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Installation - KitchenAid KGCP467JSS - 36" Sealed Burner Commercial-Style Gas Cooktop Installation Instructions Manual

36" (91.4 cm) and 48" (121.9 cm) gas cooktop
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Remove the top wood sheet from
over the top of the cooktop.
Remove the shipping brackets and
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move
and install cooktop.
Failure to do so can result in back
or other injury.
Carefully lift the cooktop up and set
aside. Write down the model and serial
numbers before installing the cooktop.
Both numbers are on the model/serial
number plate located on left front
underside of the burner box.
Unpack the burner grates, burner
caps, simmer plate, grille grate, drip tray,
spill guard, wave tray, wave plate, tile
bezels, regulator, backguard and island
trim. Items are either packaged under the
cooktop or on the cooktop. Parts shipped
with cooktop depend on model ordered.
The pressure regulator and flexible,
stainless steel gas supply line connector
can be assembled to the cooktop now or
after the cooktop is installed in the cutout.
To assemble now, stand the cooktop on its
side or back surface and complete this
part of the pressure regulator/gas line
connector assembly.
To connect the flexible, stainless steel
connector to the pressure regulator
requires a 1/2" nipple.
Install the pressure regulator with the
arrow pointing up toward the bottom of the
burner box and in a position where you
can reach the regulator cap.
IMPORTANT: All connections must be
wrench-tightened. Do not make
connections to the gas regulator too tight.
Making the connection too tight may crack
the regulator and cause a gas leak. Do not
allow the regulator to turn on the pipe
when tightening fittings.
Use only pipe-joint compound made for
use with Natural and L.P. gas. Do not use
teflon tape. You will need to determine the
fittings required depending on your
3 front screws
(3 rear screws required
but not shown)
attaching the
2 screws
attaching the
island trim
center hole
not used
Attach the backguard or island trim
as required for your installation. Attachment
screws are in the literature package.
Carefully lift and place the cooktop
into the front area of the cutout. Be
careful not to pinch the power supply cord
or damage the pressure regulator/flexible
gas supply line connector if installed. DO
NOT place all the way back into cutout.
Place cooktop completely into
cutout. Note: The cooktop must be level
for best cooking performance.
If the pressure regulator and
flexible, stainless steel gas supply were
not assembled in Step 3, complete the
assembly now. The pressure regulator
MUST be installed with arrow on the
regulator pointing up toward the burner
Connect flexible, stainless steel
gas supply connector to the rigid gas
supply line. Do not kink the connector. You
will need to determine fittings required
depending on your installation.
shutoff valve
"open" position
to cooktop
Open shutoff valve in the gas
supply line. Wait a few minutes for gas to
move through the gas line.
Leak testing of the appliance
shall be conducted according to the
following instructions:
Use a brush and liquid detergent to test
all gas connections for leaks. Bubbles
around connections will indicate a leak. If
a leak appears, shut off gas valve
controls and adjust connections. Then
check connections again. Clean all
detergent solution from cooktop.
gas tube
Put burner caps on each burner
base. Place burner grates over burner
bases and caps.
If your model has only surface burners
(no grille or griddle), go to "Check the
operation of the surface burners, grille
and griddle" on Page 9.
If your model was shipped with
a grille or griddle, go to "Installing the
grille or griddle" on Page 9 to complete
the installation.
gas supply
burner cap



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