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Network Disk Recorder

Operating Instructions

Model No.
Before attempting to connect or operate this product,
please read these instructions carefully and save this manual for future use.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Network Disk Recorder Operating Instructions WJ-ND400 Model No. Before attempting to connect or operate this product, please read these instructions carefully and save this manual for future use.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preface Preface Preface................................5 About these Operating Instructions........................5 System Requirements for a PC ........................6 Trademarks and Registered Trademarks ......................6 Restrictions when operating MPEG-4 images ..............7 About operating windows ......................8 Display and close the operating window......................8 Names and functions of components......................
  • Page 3 Contents Operations during an event..........................34 Canceling alarm action ..........................34 Suspend alarm action ..........................34 Cancel the Error Status ..........................35 Preventing illegal operations....................36 Lock ................................36 Cancel................................36 Checking logs ........................37 Error log ................................37 Access log............................... 37 Event log .................................
  • Page 4 Contents Troubleshooting........................60 Problems................................. 60 Message display ............................. 64 Glossary..........................65 Words used in the manual ..........................65 Index............................68...
  • Page 5: Preface

    Preface The Network Disk Recorder (WJ-ND400) is for recording images and audio from network surveillance cameras to a hard disk (hereafter HDD). It is possible to connect up to 64 cameras over a network. Also, it is possible to access and operate the recorder via a network from the web browser on a computer (hereafter PC). A maximum of 16 PCs can be connected (via a network).
  • Page 6: System Requirements For A Pc

    System Requirements for a PC It is recommended to operate this unit using a PC that meets the following system requirements. ® ® • OS : Microsoft Windows Vista Business (32-bit) ® ® : Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 ® ®...
  • Page 7: Restrictions When Operating Mpeg-4 Images

    Restrictions when operating MPEG-4 images There are following restrictions when "MPEG-4" is selected for the 4. When recording images image compression method on the setup menu. ("NW camera" (1) Time and date displayed on the recording event list (actual under "Camera") start time of recordings) may not exactly indicate the actual time of recording trigger (event occurrence time, start time of When displaying live images...
  • Page 8: About Operating Windows

    About operating windows Display and close the operating window Operate the recorder from a web browser on a PC. Start the PC. Enter a "User name" and "Password" that is registered with the recorder, and click the [Login] button. The top page is displayed. Launch the web browser.
  • Page 9 About operating windows Click the buttons and tabs to set up operations. Important: • Refer to page 64 if a message appears in the information bar. Note: • The first time the recorder's top page is displayed on a PC the wizard for installing ActiveX, which must be installed to view images, is displayed.
  • Page 10: Names And Functions Of Components

    About operating windows Names and functions of components Top page (1) [Control] button (page 11) (8) [HDD] tab (page 15) Performs operations such as searching for recorded images. Controls recorded images, such as playing images or You can also perform the functions of the camera picture downloading to save to a PC.
  • Page 11: [control] Button

    About operating windows (4) [Search] box [Control] button [Search] button The following operation panel appears when you click the [Control] Searches for recorded images. The search results are shown button. on the rec event list window (page 24, page 25). [Area select] button Selects disk to play or search (page 26).
  • Page 12: [cam. Select] Button

    About operating windows [Cam. select] button Note: • The rec event list is displayed when the [Refresh] button is The following operation panel appears when you click the [Cam. pressed, or when searching (page 24, page 25) or when select] button. selecting an area (page 26).
  • Page 13: [setup] Button

    About operating windows (7) [Server] button [Setup] button Displays a menu for setting the server of recorder. The following operation panel appears when you click the [Setup] (8) [Network] button button. Displays a menu for setting the network of recorder. Refer to the Setup Instructions (PDF file) for more information.
  • Page 14: Status Display Area

    About operating windows Status display area (1) Displays the status of live and playback (2) [REC] indicator images. Displays the recording status. : Live images are being displayed. : Recording is being performed. : Recorded images are being played back. : Recording is not being performed.
  • Page 15: Playback Point Operation Area

