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Aiwa CX-NA92 Operating Instructions Manual

Aiwa compact disc stereo system operating instructions cx-na92.
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    (you willfind them on the rear of your set) in the space provided below. Please refer to them when you contact your AIWA dealer m case of difficulty. Model No. Serial No. CX-N330 I CX-A92 Model No.

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  • Page 4: Features

    It makes high- frequency sound especially clear and brings out the special character of vocals’ and solo instru- ments, AIWA is the world’s first manufacturer to employ the BBE sound in consumer audio equipment. CD edit functions Two different CD edit functions are available, and you can easily make original tapes according to your preference.

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    ON. If the AC cord is broken or damaged, or if the wires are exposed, contact your dealer or an AIWA setvice station and have it replaced or repaired immediately. condensation When the room is heated, you sometimes water drops on your windows;...

  • Page 6: Connections

    outlet A un tomacorriente %Af?%&3ZjfisNRj?H?!Zo Tips on connection Be sure to connect correctly, according to the figure. Turn on the power after verifying that the con- nection is correct. Notes on speaker connections Use speakers with an impedance of 6 ohms. This speaker system is magnetically shielded.

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    turn on the system Power isw.rppliedtothe system when the POWER button is pressed. The system can be turned off by pressing the same button again. When the power is turned on The indicator of the function button previously used flashes for 4 seconds, and the operation buttons usable in the function light up.

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    Connect the red plug to the R jack, and the white plug to the L jack. Conecte la clavija roja a la toma R, y la clavija blanca a la toma L. WJ.&iiZ4%XRk27LF3, MD&% Ei%iAU%7LFTo To connect an analog record player Connect a player with an equalizer amplifier to VIDEO/AUX jacks.

  • Page 9

    Surround speaker (right) Altavoz periferico (derecho) m%%%?%%(%) Surround speaker: Altavoz periferico : AIWA SX-RI 00, SX-RI 50, SX-R200, etc. (optional) Setup example Ejemplo de instalacion !%E51F0 Notes The surrcund effect will not work with monaural sources. Connect only surround speakers to the SUR- ROUND SPEAKERS jacks.

  • Page 10: Antenna Connection

    Rear (LH, HE, U, C models) Trasera (modelos LH, HE, U, C) f%Eii(LH. HE. U.(%4&) ‘Antenna terminals Terminals de antena (E, K models) (modelos E, K) (E. K $%&!) Position the supplied antennas after finding the best direction for radio reception. Coloque Ias antenas suministradas despues de haber encontrado...

  • Page 11

    For MWILW reception Para la recepcion de MW/LW For FM reception MW/LWJIfC%M Para la recepcion de FM FMJIk&?Rl Note on the FM feeder antenna IDonot bring the ends near metal objects or curtain rails. lNotes on the AM (MW/LW) IOOD antenna u Do not unwind the looped antenna wire.

  • Page 12

    CLOCK Within 4 seconds, go to step 2. Dentro de 4 segundos, siga al paso 2. 7=4 W$l!lmw%% 2 %%%. Set the minutes. Ajuste Ios minutes. Set the hour. Ajuste la hors. the seconds. Ajuste Ios segundos. Ww!$% Clock starts from 00 second El reloj inicia su funcionamiento de 00.

  • Page 13

    To set the time exactly Press the SET button in step 6 to starl the clock at the desired point, as indicated by another clock or time signal from an external time source. To display the clock while the power is on Press the CLOCK button.

  • Page 14

    •1 To adjust the volume the volume, turn the VOLUME control TO kICE!aS!S clockwise. To decrease the volume, turn the VOLUME control counterclockwise. For louder deep bass Press the T-BASS button repeatedly and select one of the four levels for louder deep bass, or off position to your preference.

  • Page 15

    Selecting a factory-preset equaliza- tion curve You can enjoy music with 3 different equaliza- tion curves preset at the factory, Select an equalization mode. ROCK CLASSIC ‘F To cancel the selected mode Press the selected button twice. —. To select with the remote control Press it repeatedly.

  • Page 16

    wOpEN’cLOsE Total number of tracks and pl~ying time .umero total de Ias canciones y tiempo de reproduction EilfB 2M%WW%EORWS PLAY/DIRECTION Play begins. Inicia la reproduction EM=Fl?& Track number being played and elapsed play- ing time El numero de la cancion en reproduction y el tiempo transcurrido w El%kE%mw%w%,...

  • Page 17

    To stop play button. Press the M To pause Press the Iil button. To resume play, press the II button again. To play an 8cm CD Load a disc onto the inner circle of the tray. Note on the display window If the disc includes more than 17 tracks, the track numbers after 17 are not displayed.

  • Page 18

    DOWN Togo back: Keep the + button pressed. Togo ahead: Keep the - button pressed. Release the button when you reach the point in the track you are looking for. DOWN To find a previous track By pressing the 4 button once during play, the CD will return to the beginning of the current track.

  • Page 19: Programmed Play

    To check the programmed tracks Press the DOWN (+) or UP (-) button re- peatedly during the stop mode. The track number and the program number are displayed in pro- grammed order. To cancel programmed play Press the STOP button during the stop mode, or press the 01’EN/CLOSE button.

