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Electrolux 2604 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual page 22

Electrolux electrics heated steam convection ovens installation, operation and maintenance
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- Switch on the oven by pressing button I.
- Set a cooking cycle for the following UTILITIES:
this is not necessary for the other utilities as they are already
specific cycles.
- Press button U (UTILITY):
- The green UTILITY LEDs will light up and one will be flashing.
- Turn the knob clockwise or counter clockwise to select the utility
required - the relative LED will flash (flashing GREEN color).
- Press button U until the flashing LED relative to the UTILITY
selected changes colour (flashing ORANGE color).
- Wait a further 5 seconds for the LEDs relative to the selected
utilities to illuminate steadily (steady ORANGE color).
- Finally, start the cycle by pressing the START/STOP button.
A complete description of the different UTILITIES available is
included in heading 3.4 SPECIAL COOKING MODES (page 20).
are not used for 7 seconds they are
automatically cut out, signalled by the relative button switching
- To cancel one of the following preset UTILITIES (ORANGE
press the U button and turn the knob to select it so that it flashes
(ORANGE flashing).
Press the U button again so that the UTILITY changes colour
(GREEN flashing) and is thus cancelled.
- To cancel the other UTILITIES set another cooking cycle.
In case of cycle already started, stop it, keeping the START/
STOP button pressed for 2 seconds before cancelling the UTILITY.
Level B ovens allow the execution of cooking cycles composed
of two sequential phases. For example:
- Phase 1:
- air-convection 200°C
- probe 70°C
- Phase 2:
- mixed cycle 220°C
- 40 minutes
The oven switches automatically from phase 1 to phase 2. To set
a two-phase cycle proceed as follows:
1) Switch the oven;
UTILITIES with cycle presetting;
UTILITY selected
(flashing GREEN LED)
2) Set the desired cooking mode, oven chamber temperature,
and cooking time (or, alternatively, core probe temperature) as
described in this handbook.
3) Press the "PHASE" button:
the phase 2 LED switches to RED (active phase) while the phase
1 LED is GREEN (inactive phase); at the same time the cooking
modes button LEDs start flashing again to request a new setting
for phase 2.
5) Select:
- phase 2 cooking mode;
- phase 2 oven chamber temperature;
- time (or core probe temperature) relative to phase 2;
6) The two-phase cooking cycle has now been set. Place the
product to be cooked in the oven and press the START/STOP
button to start the cooking cycle.
The cooking cycle will start from phase 1 (phase 1 LED RED) and
switch automatically to phase 2 (phase 2 LED RED) when the
first phase terminates.
When the oven switches from phase 1 to phase 2 the operator will
be alerted by a brief audible signal.
When phase 2 is terminated the cooking cycle will stop
automatically as already described.
4.3.11 Delta Cooking
This is an advanced method of cooking, by which the oven
chamber temperature varies in function of the core temperature
of the food.
The operator is able to select a
120°C, we recommend using between
temperature will be adjusted to automatically remain above the
rising core temperature exactly by the set value.
This type of cooking is ideally suited to large joints of meat.
How to use it: Manual cooking mode.
1) Select the cooking mode, Ex. Combi.
2) Set a target core temperature value,
3) Go into
advanced utility functions (Bottom row on Control
and select
At this point you will see on the oven temperature display
which is a
value (you can change it by highlighting the
temp area and turning the dial to reach the desired Delta – for
example 50°C.)
Close the oven door and press the start button to activate the
cooking cycle.
The core temperature of the meat may be for example
when the cooking cycle is started, the oven temperature will go
to 75°C,
(50°C above core
core temperature rises, maintaining a difference of 50°C(As the
core temperature of the meat rises by one degree so too does
the oven
The two temperatures will displayed in
the lower line on the display.
If you selected a final core temperature of for ex. 67
chamber temperature will be
This cooking method is much slower than the 'normal ' way of
cooking but the benefits are higher yields and better quality.
Phase 1 (I) LED
Phase 2 (II) LED
value between
20°C < 70°C. The chamber
temp), and then keep rising as the
117 °C
at the end of the cooking
1°C <
25 °C
14 °C
the final

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