    About operating windows Playback point operation area (1) Displays the time and date for the download (2) [Go to date] button start point/ending point. (page 42) Used to playback images from a specified time and date. (page 22). [Start] : Set the time and date to start the image to be downloaded.
  • Page 16 About operating windows Note: • The operations are as follows when the image for playback is an MPEG-4 image. Date/Time Search : Playback may start a few seconds before or after the specified time. Reverse Playback : Not all recorded images are displayed.
  • Page 17: [cam] Tab

    About operating windows [CAM] tab The camera can be controlled (pan/tilt, zoom, focus, brightness, preset, auto mode) when the live image is from a camera that can pan and tilt. Some camera operations cannot be done depending on the type of camera connected. (1) [Zoom] box Click [-] or [+] to adjust the zoom.
  • Page 18: Recording Images And Audio

    Recording images and audio Recording and playing images Recording mode and priority Manual recording of images and audio The recorder has 5 recording modes. The access priority of the recording modes is shown below. Images are recorded in the You can set the recorder for manual recording of images and audio. highest priority mode when two or more recordings with different Check with your system administrator about the manual recording recording modes started simultaneously, only recording with the...
  • Page 19: Playback

    Playback Playback recorded images Play back recorded images. There are three ways to play recorded images, specify a time and date, specify search conditions, or select a disk. Click the [HDD] tab. Click the [PLAY] button. Plays recorded images. "Playback operation [Step 1]" is displayed in the status display area.
  • Page 20: Operations During Playback

    Playback Operations during playback Function Button Operation Playback/reverse playback • Plays recorded images. • Plays recorded images in reverse. Note: • Clicking the [Play] or [Reverse play] button while recording at a low rate may not play the images being recorded either forward or reverse. Stop •...
  • Page 21 Playback Function Button Operation Playback on a multiscreen • Images being played back are displayed on a split screen (4-screen). • Displays multiple images from up to 4 cameras at the same time. Each time the button is clicked, the 4 screens change. Refer to the Setup Instructions (PDF file) for information about camera group settings.
  • Page 22: Playback From A Designated Time And Date

    Playback On the [HDD] tab, click the [STOP] button. Playback from a designated time "Playing [Step 1]" disappears from the status display area and playback is stopped. and date • The live image from the camera is displayed in the Image display.
  • Page 23: Filter Conditions

    Playback Filter conditions Filter Search Conditions Time and Select the starting and ending time and date to search for images recorded during that period. date Event Search only for images of the selected recording mode. Select from the following recording modes. •...
  • Page 24: Search For And Playback Recorded Events

    Playback Click the [OK] button. Search for and playback recorded events • [FILTERING] is displayed on the status display area and the filtered results are displayed. Click the [Control] button. • This displays the search results on the rec event list window.
  • Page 25: Search For And Playback Images With Motion At A Specific Time And Date (vmd Search)

    Playback Click the [V] button and set the date range and the basic Search for and playback images with channel for the VMD search. motion at a specific time and date (VMD Set the area for the motion search. search) Specify the area by dragging the mouse on the area of the image.
  • Page 26: Select An Area To Play Back

    Playback • "Playing [Step 1]" disappears from the status display area and a live image from the camera is displayed in the Note: Image display. • When doing a VMD search in the multiple image screen, the • If you press the [PLAY] button after stopping playback, upper-left image is searched.
  • Page 27: Live Images

    Live images Screen operations Live images from a camera are displayed on a web browser. The live images from the cameras can be displayed on a web browser in one or multiscreen. Images can also be automatically displayed in a sequence. 1-screen display Click the [Cam.
  • Page 28: Useful Functions While Images Are Displayed

    Live images Useful functions while images are displayed Function Name Button Operation Electronic zoom • Enlarges live images. Clicking the button in the [El-zoom] box while one screen is being displayed enlarges the image. [x1] button: Digitally zooms image by 1x. [x2] button: Digitally zooms image by 2x.
  • Page 29: Camera Control

    Live images Zoom, focus, brightness operations Camera control Adjust the zoom, focus, and brightness of the image. The following camera operations are available when live images Zoom : Adjust the size of the image. The degree of from a camera with the pan and tilt function are displayed on a single zoom depends on the type of camera.
  • Page 30 Live images Registration of a camera direction on the preset Auto mode function (Auto pan etc.) position. Operates the auto functions set for the camera. The current camera direction can be registered on the specified preset position. Registered preset positions can be used with a Click the [CAM] tab.
  • Page 31: 4-screen (multiscreen)

