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GE GXSF40H Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions: Troubleshooting Tips; Before You Call For Service

Ge 40,000 grain water softener.
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Before you call for service...

Troubleshooting Tips

Save time and money! Review the chart on the following
pages first and you may not need to call for service.
NO SOFT WATER – Most Common Problems:
Check the following before calling for service:
• Not enough salt—should be at least 1/3 full.
• Bypass valve in "Bypass" position—knob should be in the "OUT" (service) position.
• Hardness setting too low. Check hardness setting and adjust. Verify hardness of supply
water—from local water company, water test or call the GE Answer Center.
• Salt Bridge—salt solidifies above water level so that brine water is not in contact with
salt. See the Breaking a Salt Bridge section.
Possible Causes
No soft water
Faucet or fixture where sample was
taken not plumbed to soft water.
NOTE: Be sure sample is from a faucet
that does not mix soft and hard water.
For example, a single lever kitchen faucet,
if the cold side is plumbed to hard water.
No salt in the brine tank or
salt bridged
Transformer unplugged at wall outlet or • Check for a loss of electrical power to the water softening
power cable to softener not connected.
Fuse blown or circuit breaker popped
on circuit to electrical outlet.
Electrical outlet on a circuit that can
continuously be switched off
Manual bypass valve in bypass position • Be sure the bypass valve stem is positioned properly, with the
Valve drain hose pinched, plugged,
elevated too high or otherwise
Nozzle and venturi dirty, incorrectly
assembled or damaged
What To Do
• To conserve salt, the installer may have isolated some fixtures
(outside faucets, toilets, etc.) from soft water. From the outlet
of the water softening system, trace the water flow path,
in house plumbing. If soft water is not directed to a faucet
or fixture where wanted, consult a plumber.
• Check for a salt bridge or, if the tank is empty, refill with
recommended salt. Press (for 3 seconds) the RECHARGE
button to start an immediate recharge and restore
soft water supply.
system, due to any of these conditions and correct as needed.
With the power supply restored, observe the faceplate time
display and read Programming the Control section.
NOTE: The electrical outlet for the softener should be
live so it cannot be accidentally switched off.
knob in the OUT position. Observe instructions on the decal
at the end of the stem.
• Any restriction in this drain hose may prevent proper
operation of the nozzle and venturi and reduce or prevent
brine draw during recharge.
• Refer to Cleaning the Nozzle and Venturi Assembly instructions.
With water pressure to the water softening system off, take the
nozzle assembly apart. Inspect, clean and replace as needed.
Any foreign particle(s), scratches, nicks, etc., in the passages can
prevent operation. Be sure holes in the gasket are centered over
holes in the housing.


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