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Cisco 5505 - ASA Firewall Edition Bundle Installation Manual page 7

Adaptive security appliance
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Chapter 4
Installing the ASA 5505
By default, the Cisco ASA 5505 automatically negotiates the inside interface speed.
If autonegotiate is not an option for the PC interface, set the speed to either 10 or
100 Mbps half duplex. Do not set the interface to full duplex; this causes a duplex
mismatch that significantly impacts the total throughput capabilities of the interface.
Configure the PC to use DHCP (to receive an IP address automatically from the
Step 2
Cisco ASA 5505), which enables the PC to communicate with the Cisco ASA
5505 and the Internet as well as to run ASDM for configuration and management
Alternatively, you can assign a static IP address to your PC by selecting an address
in the subnet. (Valid addresses are through, with a mask of and default route of
When you connect other devices to any of the inside ports, make sure that they do
not have the same IP address.
Use an Ethernet cable to connect the PC to a switched inside port on the rear panel
Step 3
of the Cisco ASA 5505 (one of the ports numbered 1 through 7).
Check the LINK LED to verify that the PC has basic connectivity to the Cisco
Step 4
ASA 5505.
When connectivity is established, the LINK LED on the front panel of the Cisco
ASA 5505 lights up solid green.
You can now access the ASDM and the ASDM Startup Wizard. See
"Configuring the Adaptive Security Appliance"
perform initial setup and configuration of the Cisco ASA 5505.
The MGMT interface of the adaptive security appliance is assigned by default, so this address is unavailable.
Setting Up a PC for System Administration
for information about how to
ASA 5505 Getting Started Guide
Chapter 1,



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