Paper or Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper The photo numbering on the proof sheet may not (see page 33). Store paper flat to help prevent match the numbering in your camera. First print a curling.

  • Page 53: Where To Get Help

    To speak to a technical support representative, dial: U.S.: (562) 276-7282, 6 to 8 , Pacific Time, Epson provides technical assistance 24 hours a day Monday through Friday and 7 to 4 through the electronic support services and automated Saturday.

  • Page 54: Notices

    Notices Important Safety Instructions Place the printer on a flat, stable surface that extends beyond the base of the printer in all directions. The printer Before using your PictureMate, read the following safety will not operate properly if it is tilted at an angle. If you instructions to make sure you use it safely and effectively: place the printer by the wall, leave more than 4 inches Be sure to follow all warnings and instructions marked on...

  • Page 55

    Photo Cartridge Safety Instructions Do not touch the green IC chip on the bottom of the cartridge. Doing so may prevent normal operation and Keep photo cartridges out of the reach of children and do printing. not drink the ink. The IC chip on the photo cartridge retains a variety of Do not shake the photo cartridge after removing it from cartridge-related information, such as the amount of ink...

  • Page 56

    Epson America, Inc. Limited Warranty be fixed and sent back to you. You are responsible for packing the printer and for all costs to and from the Epson What Is Covered: Epson America, Inc. (“Epson”) warrants to authorized service center. When warranty service involves the...

  • Page 57


  • Page 58

    US and Canada. It does not cover use of used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful any non-Epson ink or paper, commercial use of the printer or interference to radio or television reception. However, there is paper consumed by proofs or printing errors.

  • Page 59

    Cet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme à la Compliance norme NMB-003 du Canada. NERGY As an E ® Partner, Epson has NERGY Declaration of Conformity determined that this product meets the guidelines for energy efficiency. NERGY According to 47CFR, Part 2 and 15 for Class B Personal...

  • Page 60

    Epson product. in certain circumstances, those circumstances may not be as Epson is not responsible for any use of this information as broad as some people assume. Epson encourages each user applied to other printers.

  • Page 61: Index

    Index Accessories, 31, 33, 39, 51 Camera Adjustment, photo, 22 choosing photos from, 15 to 17 Aligning print head, 45 to 46 printing from, 30 All photos, printing, 8 to 9, 12 selected photos (DPOF), 12, 15 to 17 Auto Correct photo, 22 Cancel printing, 10, 18 Cancel settings, 43 Card light, 6...

  • Page 62

    Energy Star compliance, 57 saving photo files to, 25 Enhance photo, 22 using with PictureMate, 4 Epson Confirmation, print, 10, 18, 20, 24, 40 accessories, 31, 33, 39, 51 Contact sheet, 7 to 8, 17 Store, 31, 33, 39, 51...

  • Page 63

    Light lines, 48 Loading paper, 5 Gaps in image, 49 Lock, photo cartridge, 34 to 37 Handle, 5 Macintosh Help, 51 Bluetooth printing, 31 using with PictureMate, 4 Main Menu, printing from, 11 to 24 Image Maintenance, 33 to 37, 44 to 46 formats, 3 Manuals, 4 quality, 22, 48 to 49...

  • Page 64

    MMC (MultiMediaCard), 6 PDA, printing from, 31 More Options, 19 Photo Multiple copies, 9, 14, 16 to 17 copying, 25 to 27 cropping, 20 to 22 displaying, 38 formats, 3 Noise, PictureMate, 48 number of copies, 16 to 17 Nozzle check, 45 numbers, 7 to 9, 17 Nozzles, cleaning, 44 to 45 paper, see Paper...

  • Page 65

    PictureMate messages, 47 Quality, 22, 48 to 49 Print Pack, 33 to 37, 51, 55 Print Wizard, 7 to 10, 41 PIM (PRINT Image Matching), 3, 22 Range of photos, 14 to 15 Power cable, 34, 39 Release lever, 34 to 36 Preferences, setting, 40 to 43 Removing Preview of crop, 20 to 21...

  • Page 66

    Single photo, 13 SmartMedia card, 6 USB cable, 29 to 30, 39 Smears, 49 USB DP (USB Direct Print), 3, 8, 28, 30 Some photos, selecting, 9 to 10, 13 to 14 User’s Guide, 4 SoundAdvice, 51 Stamp, date and time, 23 to 24 Status, photo cartridge, 37 Wallet-size photos, 17 Stopping printing, 10, 18...

  • Page 67

    (part# C12C824142) for printing wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, PDA, or computer to PictureMate Visit your local retailer, or call the Epson Store at (800) 873-7766. In Canada, please call (800) 463-7766 for dealer referral. For PictureMate information, special offers, and related...

  • Page 68

    Snap. Print. Enjoy. CPD-17732R2 Printed in XXXXXX XX.XX-XX XXX...

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