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System Specifications; Power Consumption Information - HP Kayak XW U3-W3 Technical Information

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HP Kayak XW U3 & W3 PC Workstation Technical Information

System Specifications

System Specifications

Power Consumption Information

Maximum power consumption
Typical consumption with:
One processor installed
Two processors installed
The power supply in your PC Workstation continues to supply power to the CMOS
memory, even when switched off.
When the PC Workstation is turned off with the power button on the
front panel, the power consumption falls below 5 Watts, but is not zero.
The special on/off method used by this PC Workstation considerably
extends the lifetime of the power supply. To reach zero power
consumption in "off" mode, either unplug the PC Workstation from the
power outlet or use a power block with a switch. You should be aware
that, in this case, the PC Workstation will lose its time settings within a
few days.
Maximum Loads Available for Accessory Slots
The load limits for the ISA and PCI accessory slots are compliant with
ISA and PCI specifications. More details of permitted loads are
provided on the World Wide Web in the support documentation section
for your PC Workstation.
260 W
approx. 85 W
approx. 99 W
2.5 W


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