Maintenance; Filter Change Schedule; Filter Changing Guidelines - Electrolux 350 Installation Instructions Manual

Electrolux hepa central air filtration system home owners manual & dealer installation instructions
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Proper care and maintenance of your HEPA system will ensure years of service.
The unit must be turned off during service/maintenance or when filters are
being changed.
It is recommended that gloves and a filtered breathing mask be worn during
filter replacement.
Electrical Shock Hazard.
Can cause injury or death.
Disconnect all electrical power supplies
before servicing.
Do not operate equipment without
access panels in place.
Risk of Sharp Edges Hazard.
Equipment sharp edges can cause injuries.
Avoid grasping equipment edges without protective

Filter Change Schedule

Note: Note: Failure to properly maintain your HEPA system will decrease the
efficiency and air flow.
Foam Pre-Filter: 3 to 4 months*
HEPA Filter: 2 to 5 years
Inner Carbon Filter: 6 months
* The foam pre-filters can be washed and reused
NOTE: Filter life is based on average air content.
Some filters may need to be changed more often due to higher amounts of
dust, humidity, or chemicals found in your ambient air. Additionally, people
who are more sensitive to these airborne contaminates may desire more
frequent filter changes.

Filter Changing Guidelines

Dust and other large particles will collect on the pre-filter over time. The color
of the filter will change as particulates build up on the pre-filter. Change the
pre-filter when you can see the particulate build up start to clog up the pre-filter.
HEPA Filter:
As the HEPA filter captures particulates, it will darken over time. Replace the
HEPA filter when it darkens to the level seen in example D.
A. New
B. Used
C. Used
D. Replace
Inner Carbon Filter:
The inner carbon filter will rarely look used. This filter captures odors and
gasses, yet the filter's appearance will not change. When this filter has
reached it's maximum adsorbancy of odors and gasses, it will no longer
work. Replace this filter when it no longer seems to capture odors, or every
3 months, which ever occurs first.
Pre-Filter - Foam
HEPA Filter Mesh
(Protects HEPA
Inner Carbon Filter

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Table of Contents

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