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Poe Ports And Devices - Cisco 5505 - ASA Firewall Edition Bundle Installation Manual

Adaptive security appliance
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Chapter 4
Installing the ASA 5505

PoE Ports and Devices

On the Cisco ASA 5505, switch ports Ethernet 0/6 and Ethernet 0/7 support PoE
devices that are compliant with the IEEE 802.3af standard, such as IP phones and
wireless access points. If you install a non-PoE device or do not connect to these
switch ports, the adaptive security appliance does not supply power to the ports
and the device must be powered on its own.
These ports are the only ports that can provide power for IP phones or other PoE
devices. However, these ports are not restricted to that use. They can also be used
as Ethernet switch ports, like the Ethernet switch ports numbered 0 through 5. If
a PoE device is not attached, power is not supplied to the port.
When connecting PoE devices, use the following guidelines:
Use straight-through cable only. Using crossover cable does not enable the
Cisco ASA 5505 to provide power to the PoE ports.
Do not disable auto-negotiation (force speed and duplex) on E0/6 and E0/7
when using them to connect PoE devices. If auto-negotiation is disabled, the
Cisco ASA 5505 does not recognize that a PoE device is attached. In this
case, power is not provided to the port.
Be careful when connecting a Cisco PoE device to a non-PoE switch
port (E0/0 through E0/5). If auto-negotiation is disabled for that
switch port, a network loopback might occur with some Cisco
Powered Device (PD) models.
The Cisco IP Phone 7970 is always in low-power mode when drawing power
from the Cisco ASA 5505.
PoE Ports and Devices
ASA 5505 Getting Started Guide



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