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Electrolux 350 STEAMER HAND GUN Owner's Manual page 7

Enviro steamer hand gun
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The Steam Gun's articulating nozzle allows the
steam to be directed as desired. To use the
articulating nozzle, align the single marks on the
attachment and appliance, push the attachment
onto the articulating nozzle until it covers the
round gasket (See page 6). Now turn clockwise
until the single mark on the attachment is aligned
with the double mark on the appliance. Now you
can direct the steam as desired.
5. To attach the scrub brush and angled nozzle.
Scrub Brush
Both of these attachments can be applied to the articulated nozzle (on appliance) straight nozzle,
and the flexible extension hose.
Decide on your desired angle, then push the attachment onto the hexagonal end of the nozzle.
6. To attach the window cleaning tool.
CAUTION: Do not use the window cleaning tool on cold glass. It may break the glass.
First attach the fabric tool to either the appliance or the flexible extension hose. Remove the cloth
from the fabric tool. There are two open tabs on the back edge of the fabric tool and there are two
hinges on the back edge of the window cleaning tool. Place the hinges into the open tabs, then
swing the window cleaning tool up against the bottom of the fabric tool until the two pieces click
together. To remove the window cleaning tool from the fabric tool. Just push your thumb against
the fastener on the window cleaning tool, they will separate.
Window Cleaning Tool
Angled Nozzle
Fabric Tool
Hexagonal end
of nozzle

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