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Samsung SP-C801RBL Manual

900 dsp wide-900mhz phone
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900 D S P Phone
А Я46
03/04. Rev.1.0



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  Summary of Contents for Samsung SP-C801RBL

  • Page 1 900 D S P Phone А Я46 GG68-00433A 03/04. Rev.1.0...
  • Page 2 Overview of Main Features WIDE-900MHz Phone Experience the following various functions. Screen Date/Time setting Page 12 You can set the date and time. Easy to see with wide display Phone directory Page 24~25 Auto-answering search function Page 2 0 ~2 3 function You can easily search the You can enable auto answering...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Preparation & Installation Convenient features Convenient features for making calls Help functions Major functions The numbers that were most recently dialed Blocking long distance calls (call control) Table of contents/Components Product information Transferring to another call during calls (Flash) Low voltage warning Phone installation Speed dial for Remote set...
  • Page 4: Product Introduction

    Product introduction This is used for playing and stopping a recorded message or for stopping the recording. In addition, this is used for exiting from other functions. This is used for setting or Remote set Base set canceling the auto-answering. Screen to indicate This is used for setting up a recorded phone number of...
  • Page 5: Phone Installation

    Phone installation Installing the base set Loading the battery to the Remote set Open the Place the battery as Close the Connect the battery cover. shown in the battery cover. picture and phone line. rearrange the line. Connect the power to 220V. 11V or 12V DC 500mA How to use the battery? @@ @@...
  • Page 6: Making/Receiving Calls

    Receiving calls Making calls Making a call with the base set Receiving a call with the base set When using the base-handset When using the speaker phone Using the base-handset Using the speakerphone When hanging up the phone Place the handset down on its position or press button to hang up.
  • Page 7: Date/Time Setting (Setting Current Time)

    Date/Time setting Transferring calls @@@ @@ @@ (setting the current time) ●To see the currently set time, place the handset in the base ● You need to setup the current time in order to see the set and press button. In case of a power shutdown, it message recorded time and to use the morning call will erase the date and time.
  • Page 8 Adjusting ring volume for the base set Selecting a type of ring (press the following buttons in order) ● There are 10 kinds of ring types. You can hear the selected ring type. ● Press from to hear and chose the ring type.
  • Page 9: Making Intercom

    Adjusting ring volume Making intercom for Remote set ● Separate from external calls, you can make intercom between the handset or speakerphone of the base Selecting a ring type set and the Remote set. In this particular case the calls are not charged. ●...
  • Page 10: Morning Call Setting

    Morning call setting ● You must first set the Date/Time. (page 12) Setting the time (in standby mode) The morning call rings for 2 minutes. ● When the morning call Setting or canceling the morning call (alarm) (alarm) is ringing, to turn it off, simply press any button ●...
  • Page 11: Auto Answering

    Auto answering ● This function is convenient when you are not available to answer your phone. Setting up auto-answering Deleting the recorded message (delete all messages after listening to them) ● When the auto-answering is set, the To delete all messages auto-answering button lamp will be on and the recorded message will be able to play.
  • Page 12 Auto answering (continued) ● This is used only in the base set. To record your voice for auto-answering (in standby mode) You will then hear a beep @@@ @@ To end tone along with a recorded voice. ● Press the Play/stop button to end the ●...
  • Page 13: Phone Directory

    Phone directory ● You can register phone numbers in the phone directory. ● You can register up to 20 phone numbers. Registering a phone number using the Base set Enter the number you want to register ∙ Enter no more than 20 digits. Making a call from the phone director Phone directory search...
  • Page 14: Convenient Features

    Convenient features for making calls To dial to the recently dialed number (recent number) ▶ You can call the recently dialed numbers without � Hang-up position having to redial. ● 10 recent numbers are Convenient features memorized. Convenient features ● Presses the buttons until you find the number you want.
  • Page 15: Speed Dial For Remote Set

    Convenient features for making calls Convenient features during calls Speed dial for Remote set Recording calls (base set) If you setup the speed dial, You can record and play To program the speed dial (in standby mode) you can make calls just by To record To stop back a call.
  • Page 16: Convenient Features For Auto-Answering

    Convenient features during calls Convenient features for auto-answering Hold function during calls Auto-answering function 1. The recorded length of the message The basic functions set for auto-answering ● The length of the message the caller can leave is set to 3 minutes. To return to the call ●...
  • Page 17: Using The Auto-Answering From A Remote Location (Remote Control)

    Convenient features for auto-answering Function table for remote controlling Using the auto-answering from a remote location (remote control) Press the button You can control the To use this function Remarks How to change the password auto-answering function from a remote location. The initially set password A voice will tell you the number �...
  • Page 18: Help Functions

    Help functions Help functions Blocking a user from making long distance calls Initializing the phone (call control) This is to initialize the phone to its initial setting. � � Press 4 to toggle between set and cancel. (Refer to page 35 for initial You will hear the voice accordingly.
  • Page 19: Purchasing Additional Remote Sets

    Help functions Purchasing additional Remote sets From the Remote set Press the following buttons while not recharging or calling. Enter the two-digit registration number � � � � Registering additional You can select a number Remote sets to the from 00~99. base set If it is , press.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting @@ @@ I have purchased an I cannot hear the tone I hear many noises while The phone does not The morning call (alarm) I hear a warning sound and additional Remote set but using the Remote set. when I press button.
  • Page 21: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions How to Clean The following is to ensure the user's safety and to minimize any damages. Carefully read the following guidelines and use caution to follow them correctly. When cleaning the outer When cleaning the Remote Do not use damaged power Do not pull out the power (plug) Do not fold the power line or lines or loose plugs.
  • Page 22: Summary Table Of Functions

    Product Specification SP-C801R Summary table of functions Model Name: SP-C801R Base set Items Base Remote 1. Morning call 1. Check Modulation Frequency TX Range 904.0125Mhz ~ 904.9875Mhz 814.0125Mhz ~ 814.9875Mhz 2. Set Frequency RX Range 814.0125Mhz ~ 814.9875Mhz 904.0125Mhz ~ 904.9875Mhz DC 12V / 500mA DC 3.6V / 600Ma 3.
  • Page 23 2. Register Enter phone number Remote set 3. Delete all Do you want to delete? Enter a speed Enter the phone dial location number number Register speed dial P. 28 (Memory dial) Do you want to ▲/▼ 4. Delete each (Search) delete? 4.

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