    Live images 4-screen (Multiscreen) Display switching (Sequence) Images from cameras will be displayed on a 4-screen. Automatically switches the camera image. Refer to page 28 for information about this handy function for use while images are displayed. Click the [Cam. select] button. Click the [Cam.
  • Page 32 Live images Note: • If you perform VMD search (page 25), 1-screen (page 27), or 4- screen (page 25) during sequence operations, the sequence operation will stop. • When an image in the sequence cannot be displayed, the image for the next step is displayed. (MPEG-4 image is also unavailable to display.
  • Page 33: Event

    • A PC is notified of an alarm according to Panasonic alarm recorder. protocol settings When an event or error occurs, a PC is automatically notified •...
  • Page 34: Operations During An Event

    Event Operations during an event When an event occurs and is recognized by the recorder, alarm action starts according to the settings. Refer to page 33 for information about alarm action. Note: • When an event occurred and the corresponding camera's compression method is "MPEG-4", event recording may start from a point several seconds after the event occurrence and the recording duration may be shortened for several seconds.
  • Page 35: Cancel The Error Status

    Event Cancel the Error Status When an error occurred, the unit will be in the error status. To release the unit from the error status, do the following. When an error occurred, the [ERR] button will be displayed in the status display area. Click the [ERR] button.
  • Page 36: Preventing Illegal Operations

    Preventing illegal operations You can lock the buttons on the front panel of the recorder to prevent them from being operated. Lock Cancel Press the arrow buttons (up or down) on the front panel. Press the arrow buttons (up or down) on the front panel. Continue to press it until [Keylock Mode] is displayed.
  • Page 37: Checking Logs

    Checking logs You can check logs of malfunctions, access, events (time/date, description), and network malfunctions. Error log Access log You can view a listing of the errors that have occurred on the Displays the log in/log out time and date, the user name and IP recorder.
  • Page 38: Event Log

    Checking logs Event log Network log You can view the Event log (when events occurred and a You can view the Network log (when they occurred and a description) in a list. For information about events, refer to page 33. description) in a list.
  • Page 39: Copying Recorded Images

    Copying recorded images Images recorded to a disk can be selected and copied to an area on a HDD. We recommend backing up important data in case of HDD malfunction or unexpected accident. Copying Important: You can copy images recorded in the Normal recording area/Event •...
  • Page 40: Playing Back Copied Images

    Copying recorded images Playing back copied images You can playback copied images. Click the [Control] button. Click the [Area select] button in the [Search] box. This will display the [Area select] screen. Select the [Copy area] check box. Click the [OK] button. Logs (when copied and a description) of copied images are shown in a list in the rec event list.
  • Page 41: Deleting Images

    Deleting images Manual deletion You can manually delete images and audio recorded on the Normal recording area, Event recording area and Copy area of the recorder's HDD. By setting a time and date, the images recorded the day before the set time and date will be subject to deletion. Important: •...
  • Page 42: Downloading Images

    Downloading images • The download time is longer if audio or alteration Downloading images for detection data is attached. playback You can download images to the PC by setting the start and end time and date for download of images being played back. Downloaded images are saved as image data files (file name.n3r) and audio data file (file name.n3a).
  • Page 43: Downloaded Image Operations

    Downloading images Installing the viewer software Downloaded image operations When you download an image for playback, image data (file You must uninstall any previous versions of the viewer software name.n3r), and audio data (file name.n3a) are downloaded. Using before installing the latest version. the viewer software available for download from the recorder, you can playback, save, and print downloaded data.
  • Page 44: Uninstalling The Viewer Software

    Downloading images Select [Anyone who uses this computer (all users)] and Uninstalling the viewer software then click the [Next >] button. The wizard is ready to install. In Windows XP Select [Add or Remove Programs] from the Control Panel. Select [ND_Viewer] from the list of installed programs, and then click the [Remove] button.
  • Page 45: Saving Images

