Brother IntelliFax-2840 Advanced User's Manual

Brother IntelliFax-2840 Advanced User's Manual

Advanced users guide - english
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Advanced User's Guide
Not all models are available in all countries.
Version 0


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Brother IntelliFax-2840

  • Page 1 Advanced User’s Guide FAX-2840 FAX-2940 MFC-7240 Not all models are available in all countries. Version 0 USA/CAN...
  • Page 2 User’s Guides and where do I find them? Which Guide? What’s in it? Where is it? Product Safety Guide Read this Guide first. Please read the Printed / In the Box Safety Instructions before you set up your machine. See this Guide for trademarks and legal limitations.
  • Page 3 Download optional software from the Brother Solutions Center (FAX-2840 and FAX-2940 users) You can download free printer driver, scanner driver (FAX-2940 only ) and PC-Fax Send software (FAX-2940 only) from the Brother Solutions Center, enabling you to use your Brother Fax machine as a printer or a scanner (FAX-2940 only ), or send faxes from your computer (FAX- 2940 only).
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Setup IMPORTANT NOTE....................1 Memory Storage ....................1 Volume settings .....................2 Ring volume.....................2 Beeper volume ....................2 Speaker volume....................2 Handset volume....................2 Choosing the Handset Volume (For Volume Amplify) ........3 Setting Volume Amplify ...................3 Automatic Daylight Saving Time................4 Ecology features ....................4 Toner Save ......................4 Sleep mode .....................4 Deep Sleep mode ....................5...
  • Page 5 Overseas Mode ..................... 18 Delayed Fax ....................18 Delayed batch transmission ................18 Checking and canceling waiting jobs............. 18 Electronic cover page ..................19 Polling overview....................20 Polled transmit....................20 Receiving a fax Remote Fax Options.................... 22 Fax Forwarding....................22 Paging ......................
  • Page 6 Making copies Copy settings .......................39 Stop copying ....................39 Using the Options key ...................40 Improving copy quality ...................42 Sorting copies using the ADF ................42 Adjusting Contrast and Brightness ..............42 Enlarging or reducing the image copied ............43 Making N in 1 copies (page layout) ...............44 Manual Duplex (two-sided) Copying..............45 Routine maintenance Cleaning the machine ..................46...
  • Page 7: General Setup

    General Setup IMPORTANT NOTE Memory Storage  Most of the illustrations in this User’s Your menu settings are stored permanently, Guide show the FAX-2940. and in the event of a power failure will not be lost. Temporary settings (for example, Contrast and Overseas Mode) will be lost.
  • Page 8: Volume Settings

    Chapter 1 Volume settings Speaker volume You can choose a range of speaker volume Ring volume levels, from High to Off. Press Menu, 1, 3, 3. You can choose a ring volume level from a range of settings, from High to Off. Volume 3.Speaker While in FAX mode press...
  • Page 9: Choosing The Handset Volume (For Volume Amplify)

    General Setup • Press to adjust the volume level. Note The LCD shows the setting are choosing. When you press d or c on the The new setting will remain until you control panel to adjust the volume, the change it again. LCD shows the setting you are choosing.
  • Page 10: Automatic Daylight Saving Time

    Chapter 1 Automatic Daylight Ecology features Saving Time Toner Save You can set the machine to change automatically for Daylight Saving Time. It will You can save toner using this feature. When set itself forward one hour in the Spring, and you set Toner Save to On, print appears back one hour in the Fall.
  • Page 11: Deep Sleep Mode

    General Setup Toner Settings Deep Sleep mode If the machine is in Sleep mode and does not Toner Setting receive any jobs for a certain length of time, (Continue mode) the machine will automatically enter Deep Sleep mode, and the LCD will show Deep Sleep.
  • Page 12: Receiving Faxes In Continue Mode

    Chapter 1 LCD Contrast Receiving faxes in Continue mode You can change the contrast to make the LCD look lighter or darker. The machine can store received faxes in the memory if you choose Continue mode when Press Menu, 1, 5. the LCD shows Replace Toner.
  • Page 13: Dial Prefix

    General Setup Dial Prefix Changing the prefix number The Dial Prefix setting will automatically dial a (USA) Press Menu, 0, 5. predefined number before every fax number (Canada) Press Menu, 0, 6. you dial. For example: If your telephone system requires a 9 to dial an outside number Do one of the following: use this setting to automatically dial 9 for To change the prefix number,...
  • Page 14: Mode Timer

