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Limited Warranty For Usa Customers Only - Hitachi CM721F - 19" CRT Display User Manual

User manual
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Limited Warranty for USA Customers Only

Hitachi America, Ltd. warrants our Hitachi CRT color monitor to be free from defects in material
and workmanship for 36 months from the date you purchased it if your purchase was made prior
to 1/31/01 or 60 months if your purchase was made after 1/31/01 from your authorized Hitachi
America, Ltd. dealer.
If you purchase a Hitachi Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) color monitor, Hitachi provides a warranty
of 36 months for the panel and 12 months for the backlight if purchased before 1/31/01 or 36
months for both panel and backlight if purchased after 1/31/01. In the event of a defect during this
12 month, 36 month or 60 month period, Hitachi America, Ltd. will, at its option, repair or replace
the monitor at no charge except as set forth below. If proof of purchase cannot be provided by
owner, the warranty period will start to run from the date of manufacture.
Hitachi America, Ltd. may repair your monitor with new or reconditioned parts or replace it with a
new or reconditioned monitor of the same or similar kind, and any replaced monitors or parts
become Hitachi America, Ltd.'s property.
Exclusions from this warranty: It is normal for Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors and LCD
display backlights to decrease in brightness as they age. This is a natural process in CRTs &
LCDs due to the degradation of the LCD backlight and the degradation of the CRT phosphors
that create the image and is not covered by this warranty. This warranty excludes decreased
image clarity or reduced brightness due to natural aging of the monitor/display. In addition, this
warranty does not cover phosphor burn. Phosphor burn can occur when a monitor is left with one
static image for extended periods of time during which the image may become burned into the
This limited warranty does not cover damage occurring in shipping or in storage after you pur-
chase the monitor or damage caused by abuse, accident, disaster, misuse, mishandling,
mispackaging or shipping, improper installation, unauthorized repair or modification, or failure to
follow the manufacturer's instruction with respect to the proper handling, operation, installation,
service and maintenance of the monitor.
To obtain warranty service, call 1-800-536-6721 to obtain a return authorization and the location
of your Hitachi service center or return the monitor to the dealer from whom you bought it (sub-
ject to that dealers' return policy). If you choose to ship the monitor rather than delivering it in
person, you must assume the risk of damage or loss in transit. You must also use the original
shipping container (or equivalent packaging), pay shipping charges, and enclose a copy of the
proof of purchase date with the monitor.
For additional information, please write to:
Hitachi America, Ltd.
200 Lowder Brook Drive, Suite 2200, Westwood, MA 02090
NEVER open the monitor cabinet. If the monitor is not operating properly, contact Hitachi
America Ltd. service center (Call 1-800-536-6721).
Do not open the monitor housing under any circumstances. By opening the monitor housing you
will expose yourself to high voltage and possible severe electrical shocks and void all warranties.

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