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If Cooktop Does Not Operate; If You Need Assistance; If You Need Service; Maintenance - KitchenAid KGCP467JSS - 36" Sealed Burner Commercial-Style Gas Cooktop Installation Instructions Manual

36" (91.4 cm) and 48" (121.9 cm) gas cooktop
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Installer checkoff
Cooktop correctly positioned in
countertop cutout.
Maintained specified distances to
cabinet surfaces.
Cooktop level – front to back – side
to side.
Burner caps positioned properly on
sealed burner bases.
All packing material removed.
Backguard or island trim attached
(see page 4).
Depending on model, grille parts
correctly assembled.
Depending on model, griddle parts
correctly assembled.
Polarized and grounded 120-volt,
60-Hz, AC, 15-amp fused electrical
supply for power supply cord
Connection: 1/2" NPT with a
minimum 5/8" (15.9 mm) diameter
flex line.
The cooktop is connected only to
type of gas for which it is certified for
If cooktop does
not operate:
Check that the circuit breaker is not
tripped or the house fuse blown.
Check that the power supply cord is
plugged into the outlet.
Check that gas valves are turned to
the "ON" position.
See Use and Care Guide for
troubleshooting list.
If you need
The KitchenAid Consumer Assistance Center
will answer any questions about operating or
maintaining your cooktop not covered in the
Installation Instructions. The KitchenAid
Consumer Assistance Center is open 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. Just dial 1-800-
422-1230 — the call is free within the
continental United States, or visit our web site
at www.kitchenaid,com.
When you call, you will need the cooktop
model number and serial number. Both
numbers can be found on the model/serial
rating plate located on the bottom of the
cooktop and are visible through the cutout in
the left-hand back corner of the enclosure
If you need
In the event that your KitchenAid
appliance should need service, call the
dealer from whom you purchased the
appliance or a KitchenAid-designated
service company. A KitchenAid-
designated service company is listed in
the Yellow Pages of your telephone
directory under "Appliances —
Household — Major — Service and
Repair. "
You can also obtain the service
company's name and number by dialing,
free within the continental United States,
the KitchenAid Consumer Assistance
Center telephone number, 1-800-422-
1230. A special operator will tell you the
name of your nearest KitchenAid-
designated service company.
Maintain the quality built into your
KitchenAid appliance — call a
KitchenAid-designated service company.


If removing the cooktop is necessary for
maintenance, shut off gas supply.
Disconnect the gas and electric supply.
After disconnecting the gas and electric
supply, finish removing the cooktop.
Generally, the cooktop does not need to
be removed for servicing.



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