Dealer Filter Change Instructions - Electrolux 350 Installation Instructions Manual

Electrolux hepa central air filtration system home owners manual & dealer installation instructions
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Dealer Filter Change Instructions

Electrical Shock Hazard.
Can cause injury or death.
Disconnect all electrical power supplies
before servicing.
Do not operate equipment without
access panels in place.
Risk of Sharp Edges Hazard.
Equipment sharp edges can cause injuries.
Avoid grasping equipment edges without protective
It is recommended that gloves and a filtered breathing mask be worn during
filter replacement to avoid breathing particulates (dust, mold, pollen, etc.)
captured on the filter that become airborne during the filter(s) changeout.
The old filters should be wrapped and sealed in plastic bags immediately
upon removal from the unit to avoid distributing particles throughout the
house during the process of disposal.
. Accessing the filters
a. Remove safety screw(s) from HEPA filter access panel.
b. Unlatch the two retaining clips and lift off HEPA filter access panel.
c. Bracing the unit so it does not move, turn the HEPA cartridge counter
clockwise and lift/pull out.
2. Pre-filter Replacement
a. Pull the pre-filter up and off the unit.
NOTE: The pre-filter may contain contaminants, remove it slowly to avoid
releasing particles back into the air.
b. Foam pre-filters can be washed several times, wash by hand in warm water.
Let it dry completely before placing it back onto the HEPA cartridge.
c. If replacing the filter, remove plastic shrink wrap from the new pre-filter.
d. Stretch the new/washed filter around the top of the HEPA cartridge and
slide it down into place
3. Inner Carbon Filter Replacement
a. Look inside the HEPA cartridge to locate the two ends of the inner
carbon filter.
b. Pull one end of the old inner carbon filter in and bend it into a loose roll
so it can be removed.
c. Remove the inner carbon filter from the HEPA cartridge.
d. Remove plastic shrink wrap from the new inner carbon filter.
e. Unroll the inner carbon filter and roll it up in the opposite direction (this
makes the filter follow a more contoured profile against the inner HEPA
filter surfaces and helps keep it in place), place the rolled inner carbon
filter inside the HEPA cartridge and gently unroll it until the ends 'butt'
together and the filter is snug against the HEPA filter.
4. HEPA Filter Replacement
a. If replacing the HEPA filter with a new filter, discard old HEPA filter and
use new when replacing the HEPA filter into the unit.
b. With each annual filter replacement kit, a new 'o' ring is provided. The
old one is removed by pinching it between two fingers and pulling it off
the collar on the blower deck.
c. Discard old 'o' ring.
d. Place the new 'o' ring onto the collar and slide it down to the base of
the blower deck.
5. Installing the HEPA Filter Cartridge
a. With the filters changed or inspected, all 3 filters are ready to be placed
back into the unit. Place the HEPA cartridge gently into the unit
b. When the HEPA cartridge is in place, brace the unit, press down and
gently turn it clockwise to lock it into place. If too much force is used,
the cartridge may be difficult to remove!
c. Replace the HEPA filter access panel and latch it with the two retaining clips.
d. Re-install safety screw(s) into HEPA filter access panel.
e. Plug the unit back into a power outflow and turn it on.

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Table of Contents

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