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HP Kayak XA-s02 Hardware Manual

Hp kayak xa-s02: hardware guide
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MaxiLife Hardware Monitoring Chip


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  • Page 1 MaxiLife Hardware Monitoring Chip...
  • Page 2 If the boot block has been corrupted, the Firmware can start from its ‘crisis’ block. To do this, set the System board switch 10 to the Closed position. MaxiLife is partially replacing HP ASIC (Little Ben), and provides the neces- sary hardware monitoring control. However, MaxiLife is not accessible in I/O...
  • Page 3 LCD Status Panel L L C C D D S S t t a a t t u u s s P P a a n n e e l l Speed up/slow down H/W Sensor HP MaxiLife Package intrusion Temperature...
  • Page 4: The Lcd Menu

    The LCD Menu To access the LCD main menu, press one of the LCD keys. This menu is composed of several menu items which are displayed two at a time on the LCD screen. The following menus are available: • System Info. Obtains information from the BIOS and the system’s Serial EEPROM from a previously successful boot.
  • Page 5 If no errors are detected, you can exit the test session, and the main power supply will be turned off and the LCD status panel will become blank. If an error is detected, a short message is displayed on the LCD status panel describing the type of error (memory, processor) that occurred.
  • Page 6: Maxilife Test Sequence And Error Messages

    MaxiLife Hardware Monitoring Chip MaxiLife Test Sequence and Error Messages MaxiLife Test Sequence and Error Messages When the PC is turned on (pressing the ON/OFF button), the system initiates the normal startup sequence which is composed of the following steps: •...
  • Page 7 Presence of CPUs or Terminators in the Processor Slots Error! CPU Socket Missing or incorrectly installed CPU or Terminator. Control of the CPU Board Error! Board PLL CPU Board is not connected, or the system board needs replacing. The following diagram shows how the Pre-boot Diagnostics works when it encounters an error.
  • Page 8 MaxiLife Test Sequence and Error Messages The following table shows the test sequence carried out, the type of error message, and the action to take. Table 1 Basic Pre-boot Diagnostics Test Presence of either CPU or Terminator in the processor slot. Control of some voltages: VRMs, 12V Test of the correct power signals to the CPU.
  • Page 9: Post Test Sequence And Post Error Codes

    Post Test Sequence and Post Error Codes In order to check that the CPU is able to run the BIOS boot code (POST phase) from the first CPU instructions through to DIMM detection, MaxiLife firmware waits for a synchronization event from the BIOS. Any failure that prevents the execution of the firmware will therefore trigger the BIOS error and will display the following message on the LCD status panel.
  • Page 10: Operating System Boot Phase

    If no error message has been displayed at this stage of the system startup by the BIOS, the operating system is launched and the LCD status panel will display the system platform (for example, HP KAYAK XA-s), and a “smiling icon.”...
  • Page 11: Main Menu

    System Info Obtains information from the BIOS and the system’s Serial EEPROM from a previously successful boot. This information includes: product name (HP Kayak XA-s), BIOS version, serial number, number of processors and speed, size of memory for each DIMM socket.
  • Page 12 MaxiLife System info Boot steps Next “Write This is a toggle item, POST which is indicated Code” with a check mark. BIOS HP KAYAK XA-s LCD Status Panel HP KAYAK XU POST Code 24 “Write POST ERROR” Error! POST XXXX...
  • Page 13 selected, the main power supply is started but the PC is not allowed to do a normal boot. The purpose of this is to allow only these devices that can be tested to answer the diagnostic request from MaxiLife. Components are tested in sequence when the “Next” button is pressed. When they have all been checked, a diagnostic screen is shown.
  • Page 14 If one of the following fatal malfunctions occur, the displayed message will indicate a BIOS error: The BIOS no longer works. There is no Flash. Processor Processor Processor HP KAYAK XA-s Error! CPU Socket Error! Power CPU 1 Error! BIOS...
  • Page 15 Bus frequency. For More Information Refer to the User’s Guide delivered with the computer for more information about this diagnostics utility, or the HP Kayak XA-s, XU (Series 0301) and About MaxiLife XW (Series U3 and W3) Familiarization Guide. Error Code CPU SOCKET •...
  • Page 16 MaxiLife Hardware Monitoring Chip MaxiLife Test Sequence and Error Messages...

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