    Downloading images Select the downloaded image data (file name.n3r). Saving images • You can select multiple files while pressing either the [Ctrl] or [Shift] keys. A maximum of 32 files can be Displayed images are saved to the PC as jpeg files. selected.
  • Page 46: Printing Images

    Downloading images Click the [Open File (OPEN)] button. Printing images The [Open] window opens. You can pause playback and print images displayed on screen with the viewer software. Play back an image with the viewer software. Select the downloaded image data (file name.n3r). Click the [Open] button.
  • Page 47: Transmitting Data

    Transmitting data Transmitting to the FTP server Send mail You can transmit camera images to the FTP server. You can either Alarm mail (notification of the time and date of an event) is sent to use image transmission by periodic timer [Image transmission by registered e-mail addresses when an event occurs.
  • Page 48: Checking System/disk Information

    Checking system/disk information For checking information about the HDDs and the recorder system. System information Disk information Displays software and hardware versions, MAC address, serial You can view the capacities and the remaining space available of number, internal temperature, and Extension unit software version the recorder's HDDs and Extension units (Ext.1 to 5).
  • Page 49: About Mail Notification

    About mail notification Attachments Alarm mail notification The main unit's address appears in the alarm mail as shown below. Contents of the alarm mail ND400 (, alarm was occurred. Alarm date: xx-xxx-xxxx xx:xx:xx GMT xx:xx (Example: 01-JAN- 2008 GMT+0:00) Cause of alarm: Displays an event type and a camera channel or an alarm number (Example: COMMAND ALARM 5CH) File name of alarm image: The file name of the image attached to an e-mail.
  • Page 50 About mail notification Item Description RAID5 recovery failure Recorder: MAIN RAID5 RECOVERY FAILURE Extension unit: EXTx RAID5 RECOVERY FAILURE x is unit number. RAID6 recovery failure Recorder: MAIN RAID6 RECOVERY FAILURE Extension unit: EXTx RAID6 RECOVERY FAILURE x is unit number. Fan trouble Recorder: MAIN FANy ERROR Extension unit: EXTx FANy ERROR...
  • Page 51 About mail notification Item Description RAID6 mode format failure Recorder: MAIN RAID6 FORMAT ERROR Extension unit: EXTx RAID6 FORMAT ERROR x is unit number. HDD remove error Recorder: MAIN-y SWAP WARNING Extension unit: EXTx-y SWAP WARNING x is unit number, y is disk number. Alteration detected :ALTERED **CH ** is camera channel.
  • Page 52: Error Log

    − − − Alteration Detection ALTERED **CH No response from a address PANASONIC_ALM_RES_E Network error − − of Panasonic alarm protocol output Failed to resolve a address PANASONIC_ALM_ADD_ Network error − − of Panasonic alarm protocol output from DNS Other errors for a address of...
  • Page 53 Error log Output from Description of error Error log Network log connector Single mode format failure Recorder: MAIN-d Recorder: MAIN-d ERR HDD error output SINGLE HDD FORMAT FORMAT FAIL ERROR − Extension EXTu-d Extension EXTu-d ERR unit: SINGLE unit: HDD FORMAT FORMAT FAIL ERROR...
  • Page 54 Error log Output from Description of error Error log Network log connector HDD SKIP warning Recorder: MAIN-d HDD SKIP − − − Extension EXTu-d HDD unit: SKIP Remove HDD auto links Recorder: MAIN-d Recorder: MAIN-d ERR HDD error output (per HDD) LOGICALLY HDD REMOVE REMOVED...
  • Page 55 Error log Output from Description of error Error log Network log connector Copy area available COPY-HDD FULL AREA ERR COPY-HDD FULL Available disk − capacity warning space warning (FULL) output − − − Copy error NO DATA COPY Network link error NETWORK LINK NW ERR NW LINK ERROR Network error...
  • Page 56 Error log Output from Description of error Error log Network log connector FTP log-in failure <FTP>LOGIN_FAULT Network error − − output FTP log-out failure <FTP>LOGOUT_FAULT Network error − − output Other error for FTP <FTP>OTHER_ERR Network error − − output DDNS IP address update <DDNS>IP_ADD_UPDA −...
  • Page 57 "Video loss" is an error that may occur between the WJ-NT304, WJ-NT314 and the camera connected to the WJ-NT304.To detect video loss occurrences using the WJ-ND400, it is necessary to configure the "Panasonic alarm protocol " setting of the WJ-NT304, WJ-NT314, and the "Site alarm "...
  • Page 58: Error Operations

