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HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr User Manual

Ultra3 scsi hot-swap hard disk drive and tray user guide.
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HP NetServer
Ultra3 SCSI Hot-Swap
Hard Disk Drive and Tray
User Guide
HP Part Number 5969-5922
Printed in February 2000


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   Summary of Contents for HP D7171A - NetServer - LPr

  • Page 1

    HP NetServer Ultra3 SCSI Hot-Swap Hard Disk Drive and Tray User Guide HP Part Number 5969-5922 Printed in February 2000...

  • Page 2: Audience Assumptions

    Hewlett-Packard assumes no responsibility for the use or reliability of its software on equipment that is not furnished by Hewlett-Packard.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1 Introduction to Ultra3 Drives ................1 Overview ......................1 Ultra3 Drives are Low Voltage Devices ............1 Ultra3 Drives Have Two Heights; Drive Cages Have Several Sizes ..... 1 Filler Panels ....................1 Disk Spacers ....................2 Verify Contents ....................2 2 Installation Procedure ..................

  • Page 5: Introduction To Ultra3 Drives

    1 Introduction to Ultra3 Drives Overview Ultra3 SCSI hot-swap hard disk drives provide higher I/O bandwidth and can work with longer cable lengths than Ultra drives. Ultra3 drives operate at SCSI bus data rates of up to 160 MB per second--double the rate of Ultra2 SCSI. With Ultra3 drives, HP NetRAID environments and applications will show immediate increases in performance.

  • Page 6: Disk Spacers

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Ultra3 Drives Disk Spacers When your hot-swap cage holds a mix of low profile and half-height drives, one drive may require a disk spacer. The disk spacer fills empty space between one drive and the adjacent drive. Disk spacers can be mounted on 1-inch (2.5 cm) low profile drives or 1.6-inch (4 cm) half-height drives.

  • Page 7: Installation Procedure

    2 Installation Procedure This chapter describes how to install the Ultra3 disk drive module in your HP NetServer, and provides instructions for removing and storing the disk drive module. Additionally, this chapter describes how to attach an Ultra3 drive to a hot- swap tray.

  • Page 8

    Chapter 2 Installation Procedure 1. If there is a filler panel in the drive location, remove the filler panel as follows: Press the latch and insert your fingers. Using your fingers, pull the filler panel straight out. Figure 2-1 shows a filler panel being removed from a system with a six-drive hot-swap cage.

  • Page 9

    Chapter 2 Installation Procedure 2. Disk spacers attach to the disk drive module with four small feet. To remove a disk spacer from the adjacent disk drive module: Slide the disk spacer back, a fraction of an inch (2.5 cm), away from your body.

  • Page 10

    Chapter 2 Installation Procedure 3. On the Ultra3 disk drive module, press the blue latch in and pull the lever out as far as it can go as shown in Figure 2-3. Pulling open the lever retracts the locking tab on the side of the disk drive module. Be careful not to use extreme force when pulling the lever.

  • Page 11

    Chapter 2 Installation Procedure Figure 2-4. Installing the Disk Drive Module in the Horizontal Position Figure 2-5. Installing the Disk Drive Module in the Vertical Position...

  • Page 12: Removing The Ultra3 Disk Drive Module

    Chapter 2 Installation Procedure Removing the Ultra3 Disk Drive Module CAUTION You must remove the disk drive module slowly to ensure that the drive heads are parked prior to removal. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully to prevent handling damage, such as head slaps or head actuator unlocking.

  • Page 13: Installing The Ultra3 Drive In A Tray (optional)

    Chapter 2 Installation Procedure Figure 2-6. Removing the Disk Drive Module Installing the Ultra3 Drive in a Tray (optional) Ultra3 SCSI hot-swap tray accessories have two different sizes: the 1.6-inch (4 cm) half-height drive uses tray accessory D6127A, and the 1-inch (2.5 cm) low profile drive uses tray accessory D6128A.

  • Page 14

    Chapter 2 Installation Procedure 2. Plug the SCA extender into the Ultra3 drive. 3. Insert the two screws that hold the SCA extender in place, then tighten snugly. Do not over tighten. 4. Insert the four screws that attach the Ultra3 drive to the hot-swap tray, then tighten snugly.

  • Page 15: Supported Configurations

    3 Supported Configurations Supported configurations can be found in all of the following sources: The Installation Guide (or User Guide) shipped with your HP NetServer. The HP NetServer Online Documentation CD-ROM. The Installation Guide (or User Guide) for your HP NetServer can be viewed and printed from the official HP NetServer web site:

  • Page 17: Warranty And Support

    Refer to the HP NetService Warranty and Service/Support Booklet section of your HP NetServer system documentation for instructions on how to obtain HP repair and telephone support. HP World Wide Web Site Refer to the following World Wide Web (WWW) site for technical specifications on Hewlett-Packard hard disk drives:

  • Page 19: Regulatory Information

    Cupertino, April 5, 2000 Erin McLaughlin/Quality Manager North America Contact: Hewlett-Packard Company, Product Regulations Manager, 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304, Phone 650-857-1501. European Contact: Local Hewlett-Packard Sales and Service Office or Hewlett-Packard GmbH, Herrenberger Straße 130, D-71034 Böblingen (FAX: + 49-7031-14-3143)

  • Page 21: Index

    Index disk drive module regulatory information, 15 inserting, 6 removing a disk spacer, 5 removing, 8 removing a filler panel, 4 disk spacer, 2, 5 removing disk drive module, 8 environmental specifications, 15 Supported Configurations, 11 filler panel, 1 Ultra2 drive removing, 4 tray assembly, 10 Ultra2 SCSI drive features, 1...

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