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Instructions For Use - Electrolux 350 STEAMER HAND GUN Owner's Manual

Enviro steamer hand gun
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The Electrolux Steam Gun is designed to thoroughly clean hard surfaces and upholstery that will
withstand high heat. Do not use on soft plastics, unsealed wood, and cold glass.
WARNING: On surfaces that have been treated with wax or some non wax floors, the sheen
may be removed by the heat and steam action. Do not use on unsealed wood.
This could cause the woodgrain to rise.
It is therefore recommended that a sample cleansing be carried out on an isolated
area of the surface to be cleaned. Also, check use and care instructions from the
manufacturer on the object you want to clean.
Do not plug unit into an electrical outlet until Step 7.
WARNING: After every use, press steam delivery button until all pressure has been released
before removing safety cap.
1. Unscrew the safety cap. (After first use, turn the appliance over in order to
completely empty the boiler.)
2. Fill the measuring cup with water to the marked water line, once. Use the
funnel to pour the water into the boiler. The boiler takes only one measuring
cup of water at a time. (6 oz. maximum) Do not overfill.
NOTE:Never put descaling, aromatic, alcoholic or detergent products
into the appliance, as this may damage it or make it unsafe for use.
3. Screw the cap back onto the appliance.
4. The straight nozzle, flexible hose and fabric tool all attach using the following directions.
Straight Nozzle
Align the single mark on the attachment
to the single mark on the appliance. Push
the attachment onto the articulating nozzle
until it stops against the appliance's body.
Turn in a clockwise direction until the
single mark on the attachment is aligned
with the double mark on the appliance. The
attachment is now locked into position.
Flexible Hose
Articulating Nozzle
Fabric Tool

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