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Convenient Features For Auto-Answering; Checking Caller Voice - Samsung SP-C801RBL Manual

900 dsp wide-900mhz phone
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Convenient features during calls
Hold function during calls
The person
on hold will
hear music.
During a call
During a call while using a Remote set
To put a call on hold, simply press
To return to the call press
To return to the call
When using the
To return to the call
When you hang up
the handset,
button will
Pick up the handset or
● If you do not return to
the call after 3 minutes,
it will automatically
disconnect the caller.
button once more.

Convenient features for auto-answering

Auto-answering function
1. The recorded length of the message
The basic functions set for
● The length of the message the caller can leave is set to 3 minutes.
● The current time must be set.
2 . The number of rings for auto-answering (the number of times the phone will ring
before automatically transferring to a machine- signifying that messages are waiting).
● The phone will ring 3 times if there is a new message waiting and 6 times if there aren't any.
When there is no sound for 6 seconds during auto-answering, it will automatically disconnect.

Checking caller voice

During a recording in
auto-answering function,
you can check the caller's
voice through the speaker.
Press 6 to toggle between set and cancel.
You will hear the voice accordingly.



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