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Help Functions; Low Voltage Warning; Flash Time Adjustment; Music Selection For Hold Function - Samsung SP-C801RBL Manual

900 dsp wide-900mhz phone
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Help functions

Blocking a user from making long distance calls
(call control)
When you enable the blocking function in the base set, no one will be able to make long distance calls.
This is true for using the Remote set only.

Low voltage warning

When a battery needs
When the battery
voltage of the
You will hear a
Remote set falls
warning sound with
below a certain level,
a warning is given.
● Even though you do not get a warning in the standby mode, you can still get a
warning sound during a call. This is because it requires more battery during
calls. In this case, immediately hang up the phone and recharge your battery.

Music selection for hold function

Flash time adjustment

You can adjust the flash
● It is set to 0.1 seconds.
: 0.1 seconds
: 0.2 seconds
: 0.6 seconds
: 0.7 seconds
Press 4 to toggle between set and cancel.
You will hear the voice accordingly.
Immediately recharge
your Remote set.
● You can hear the music by
pressing the hold button.
● You can select from 2
different kinds of music.
Press the number
you want to choose.
: 0.3 seconds
: 0.4 seconds
: 0.5 seconds
: 0.8 seconds
: 0.9 seconds
: 1.0 seconds
Help functions

Initializing the phone

This is to initialize the
phone to its initial setting.
(Refer to page 35 for initial
While in
standby mode
● It will not delete the recorded messages.
Initial state of the phone
Base set
● Flash time : 0.1 seconds
● Password (remote control) : 0000
● Ring type : 1
● Caller voice ID check : Set
● Blocking long distance call :
● Morning (alarm) call time : 06:00
● Auto-answering : Cancel
● Current time : None
● Recent redial number : None
● Ring volume : Medium
● Phone directory : None
● Speaker volume : Level 5
● Dialing mode : Pulse dialing
● Number of rings for
remote control : 3 (12 times)
You will hear a
beeping sound.
While pressing down on
the three buttons connect
the power and then release
the buttons after 2 seconds.
Hold down the three
buttons for a few seconds.
Remote set
● Ring volume : High
● Phone volume : Medium
● Screen : 1 (standby 1)
● Memory dial : None
● Ring type : 1
● Recently dialed numbers : None



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