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Electrolux hepa central air filtration system home owners manual & dealer installation instructions
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Dealer Installation Instructions

The HEPA systems can be used independently of any other equipment! The
intake and outflow of the filtration system can be ducted into the same room
to create a cleaner enviro ment almost anywhere. The intake or outflow can also
be ducted elsewhere. The intake and outflow should be installed on opposite
sides of the room; however, this varies according to your specific needs.
Here are some things to consider as you decide where to install the HEPA
system independently of other systems.
• Make sure there is room to open the HEPA filter access panel for filter
• Keep the HEPA system away from possible water damage
• Vibration pads will reduce vibration for installations where the unit is placed
on the floor.
• Install HEPA System on floor or suspended platform. If the unit is suspended,
screws must not penetrate through the cabinet. Make sure that you have
the proper chains/straps joists and equipment to keep unit secure.
Intake (Marked as 'Air In' on unit):
• Intake ducts should be installed near the floor for optimum airflow.
If space does not allow, then the inlet can be installed in the ceiling.
• Intake duct should be installed at least 6 ft. away from the outflow duct.
• Intake duct should be installed at opposite end of the room from the
outflow duct(s) if in the same room.
• Diffusers are recommended to help distribute airflow evenly.
Outflow (Marked as 'Clean Air Out' on unit):
• Outflow(s) should be installed in the ceiling away from any other air inlet(s)
• Room diffusers are recommended to help distribute airflow evenly in the
occupied space.
• If HEPA system is installed where inlet and outflow collars face down,
metal elbows must be connected to both inlet and outflow collars.
• Each connection must be sealed with aluminum tape or mastic, including
all vent connections.
• Installed duct runs should be as straight as possible (if the duct runs
are too long, reduced CFM may result).
• If duct is exposed to unconditioned air, insulated flex duct is highly
Example of Single Room Stand Alone System Installation
For single rooms where increased filtration is desired such as a dedicated
'smoking room'.
HEPA System
Externally insulated flex duct can also be used for noise reduction purposes.
• For best indoor air quality, do not use ductboard or fiberglass inside of ducts.
• The unit must be plugged into a grounded 20V, 60Hz. outlet.
NOTE: Be sure to review 'Rules for Safe Installation and Operation' on page
 of this document before start-up of this unit.
Operation (350 & 675)
 Make sure that the unit is plugged into a grounded power source
2 For optimum performance, the HEPA system should operate with the
3 Turn the unit on by pressing the on/off button and the green power light
4 To turn the unit off, press the on/off button and the power indicator light will go out.
Filter Light Indicators
Your HEPA system is equipped with an electronic filter timer. This timer
monitors the life expectancy of each filter in the unit. By default, the Pre-Filter,
HEPA Filter and VOC Blanket lights will turn on when the unit is powered on.
5 Turn the unit off and see instructions for "filter removal" to determine if filter
6 Once the filters have been checked or replaced, turn the unit back on and
Air should be drawn from
location B if space is avail-
able, otherwise, use loca-
tion A.
Required Materials for Installation of Unit:
Items for 350
Flex or rigid duct (length as required)
Items for 675
Flex or rigid duct (length as required)
All Models
Aluminum tape or mastic as required
Misc. hanging materials - field provided
(20 Volt, 60 Hz).
indoor air handler/furnace blower on.
will illuminate.
replacement is needed. See 'Maintenance" on next page.
reset the control panel. To reset, press and hold the flashing filter button
until the light is constant.
8" round & 6" round
One 8" & One 6"
One 8" & One 6"
0" round & 8" round
One 0" & One 8"
One 8" & One 6"

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