Electrolux 350 STEAMER HAND GUN Owner's Manual page 9

Enviro steamer hand gun
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Suggested Uses for Attachments
Scrub Brush
Fabric Tool
Window Cleaner
Straight Nozzle
Angled Nozzle
Flexible Hose
Stovetops, countertops, sealed grout, inside trash receptacles.
Steaming clothes, upholstery, window coverings.
It is suggested that the flexible hose and the cloth is used
with the fabric tool when used on clothing, upholstery and
window coverings.
Windows, mirrors, glass doors. Do not use on cold windows or
glass. It may break.
Edging, window sills, ledges, tile, mantles.
Difficult to reach areas, toilet bowls, window sills.
Areas requiring additional reach. This attachment can be used with
all the other tools.

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