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Replacing Consumable Components; Special Cleaning Instructions - Electrolux 269550 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual

Electrolux gas steam/convection ovens installation, operation and maintenance
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Insert a rubber hose inside the boiler filler pipe and rinse
thoroughly with water to remove all traces of descaling agent.
• Refit the filler plug and close the boiler drain (by pressing the
relative button).
After descaling the boiler, it is good practice to execute a 30-
minute STEAM cycle with the oven empty.
If the water supply cock cannot be easily accessed, to empty
the boiler proceed as follows:
1) Open the boiler discharge valve with the special pushbutton.
2) Wait 2 minutes and switch the oven off; the discharge valve
will close automatically.


Changing the oven chamber lamp (Fig. 3)
If the oven chamber lamp burns out, replace as follows:
• Disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
• Unscrew the four screws fixing flange "A" and remove glass
shield "V" together with seal "G".
• Remove halogen lamp "L" and fit an equivalent lamp with
identical characteristics (12V - 20W - 572°F). Important: do not
touch the new lamp with your fingers, wrap it in paper or a clean
cloth when fitting.
• Refit the glass shield with the seal in the lamp recess then smear
food grade silicone grease on the seal and secure the flange using
the four screws.
Replacing the oven door seal (Fig. 4)
N.B.: The oven door seal is prone to normal wear and aging and
should be replaced whenever it starts to harden or crack.
To change the oven door seal proceed as follows:
• prise the seal out of its seat and remove all traces of old silicone
from the channel.
• apply a bead of silicone sealant in point 1 along the internal frame
of the seal seating channel.
• insert the new seal, pressing it home along the entire length of
the channel.


Cleaning and checking the drain system
Periodically clean the drain pipe and check for obstructions that
may prevent the water from draining.
Cleaning the oven door glazing panels (Fig. 5)
Only clean the panels when the glass is cool and never use
abrasive cloths or detergents.
To access the double glazing cavity, open the internal panel,
which is hinged to the door.
• Open the oven door and press both upper and lower clips F to
release the internal glazing panel.
After cleaning close the internal panel ensuring it is properly
seated against the rubber stops.
CLEANING SYSTEM rotary spray arm (Fig. 6)
Clean the spray arm in the following cases:
- prolonged disuse of the CLEANING SYSTEM
- faulty rotation of the spray arm (nozzles probably blocked)
- use of the appliance with very hard water.
If the nozzles are completely blocked, remove scale deposits
using the tip of a knife.
• Disengage (without removing) spring clip A from the central
block of the spray arm. For this operation, insert the tip of a
screwdriver in the position shown by the arrow and turn it from the
vertical to the horizontal position as shown in the figure.
• Remove the spray arm from its hub.
• Place the spray arm in a bowl full of descaling agent and leave
it to soak overnight, rinsing thoroughly before refitting.
• Refit the spray arm by inserting it over the hub and returning the
spring clip to its original position.

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