  • Page 20: Random Play

    — cancel random play Press the RANDOM button so that “RANDOM” in the display goes out. To cancel repeat play Press the REPEAT button so that “REPEA~ in the display goes out. Repeat play during programmed play Press the REPEAT button during programmed play so that “REPEA~ is displayed.

  • Page 21

    . . . ,’ TAF’f:/DECt( 1/2 To stop play Press the button. To pause (deck 2 only) Press the II button. To resume play, press the II button again. To change play direction During play or pause, press the 4 button.

  • Page 22

    When listening to a tape recorded with DOLBY Press the DOLBY NR button to turn on the “no NR” indicator on the display window. For Dolby NR processed tape: Turn on the indicator. For a tape recorded without Dolby NR system: Turn off the indicator.

  • Page 23: Recording

    Press ~ or + during playback, referring to the following table. Note Searching fcr the beginning of a track cannot be correctly carried out on with the following tapes: A tape with a blank of less than 4 seconds A tape with a noisy blank A tape with long low-level sections A tape of low recording level Presione...

  • Page 24

    TAPEIDEcK 112 To select the deck to be played back first Each time it is pressed, the deck number changes. Otherwise, the deck which was closed last is se- Iected. Select Seleccione REV MODE Press repeatedly. Presione repetidamente. 3ZTZE&#Z’$& Para saleccionar el deck que debe reproducer primero Cada vez que presione,...

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    Select a band. Seleccione la banda. Wiw% To search for a station quickly (Auto ssarch) Press the DOWN (+) or UP (~) button for 1 to 2 seconds, and a station is searched for automati- cally. Wher a station is found, searching stops automatically.

  • Page 26

    Select a band and station. Seleccione la banda y la emisora. iFl!&!%S@Uts*o TUNEWBAND Extinguish preset number. Haga que desaparezca el numero de memorization. Preset numb~r. Ntimero de memorization. TFGlq%??i% Note The remote control cannot be used for preset- ting. Select a preset number (1 to 32).

  • Page 27

    Select a band. Seleccione la banda. i2iE%Jk!% TUNER/BAND To select a preset number When the DOWN (+) or UP (-) button is pressed repeatedly, you can search for the manually preset and factory-set* stations, only in the band which is selected in step 1. Example) When you preset three AM (MW) stations to numbers 1 to 3, the preset numbers are searched as following in the AM (MW) band.

  • Page 28

    When recording from a CD or a tape, see also the pages after 32. To stop recording Press the E button. To pause recording Press the II button. To resume recording, press the II button again. To start recording with the remote control First press the REC button, and then press the (play) bu{ton within 2 seconds.

  • Page 29

    .——* ~: — —, ~ ~: _.#: “L .—.— :Selecl :Selecl Ew9$ii —— TAPE/DEcK —,—, Es posible crear una cinta en blanco borrando una rmahaci6n. Presione el bot6n TAPE. Irlserte M.cinta que desea borrar en el deck 2. Fije el modo de inversion y la direccion grabacidrr.

  • Page 30

    @ To record with Dolby noise reduction system The Dolby Noise Reduction system reduces tape hiss and noise. Press the DOLBY NR button to turn on the “no NW indicator on the display. For recording with DOLBY NR: Turn on the indicator, For recording without DOLBY NR system: Turn off the indicator.

  • Page 31

    lfl~ ‘;*J ‘} ,— Cassette tape notes Tape slaclk Check ancl tighten slack tape before use with a pencil or similar tool. Slack tape may possibly break or gc!t jammed in the mechanism. C-1 20 tapt! C-1 20 tapf? is extremely thin and easily deformed or clamaged.

  • Page 32

    TAPE/DEcK 1/2 For playback For recording Para grabacion Para reproduction EC*FR $Ram Start dubbing. Inicie la duplication. WfHm& SYNCHRO DUBBING NORMAL HIGH First the tapes are rewound to the beginning of their forward sides, and then recording starts, Se rebobinan Ias Cintas al comlenzo de SUS caras de avarice y Iuego inicia la grabacion.

  • Page 33

    To stop dubbing Press the 11~ button. About same tape side dubbing (STSD) This feature allows both sides of the dubbed tape to match those of the original tape. The reverse side of both tapes will start at the same time as soon as the longer tape has been reversed.

  • Page 34

    OPEN/CLOSE Select the reverse mode. Seleccione el modo de inversion. REV MODE...

  • Page 35

    Afler play ia completed The compact disc stops, but Deck 2 is still in the recording mode. Press the STOP button to stop it. To stop recording Press the button. The playback of the compact disc stops simultaneously. TAPE/DEcK 1/2 Despues de terminar la reproduction...

  • Page 37

    To check the editing contents on side B Press DISPLAY button. To cancel the editing contents Press the button or the OPEN/CLOSE button. Note on CD edit function Use a compact disc which includes upto20tracks. Up to t 2 tracks can be programmed for recording each side.

  • Page 38

    If the total time of the selected tracks exceeds the tape length The “--” mark is displayed instead of the track number and the track is canceiled. To check the program In the stop mode, press the DISPLAY button. Each time it is pressed, the contents of each side are displayed in turn.

