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HP D5970A - NetServer - LCII Configuration Manual: Cluster Cabling And Setup; Connecting Scsi Cables

Hp netserver lh 4 surestore e installation guide.
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4 Cluster Cabling and Setup

This section explains how to connect the disk array to the SCSI HBA installed in the server. It includes
diagrams that illustrate connecting the SCSI cabling to ensure high availability. Cabling not restricted by the
cluster configuration (video, keyboard, mouse, etc.) are not depicted in these diagrams. Refer to the HP
NetServer Rack Assembly and Cabling Reference Guide for additional information on cabling routing and

Connecting SCSI Cables

Disk arrays can be connected in a daisy chain fashion to each A5252B SCSI HBA. Refer to the Cluster
Configuration Guide for the recommended number of disk arrays that can be connected to each HBA.
Figure 9 illustrates the cabling connections required when connecting a single disk array to the SCSI HBA.
Figure 10 illustrates the cabling connections required when connecting multiple disk arrays to the SCSI
Two factors are vital in cabling a Microsoft NetServer Cluster.
Cables bundled with a clustered system dictate the stacking or arrangement of devices in the rack.
When defining your cluster using HP Rack Assistant a rack layout should have been printed. Lay
out devices in the rack according to the Rack Assistant layout to ensure that all required cable
connections can be made and the layout confirms to usability and safety standards.
Cabling a cluster requires that SCSI connections be made in a specific manner so that the
appropriate redundancy and, therefore, high availability requirements are met. Use the diagrams
included in this supplement or the diagrams in the Cluster Configuration Guide for your cluster
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