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Basic Functions - Haier C2040 User Manual

User manual


Use it to listen to the radio. You can use the FM radio after you plug the earphone,
and you can listen to your favourite program. In the radio main interface, you can
use left and right keys to change the volume and up and down keys to switch
saved channels.
Under the Radio main interface pressing left soft key will display the options menu,
you can do the following operations by option menu:
Turn off : Switches off the FM
Channel list : Shows the List of saved Channels
Input frequency : User can input any frequency and save it with a name.
Search frequency : User can manually search any channel which he wants to
Auto search : It searches the available channels in the range between 87.5
Mhz to 108.0 Mhz.
Speaker on : Plays the FM in Speaker mode
11 Games
Your phone has 2 games available.
12 TATA Zone
Link long and Magic block.

3 Basic Functions

Switching On/Off
In the power off status, long press the
In the power on status, long press the
Making phone call
Making phone call by dialing number
1.In the standby mode, enter the phone number you want to dial, and press the
Send Key
to make the call.
2.To end the call, press the
End Key
Making phone call using contacts
1.In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the
to view the contacts list, and press
contact, or select
to search out the contact you want to call.
3.Press the
Send Key
to make the phone call.
Making phone call using last dialed number
1.In the standby mode, press the
2.Select the number or name you want to redial, and press the
Making phone call using speed dial
In standby mode, press and hold one number key [1-9] to make phone call. See
Power Key
to switch on the phone.
Power Key
to switch off the phone.
Main menu > Contacts
Up/Down key
Send Key
to display the last numbers dialed.
Send Key
to choose one



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