    Chapter 1 Mode Timer The machine has two or three mode keys on the control panel: FAX, SCAN (for MFC-7240 only) and COPY. You can set how much time the machine takes after the last Copy or Scan operation to return to FAX mode.
  • Page 15: Security Features

    Security features Security  PC printing (MFC-7240 only) Scanning (MFC-7240 only)  You can set up your machine with multiple Note levels of security using TX Lock (for FAX- 2840 and MFC-7240), Memory Security (for • To print the faxes in memory, turn off TX FAX-2940) and Setting Lock.
  • Page 16: Memory Security (Fax-2940 Only)

    Chapter 2 Enter a four-digit number for the new  Receiving faxes into memory (limited by password. memory capacity) Press OK.  FAX Forwarding (if Fax Forwarding was already on) If the LCD shows Verify:, re-enter the new password. Remote Retrieval (if Fax Storage was ...
  • Page 17: Setting Lock

    Security features Setting Lock Changing your memory security password Setting Lock lets you set a password to stop Press Menu, 1, 6, 1. other people from accidentally changing your machine settings. Press a or b to choose Set Password. Make a careful note of your password. If you Press OK.
  • Page 18 Chapter 2 Setting up the password Turning Setting Lock on/off If you enter the wrong password when Press Menu, 1, 6, 2. following the instructions below, the LCD will show Wrong Password. Re-enter the Security 2.Setting Lock correct password. Enter a four-digit number for the Turning Setting Lock on password using numbers 0-9.
  • Page 19: Restricting Dialing

    Security features Restricting dialing Speed Dial restriction Press Menu, 2, 6, 3. This feature is to prevent users from sending a fax or call to a wrong number by mistake. Dial Restrict. You can set the machine to restrict dialing by 3.Speed Dial using the dial pad, One Touch and Speed Press a or b to choose Off, Enter #...
  • Page 20: Sending A Fax

    Sending a fax Additional sending Contrast options For most documents the default setting of Auto will give the best results. It automatically chooses the suitable contrast Sending faxes using multiple for your document. settings If your document is very light or dark, changing the contrast may improve the Before you send a fax, you can change any quality of the fax.
  • Page 21: Changing Fax Resolution

    Sending a fax Additional sending Changing Fax Resolution operations The quality of a fax can be improved by changing the Fax Resolution. Resolution can be changed for the next fax or for all faxes. Sending a fax manually To change the Fax Resolution setting for the next fax Manual transmission Manual transmission lets you hear the...
  • Page 22: Dual Access

    Chapter 3 Dual access How to broadcast a fax Note You can dial a number and start scanning the fax into memory—even when the machine is (Address Book) to help you sending from memory, receiving faxes or choose numbers easily. printing PC data.
  • Page 23: Real Time Transmission

    Sending a fax Real Time Transmission Canceling a Broadcast in progress While broadcasting you can cancel the fax When you are sending a fax, the machine will currently being sent or the whole broadcast scan the documents into the memory before job.
  • Page 24: Overseas Mode

    Chapter 3 Overseas Mode Delayed batch transmission If you are having difficulty sending a fax Before sending the delayed faxes, your overseas due to a bad connection, then machine will help you economize by sorting turning on Overseas Mode may help. all the faxes in the memory by destination and scheduled time.
  • Page 25: Electronic Cover Page

    Sending a fax Electronic cover page Composing your own comments You can set up two comments of your own. This feature will not work unless you have already programmed your Station ID. (See Make sure you are in FAX mode Quick Setup Guide: Set your Station ID.) You can automatically send a cover page Press Menu, 2, 2, 8.
  • Page 26: Polling Overview

    Chapter 3 Polling overview Send a cover page for all faxes You can set the machine to send a cover page whenever you send a fax. Polling lets you set up your machine so other people can receive faxes from you, but they pay for the call.
  • Page 27 Sending a fax Press 2 to choose 2.No if you do not want to enter more settings when the LCD asks you the following message: Other Settings 1.Yes 2.No Press Start. Note The document will be stored and can be retrieved from any other fax machine until you delete the fax from memory.
  • Page 28: Receiving A Fax

    Receiving a fax Remote Fax Options Important If you choose Backup Print On, the Remote Fax Options let you receive faxes machine will also print the fax at your while you are away from the machine. machine so you will have a copy. This is a safety feature in case if there is a power You can use only one Remote Fax Option at failure before the fax is forwarded or a...
  • Page 29: Paging

