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Cleaning And Maintenance - Electrolux 350 STEAMER HAND GUN Owner's Manual

Enviro steamer hand gun
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How to start the Steam Gun
7. Plug the appliance into an electrical outlet.
The power on light will come on. Steam will be
ready after about 3 to 4 minutes. Do not leave the
appliance unattended during the waiting period.
Press steam delivery button to release steam.
As soon as the Steam Gun emits steam, begin using it, passing slowly over the surfaces to be
cleaned. This is the ideal method for thoroughly cleaning your surfaces. To disinfect specific
areas, leave the Steam Gun over the spot, no more than 1 inch and slowly move across the
WARNING: Never turn the hand held steamer over when using steamer, or direct steam at
any person, animal, or plant.
How to refill the Steam Gun when it is out of steam.
8. Unplug the appliance. Press steam delivery button until all pressure has been released.
Wait for about 3 minutes before carefully unscrewing the safety cap. Turn slowly a half turn and
wait for the hissing noise created by residual steam to stop. Unscrew the cap completely and
allow to cool. Slowly pour one measuring cup (included) into the boiler using the funnel, (included).
(6 oz. maximum) Do not overfill. Screw the safety cap back on the appliance. Plug the appliance
into electrical outlet and steam will start to be produced as before.
WARNING: This unit is under pressure. After every use, press steam delivery button until
all pressure has been released before removing safety cap.

Cleaning and Maintenance

NOTE: The appliance must be unplugged from the electrical outlet and allowed to cool down
before all cleaning and maintenance tasks.
9. Let the appliance cool down completely before cleaning it or putting it away.
10. After each use empty any remaining water from the boiler.
11. Store in a dry, cool place.
12. In order to guarantee perfect functioning over a long period of time, the boiler needs to be rinsed
out with water once a month to eliminate any accumulated calcium deposits. Do not use vinegar
or other descaling substances. Put in one measure of water, replace the safety cap and shake
to loosen any accumulated deposits. Remove safety cap and immediately empty water into a
sink. CAUTION: Do not immerse the appliance in water.
Steam Delivery
Power On

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