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HP 1035nr - Mini - Atom 1.6 GHz User Manual: Step 4: Fully Recharge The Battery; Step 5: Reenable Hibernation And Standby; Conserving Battery Power; Storing A Battery

Mini user guide - windows xp.
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Step 4: Fully recharge the battery

To recharge the battery:
Plug the device into external power and maintain external power until the battery is fully recharged.
When the battery is recharged, the battery light on the device turns off.
You can use the device while the battery is recharging, but the battery will charge faster if the device
is off.
If the device is off, turn it on when the battery is fully charged and the battery light has turned off.

Step 5: Reenable Hibernation and Standby

information loss if the device reaches a critical battery level.
Select Start > Control Panel > Performance and Maintenance > Power Options.
Reenter the settings that you recorded for the items in the Plugged in column and the Running
on batteries column.
Click OK.

Conserving battery power

Select low power-use settings through Power Options in Windows Control Panel.
Turn off wireless and local area network (LAN) connections and exit modem applications when you
are not using them.
Disconnect external devices that are not plugged into an external power source, when you are not
using them.
Stop, disable, or remove any external media cards that you are not using.
Use the
If you leave your work, initiate Standby or Hibernation, or shut down the device.

Storing a battery

of time.
If a device will be unused and unplugged from external power for more than 2 weeks, remove the battery
and store it separately.
To prolong the charge of a stored battery, place it in a cool, dry place.
Calibrate a battery before using it if it has been stored for one month or more.

Disposing of a used battery

the external contacts on a battery; or dispose of a battery in fire or water. Do not expose a battery to
temperatures above 60˚C (140˚F). Replace the battery only with a battery approved for this device.
Failure to reenable Hibernation after calibration may result in a full battery discharge and
hotkeys to adjust screen brightness as needed.
To prevent damage to a battery, do not expose it to high temperatures for extended periods
To reduce the risk of fire or burns, do not disassemble, crush, or puncture a battery; short
Using battery power


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