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Power Cord; Quick Start - NEC EA224WMi-BK User Manual

22" led-backlit eco-friendly widescreen desktop monitor w/ ips panel
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Quick Start

To connect the LCD monitor to your system, follow these instructions:
Make sure to read "Recommended Use" (page 3) before installation.
1. Turn off the power of your computer.
2. For a PC or MAC with DVI digital output: Connect the DVI signal cable to the connector of the display card in your system
(Figure A.1). Tighten all screws.
For a PC with Analog output: Connect a 15-pin mini D-SUB signal cable to the connector of the display card in your
system (Figure A.2).
For a MAC: Connect a Macintosh cable adapter (not included) to the computer, then attach the 15-pin mini D-SUB signal
cable to the Macintosh cable adapter (Figure A.3).
Some Macintosh systems do not require any Macintosh cable adapter.
For a PC with DisplayPort output: Connect the DisplayPort cable to the connector of the display card in your system
(Figure A.4).
Figure A.1
1. Please use a DisplayPort cable with DisplayPort logo.
2. When removing the DisplayPort cable, hold down the top button to release the lock.
3. Place hands on each side of the monitor to tilt the LCD panel 30-degree angle and lift up to the highest position.
4. Connect all cables to the appropriate connectors (Figure C.1). When using the USB cable, connect the B type connector
to the USB upstream port on the right back side of the monitor and the A type connector to the downstream port on the
computer (Figure C.1a). If using the cord from a USB device, plug into one of the downstream ports of the monitor.
Incorrect cable connections may cause abnormal operation, damage display quality/components of LCD module and/
or shorten the module's life.
30° Tilt

Power cord

Figure C.1
*: See page 22
Figure A.2
USB Downstream
Audio Input
ControlSync IN/OUT*
USB Upstream
USB Downstream
Macintosh Cable
Figure A.3
(not included)
B Type
DisplayPort cable
Figure A.4
(not included)
A Type
A Type
B Type
Figure C.1a


Table of Contents

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