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Safety Precautions; How To Clean - Samsung SP-C801RBL Manual

900 dsp wide-900mhz phone
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Safety precautions

The following is to ensure the user's safety and to minimize any damages.
Carefully read the following guidelines and use caution to follow them correctly.
Do not use damaged power
Do not pull out the power (plug)
lines or loose plugs.
by pulling the line or when your
hands are wet.
● It can cause electric shock or fire.
● It can cause electric shock or fire.
Plug it into a power jack
Use only the designated
(wall unit).
● This product is only for 220V.
● It can cause fire.
Do not use for any other voltages.
It can cause fire.
Do not disassemble
Do not pour water or
or repair.
any liquid on the
● If it needs repairing,
please contact our local
● It can cause electric shock
service center.
or fire.
Do not fold the power line or
leave it under heavy objects.
● It can cause electric shock or fire.
Always disconnect from the
power supply when cleaning.
Do not spray water, benzene,
thinner or alcohol into the phone.
● It can cause fire
If you hear any weird or
Do not dispose
unusual noises or smell
batteries into a fire.
anything weird, immediately
● It can cause an explosion.
disconnect the power line
and call the service center.
● It can cause electric shock or

How to Clean

When cleaning the outer
side of the phone.
Apply neutral washer liquid and wipe
it with a cloth.
● Do not use benzene, thinner, etc.
When cleaning the Remote
set or charger
Frequently wipe the charging


Table of Contents

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