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Text Entry - Haier C2040 User Manual

User manual


You can get SW version and PRL version and HW version.
Auto Keyguard
Use this menu to set the keypad of your phone to lock automatically after a preset
time delay when the phone is in the standby mode and no function of the phone
has been used.
Call firewall:
Use this menu to block or allow some numbers for incoming calls.
SMS firewall:
Use this menu to block some numbers for incoming messages.
Private firewall:
Use this menu to protect your content of messages, contacts and
call history for accessing by another person. To access the menu, you must enter
the preset lock code. By default, the preset lock code is 0000.
9 Profiles
Your phone has four setting groups, for which you can customize the phone tones
for different events and environments.
In the standby mode, press
of the following options:
General, Silence, Meeting, Outdoor.
10 Tools
to access the
Main menu>Profiles
Press the navigation key of your phone to adjust the volume of the receiver during
a call.
While adjusting the volume, a bar chart appears on the display indicating the
volume level.
Answer a call with the keypad locked
To answer a call while the keypad is locked, press the
During a call, the option menu can still be used. When you end or reject the call,
the keypad automatically re-locks.
Operations during a call
During a call press <Options> and one of the following options:
Mute on (off), Phone info.
Keypad lock
To prevent the keys from being accidentally pressed, you can lock the keypad.
When the keypad is locked, only emergency numbers can be dialed.
Press and hold [*] key for more than 2 seconds to unlock the keypad.
and one

4 Text Entry

Text input method
Send Key



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