    Error operations About the error operations Do the following when the error log is displayed. Contact the dealer when an unlisted error occurred. Error log display Description of error Remedy MAIN-d WRITE ERR Failed to read or write data to the HDD. If this error occurs frequently, contact (EXTu-d WRITE ERR) The HDD may have malfunctioned.
  • Page 59: Parameter In The Logs Above

    Error operations Error log display Description of error Remedy NETWORK LINK NW ERR PORTp ERR, NW link error Check the network connection. ERROR NW LINK ERROR CAM cc SD ERR NW ERR Abnormality with the camera's SD Check the camera settings and the SD CAMERA cc SD ERROR memory card.
  • Page 60: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problems Before requesting service, check the following items. Contact your dealer if the problem does not appear here, if the problem is not resolved by these remedies, or if you have any questions about settings and installation. Problem Check item/remedy Page Check if the 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, or 1000BASE-TX cable is connected −...
  • Page 61 Troubleshooting Problem Check item/remedy Page Data on SD memory cannot be played from a normal rec event list or from − date search. Filter the rec event list by using [SD memory] of the rec event search and then select rec event list to play images. SD memory data is not displayed on rec event list The recorded time on the SD memory data is the time set for the camera...
  • Page 62 Troubleshooting Problem Check item/remedy Page Is "Mic input" selected for "Audio mode" on the setup menu of the network Setup camera? Instructions (PDF file) Is "32 kbps" selected for "Audio bit rate" on the setup menu of the network Setup Audio is not recorded camera? Instructions...
  • Page 63 Troubleshooting Problem Check item/remedy Page If the cameras use different compression formats, the performance may be − poor (image update is unstable). • Refresh of live images is unstable The settings may exceed the performance limit of network cable or the Setup •...
  • Page 64: Message Display

    Troubleshooting Message display The following problems may occur depending on the operating environment. If these problems occur, use the appropriate remedy to solve it. The following remedies do not affect other applications or security. The "Information bar" used in the following problems and remedies indicates the message bar that appears under the address bar in Internet Explorer.
  • Page 65: Glossary

    Glossary Disk Configuration Words used in the manual Configure the HDD after replacing, removing, or adding a HDD. Disk Configuration is the menu for configuring the HDD. This manual uses the following words. Electronic Zoom ActiveX Control Enlarges live images and playback images during playback. The A software module developed by Microsoft.
  • Page 66 Glossary IP Masquerading PoE (Power over Ethernet) A technology for sharing a single global address between two or A technique for supplying power and data simultaneously over an more PCs. Allows simultaneous connection of multiple machines to Ethernet cable. PoE was standardized in June, 2003 as 1 global address to dynamically convert NAT and different TCP/UDP "IEEE802.3af".
  • Page 67 Glossary Resolution Subnet mask Indicates the smoothness of the image quality and the size of the Subnet mask consists of 32-bit numeric values. According to the images recorded from the camera. Indicates the number of dots values, devices can determine which part of the address is the used in the image displayed on the screen.
  • Page 68: Index

    Index 1-screen ......................27 Recording rate ..................18, 19 4-screen ......................31 RECOVER .....................14 Refresh ......................7 Access log ..................... 37 ActiveX ......................9 Schedule recording..................18 Alarm action ....................34 SD memory data acquisition................14 Alteration detection.................. 42, 46 SD memory recording..................18 Area selection....................26 Search .....................24, 25 Send mail.......................47 SEQ .......................31...
  • Page 69 Directive for the chemical involved. For U.S., Canadian and Puerto Rican fields: For European and other fields: Panasonic System Solutions Company, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Unit Company of Panasonic Corporation of North America Osaka, Japan For customer support, call 1.800.528.6747 Three Panasonic Way 2H-2, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 Importer’s name and address to follow EU rules:...

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