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Troubleshooting - Dish Network 11 Quick Setup Manual

Dish networks remote control user's guides
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While doing
remote control
procedure, the
remote control
stops working.
You cannot find
the key(s)
shown on page
When you press
a button on the
remote control,
the equipment
doesn't do what
you expect.
The receiver
does things
even though
you didn't press
any remote
control buttons.
Your picture is
snowy (or blue
or black).
What's Wrong
• If you don't press
any button
for 20 seconds in a
sequence, the
remote shuts off its
• The keys have two
• Maybe you didn't
set the remote to
the mode for the
equipment you
want to control.
• Maybe you're not
pointing the
remote control
right at the TV (or
other equipment).
• Maybe the remote
control is missing
batteries, maybe
you put the
batteries in the
remote the wrong
way, or maybe the
batteries are weak
or dead.
• Maybe you didn't
set up the remote
to control the
• UHF signals from
a neighbor's
remote may be
controlling your
• You have
changed the
channel on your
What You Can Do
Start over again.
Turn the keys over until you find the
correct key.
• Press the correct mode button to set the
remote to the mode for the equipment
you want to control.
• The remote control uses IR signals to
control all equipment except for the
receiver (when using UHF). IR signals
travel only 40 feet or less, and can't go
through walls or other solid objects.
You must point the remote control right
at the equipment, with no objects to
block the signal path.
• If the batteries are missing or dead, put
fresh AAA-size batteries in. If the
remote has fresh batteries, check
whether you put them in the right way.
If you didn't, take them out and put
them in the right way.
• Make sure you set up the remote
to control all the equipment you want
to use. See Program the Remote to
Control Your TV on page C-4 and
Programming for Other Equipment on
page 4.
• See Avoiding Remote Conflicts on page
9 for instructions to correct this
• Make sure your TV (and VCR, if
connected) is tuned to the correct
channel. Also try using the Recover
button as described on page C-6.



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