    Receiving a fax Paging Fax Storage When Paging is chosen, the machine dials The Fax Storage feature lets you store your the cell phone or pager number you received faxes in the machine’s memory. You programmed. This activates your cell phone can retrieve stored fax messages from a fax or pager so you will know that you have a fax machine at another location using the remote...
  • Page 30: Changing Remote Fax Options

    Chapter 4 Changing Remote Fax Press OK. Options Press Stop/Exit. Important If received faxes are left in your machine’s If you choose Backup Print On, the memory when you change to another machine will also print the fax at your Remote Fax Option, the LCD will ask you the machine so you will have a copy.
  • Page 31: Remote Retrieval

    Receiving a fax Remote retrieval Using your Remote Access Code Dial your fax number from a telephone The remote retrieval feature lets you retrieve or another fax machine using touch your stored fax messages when you are not tone. at the machine. You can call your machine from any touch tone telephone or fax When your machine answers, machine, then use the Remote Access Code...
  • Page 32: Retrieving Fax Messages

    Chapter 4 Retrieving fax messages Changing the Fax Forwarding number You can change the default setting of your fax Dial your fax number from a telephone forwarding number from another telephone or or another fax machine using touch fax machine using touch tone. tone.
  • Page 33: Remote Fax Commands

    Receiving a fax Remote fax commands Follow the commands below to access features when you are away from the machine. When you call the machine and enter your Remote Access Code (3 digits followed by l), the system will give two short beeps and you must enter a remote command.
  • Page 34: Additional Receiving Operations

    Chapter 4 Additional receiving Press Stop/Exit. operations Note Make sure you have set the current date and time in the machine. (See Quick Printing a reduced incoming Setup Guide.) Receiving a fax at the end of a If you choose On, the machine automatically conversation reduces each page of an incoming fax to fit on one page of Letter, A4, Legal or Folio size...
  • Page 35: Printing A Fax From The Memory

    Receiving a fax Polling overview Printing a fax from the memory Polling lets you set up your machine so other people can receive faxes from you, but they If you are using the Fax Storage feature pay for the call. It also lets you call somebody (Menu, 2, 5, 1), you can still print a fax from else’s fax machine and receive a fax from it, the memory when you are at your machine.
  • Page 36: Stop Polling

    Chapter 4 Stop polling To cancel the polling process, press Stop/Exit while the machine is dialing. To cancel all sequential polling receive jobs, press Menu, 2, 7. (See Checking and canceling waiting jobs uu page 18.)
  • Page 37: Dialing And Storing Numbers

    Dialing and storing numbers Telephone line Caller ID services The Caller ID feature lets you use the Caller ID subscriber service offered by many local telephone companies. Call your telephone Tone or Pulse (Canada only) company for details. This service shows the telephone number, or name if it is available, If you have a Pulse dialing service, but need of your caller as the line rings.
  • Page 38: Special Line Considerations

    Chapter 5 Special line considerations Viewing the Caller ID List Your machine stores information for the last thirty calls in the Caller ID list. You can view Roll over telephone lines or print this list. When the thirty-first call comes in to the machine, it replaces A roll over telephone system is a group of two information about the first call.
  • Page 39: Converting Telephone Wall Outlets

    Dialing and storing numbers Converting telephone wall outlets Plug one end of the telephone line cord for your machine into the L2 jack of the There are three ways to convert to an RJ11 triplex adapter. Plug the other end into jack.
  • Page 40: Additional Dialing Operations

    Chapter 5 Additional dialing Additional ways to operations store numbers Dialing access codes and Setting up Groups for credit card numbers Broadcasting You can combine more than one Quick Dial If you often want to send the same fax number when you dial. This feature may be message to many fax numbers you can set useful if you need to dial an access code for up a Group.
  • Page 41: Changing Group Numbers

    Dialing and storing numbers Changing Group numbers To add One Touch or Speed Dial numbers follow the instructions below: If you try to change a Group number, the LCD  For One Touch numbers, press the will show the name or number already stored One Touch keys one after the other.
  • Page 42: Deleting Group Numbers

    Chapter 5 Deleting Group numbers Add or delete One Touch and Speed Dial numbers by following the instructions below: If you try to delete a Group number, the LCD will show the stored Group name or number.  To add One Touch numbers, press d or c to position the cursor just after Press Menu, 2, 3, 3.
  • Page 43: Printing Reports

