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HP D5970A - NetServer - LCII Configuration Manual Page 22

Hp netserver lh 4 surestore e installation guide.
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Install Windows NT
Remove the HP NetServer Navigator CD, insert the first CD of the Microsoft Windows NT Server,
Enterprise Edition, and exit Navigator to reboot the server.
Select the following options when prompted:
Choose the unpartitioned space and install Windows NT.
Choose NTFS file system.
When prompted to search for a Network Adapter, load NIC drivers for both the intra-cluster and the
client LAN. Be sure to load the correct intra-cluster LAN driver version as specified in the
Configuration Guide for your cluster. If you are using two HP D5013A NICs, load the driver twice,
once for the intra-cluster NIC and once for the client NIC.
Make sure TCP/IP Protocol is selected.
Other protocols may be selected in addition, but TCP/IP is required.
Set TCP/IP Properties for DNS, WINS Address, etc. at this time.
The Client LAN IP addresses and Intra-cluster LAN IP addresses must be on different
LH Pro
Make sure you power down System A and power up System B.
Insert the HP NetServer Navigator CD in the CD-ROM drive of System B and restart the server.
The server boots from the CD and displays the Navigator Main menu.
If prompted that the HP NetServer Navigator BIOS is a newer version, choose
Continue and go to step 3; otherwise go to step 6.
To update the BIOS, choose Configuration Assistant, then Custom, Microsoft, MS
Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition, and No for automated NOS installation.
Select Update, then Execute. Follow screen prompts to update the BIOS.
After the server reboots return to the Navigator main menu by clicking the Back button twice on the
displayed window.
From the Navigator Main menu, choose NetServer Utilities, then EISA Configuration
In the EISA Configuration Utility, disable the Embedded IDE Hard Disk Controller.
(The embedded IDE controller is not used on HP NetServer systems.)
Save and exit the EISA Configuration Utility.
The Utility saves your configuration data, restarts the HP NetServer and reloads the HP Navigator CD-
Install a utility partition on the local storage disk by choosing Configuration Assistant, then
Custom, Microsoft, MS Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition, and No for automated
NOS installation.
10. Choose Install/Update Utility Partition.
When finished, the system reboots and displays the Custom Configuration window.
HP NetServer Installation Guide



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