    Printing reports Fax reports Fax Journal You can set the machine to print a fax journal Some fax reports (transmission verification (activity report) at specific intervals (every and fax journal) can be printed automatically 50 faxes, 6, 12 or 24 hours, 2 or 7 days). The and manually.
  • Page 44: Reports

    Chapter 6 Reports The following reports are available: 1 Transmission Displays the Transmission Verification Report for your last outgoing 200 faxes and prints the last report. 2 Tel Index List Prints a list of names and numbers stored in the One Touch and Speed Dial memory in numerical or alphabetical order.
  • Page 45: Making Copies

    Making copies Copy settings When you want to quickly change the copy settings temporarily for the next copy, use the Options key. You can use different combinations of settings. The machine returns to its default settings one minute after copying, unless you have set the Mode Timer to 30 seconds or less.
  • Page 46: Using The Options Key

    Chapter 7 Using the Options key Make sure you are in COPY mode. Use the Options key to quickly set the following copy settings only for the next copy. Press Menu selections Options Page Press a or b, then press OK Press a, b, d or c, then press OK Quality Auto*...
  • Page 47 Making copies Enlarge/Reduce 100%* 97% LTRiA4 94% A4iLTR 91% Full Page 85% LTRiEXE 83% LGLiA4 78% LGLiLTR 70% A4iA5 Custom(25-400%) Auto 200% 141% A5iA4 104% EXEiLTR Page Layout Off(1 in 1)* 2 in 1 (P) 2 in 1 (L) 4 in 1 (P) 4 in 1 (L) The factory settings are shown in Bold with an asterisk.
  • Page 48: Improving Copy Quality

    Chapter 7 Improving copy quality Sorting copies using the ADF You can choose from a range of quality You can sort multiple copies. Pages will be settings. The default setting is Auto. stacked in the order 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, and so ...
  • Page 49: Enlarging Or Reducing The Image Copied

    Making copies Enlarging or reducing the To change the default setting follow the steps below: image copied Press Menu, 3, 3. You can choose the enlargement or reduction Copy ratios. 3.Contrast Auto sets the machine to calculate the Press d or c to increase or decrease the reduction ratio that best fits the size of paper.
  • Page 50: Making N In 1 Copies

    Chapter 7 Making N in 1 copies Press Start to scan the page. (page layout) Insert your document face down in the direction shown below: You can reduce the amount of paper used  2 in 1 (P) when copying by using the N in 1 copy feature.
  • Page 51: Manual Duplex (Two-Sided) Copying

    Making copies Manual Duplex (two-sided) Note Copying Place the document in the ADF and load paper into the manual feed slot in the If you want to copy on both sides of the paper direction shown below: you can do it manually by using the manual feed slot.
  • Page 52: A Routine Maintenance

    Routine maintenance Cleaning the machine Cleaning the outside of the machine Clean the outside and inside of the machine regularly with a dry, lint-free cloth. When you Turn off the machine’s power switch. replace the toner cartridge or the drum unit, Unplug the telephone line cord first, make sure that you clean the inside of the disconnect all cables, and then unplug...
  • Page 53: Cleaning The Document Feed

    Routine maintenance Cleaning the document feed Wipe the outside of the machine with a dry, lint-free soft cloth to remove dust. Turn off the machine’s power switch. Unplug the telephone line cord first, disconnect all cables, and then unplug the power cord from the AC power outlet.
  • Page 54: Cleaning The Corona Wire

    Cleaning the corona wire If you have print quality problems, clean the corona wire as follows: Open the front cover, and leave the machine turned on for 10 minutes for the internal fan to cool the internal parts of the machine that are extremely hot. Slowly take out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly.
  • Page 55: Cleaning The Drum Unit

    Routine maintenance • To prevent damage to the machine Put the drum unit and toner cartridge caused by static electricity, DO NOT touch assembly back into the machine. Close the electrodes shown in the illustration. the front cover. Clean the corona wire inside the drum unit by gently sliding the green tab from left to right and right to left several times.
  • Page 56 Open the manual feed slot cover. Using both hands, put one piece of A4 or Letter size paper in the manual feed slot until the top edge of the paper touches the paper feed roller. When you feel the machine pull in the paper, let go. The machine will start the Drum Cleaning process.
  • Page 57 Routine maintenance • (For MFC-7240) WARNING If the machine receives a print job before you put the sheet of paper in the manual HOT SURFACE feed slot, the machine will finish the Drum Cleaning process first, and then print the After you have just used the machine, some print job.
  • Page 58 Slowly take out the drum unit and toner Push down the green lock lever and take cartridge assembly. the toner cartridge out of the drum unit. Important • We recommend that you put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly on a clean, flat surface with a sheet of disposable paper or cloth underneath it in case you accidentally spill or scatter toner.
  • Page 59 Routine maintenance Turn the drum unit gear by hand while looking at the surface of the OPC drum (1). Put the print sample in front of the drum unit, and find the exact position of the poor print. When you have found the mark on the drum that matches the print sample, wipe the surface of the OPC drum with a dry cotton swab until the dust or glue on...
  • Page 60: Cleaning The Paper Pick-Up Rollers

    Put the toner cartridge back into the Put the drum unit and toner cartridge drum unit until you hear it lock into place. assembly back in the machine. If you put the cartridge in properly, the green lock lever will lift automatically. Close the front cover.
  • Page 61 Routine maintenance Pull the paper tray completely out of the Wipe the two pick-up rollers (1) inside of machine. the machine to remove dust. Tightly wring out a lint-free cloth soaked in lukewarm water, and then wipe the separator pad (1) of the paper tray with it to remove dust.
  • Page 62: Checking The Machine

    Checking the machine Packing and shipping the machine Checking the Page Counters Note You can see the machine’s Page Counters • If for any reason you must ship your for copies, printed pages, reports and lists, machine, carefully repack the machine in faxes or a summary total.
  • Page 63 Routine maintenance Put the protective material (1) in the Put the machine into the bag it originally machine with the “REMOVE” text to the came in. left, as shown in the illustration. Put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back into the machine. Put the elastic band over the handle of the drum unit, as shown in the illustration.
  • Page 64 Pack the AC power cord and printed materials in the original carton as shown below: LEFT RIGHT FRONT Close the carton and tape it shut.
  • Page 65: B Glossary

    Glossary This is a comprehensive list of features and terms that appear in Brother manuals. Availability of these features depends on the model you purchased. ADF (automatic document feeder) CNG tones The document can be placed in the ADF The special tones (beeps) sent by fax and scanned one page at a time machines during automatic transmission automatically.
  • Page 66 Dual Access Fax/Tel Your machine can scan outgoing faxes or You can receive faxes and telephone scheduled jobs into memory at the same calls. Do not use this mode if you are time it is sending a fax or receiving or using a telephone answering device printing an incoming fax.
  • Page 67 Glossary One Touch Remote Retrieval Access Keys on the machine’s control panel The ability to access your machine where you can store numbers for easy remotely from a touch tone telephone. dialing. You can store a second number Resolution on each key if you press Shift and the The number of vertical and horizontal lines One Touch key together.
  • Page 68 Tone A form of dialing on the telephone line used for Touch Tone telephones. Transmission The process of sending faxes over the telephone lines from your machine to the receiving fax machine. Transmission Verification Report A report for each transmission, that shows its date, time and number.
  • Page 69: Index

    Index Apple Macintosh Daylight Saving Time ........ 4 See Software User's Guide. Deep Sleep mode ........5 Delayed batch transmission ....18 Dialing access codes and credit card numbers 34 Broadcasting ..........16 dial prefix ..........7 canceling ..........17 Groups (broadcasting) ......16 setting up Groups for ......34 restricting dialing ........
  • Page 70 from memory (dual access) ....16 manual ..........15 overseas ..........18 Page layout (N in 1) ......... 44 polled transmit ........20 Paging ............. 23 real time transmission ......17 programming your cell number ..... 23 resolution ...........15 programming your pager number ..22 Fax/Tel mode PC-Fax receiving faxes ........31...
  • Page 71 journal period ........37 how to print ...........38 Tel Index List ........38 Transmission Verification ......37 User Settings ........38 Resolution fax (standard, fine, superfine, photo) ..15 setting for next fax ........15 Resolution key .........15 Safety Instructions ........i Scanning See Software User's Guide. Security restricting dialing ........13 Setting Lock ..........11...
  • Page 72 Brother International Corporation 100 Somerset Corporate Boulevard P.O. Box 6911 Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0911 USA Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd. 1 rue Hôtel de Ville, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC, Canada H9B 3H6 Visit us on the World Wide Web These machines are approved for use in the country of purchase only. Local Brother companies...

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