  • Page 39

    —. ,!”’ . . . ~ . . ,,~ *-.“z ,~ ,Fmf DISPLAY En primer Iugar, presione el boton cancela r el programa, luego vuelva a programar Ias canciones. Duraci6n de la cinta de Ios cassettes La cinta de Ios cassettes normalmente mas que el tiempo inidcado...

  • Page 41

    DOWN [*])

  • Page 42

    Get ready for the source. Prepare la fuente. W!if%%imw Listening to a disc Escucha de un disco J&ga~$$jug)+ @) Load a disc onto the disctray. Coloque un disco en el receptor de disco. #@J&R j?G&Pgf&k.o @ Press the CD funcbon button. Presione el bot6n de funci6n CD.

  • Page 43

    .,— A(djust the volume and tone. Ajuste el volumen y el tono. ~@~jgj#*~*o See pages 14 and 15. Consulte Ias paginas 14 y 15. ?xx114%i215Ho .,— T~~rnthe system power off. D(~sconecte ia a[imentaci~n sistema. IEM%%l%lz% POWER .!—. After setting the timer Turn the system power off.

  • Page 44

    SLEEP To change the time Press the SLEEP button repeatedly until the de- sired time is displayed. To cancel the sleep-timer function Press the SLEEP button repeatedly until the “SLEEP indicator goes out. When the SLEEP button is pressed while the power is off The power is turned on and the sleep timer starts to work.

  • Page 45

    VI DEO/AUX To adjust the input level of the equipment connected to the VIDEO/AUX jacks Press the VI DEO/AUX function button and play the equipment, Turn the VIDEO/AUX INPUT LEVEL knob on the rear panel until the level of the sound being heard becomes the same as that of the other sound sources.

  • Page 46

    Miniplug (3.5a) Miniclavija (3.5 mm de dia.) W@EfZH(3.5@) Adjust the volume and tone. Ajuste el volumen y el tono. %EwHs%wmEJO See pages 14 and 15. Consulte Ias paginas 14 y 15. Z3M11471115H0 — Select the source to be mixed and play it. Seleccione la fuente con la que desee realizar la mezcla, y pongala en reproduction.

  • Page 47: Microphone Mixing

    To enjoy karaoke with an ordinary compact disc Notes on the VOCAL FADER This function does not work correctly with the following CDs: ~ Those with a monaural recording o Those recorded with strong echoes I Thoss with the vocal part recorded on the right or Ief! side of the sound width ‘Toechothesound (NSX-330HE and NSX-A92HE...

  • Page 48

    To clean the cabinet Use a soft cloth lightly moistened with mild deter- gent solution. Do not use strong solvents, such as alcohol, benzine or thinner. Regular deck cleaning @ Clean the (recording/) playback head @ erasure head @ (deck2 only), pinch rollers @, and cap- stans @ regularly (every 10 hours of use) for optimum sound quality.

  • Page 49: Specifications

    <FM section> Frequency range 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz Usable sensitivity (IHF) 1.3 pV (75 ohms) 13.2 dBf Alternate channel selectivity 50 dB (i400 Signal-to-noise rstio 70 dB (STEREO), 76 dB (MONO) Harmonic distortion 0.3 % (MONO), 1 kHz 0.5 % (STEREO, L-R), 1 kFlz Frequency response 30 HZ to 15 kHz (+0.5 dB, -3 dB) Stereo separation...

  • Page 50

    If the unit fails to perform as it is supposed to, by following this operation manual, please check it carefully in accordance with the chart below: ‘“*C There is no sound. The power cord is not connected properly. , q? An incorrect function selector button is pressed.

  • Page 51: Grabacion

    <Seccion de FM> 87,5 MHz a 108 MHz Gama de frecuencia Sensibilidad util (IHF) 1,3 VV (75 ohmios) 13,2 dBf Sensibilidad de canal alternative 50 dB (+400 kHz) Relation sehal-ruido 70 dB (STEREO), 76 dB (MONO) Dietorsi6n armonica 0,3% (MONO) 1 kHz 0,5% (STEREO, L-R), 1 kHz Respuesta de frecuencia 30 Hz a 15 kHz (+0,5 dB, –...

  • Page 52

    Si el sistema no funciona como se supone que tendria que hacerlo siguiendo Ias instrucciones tabla siguiente: El cable de alimentacion conectado. Ha presionado incorrect. Lasconexiones no son correctas. Sehaaplicado del altavoz, protection En losterminalesdel cortocircuito. Eldisyuntor altavoz de baja impedancia. Elotroaltavoz La antena no esta correctamente El receptor no esta correctamente...

  • Page 53

    <FME.WE%$9> 87. 5MHz - 108MHz $R=E3EEI 13.2dBf WM%WR(IHF) 1.3 LV(75Q) 5t!W%EiWF& 50dB (+400kHz) fls/%kL 70dB (T&&H , 7~dB (=*) 0.3%(=%) , F?lkHzH %ik*E 0.5% (iLtW$?,L-R) !J!E=Z*R 3oHz–15kHz (+0,5dB, –3dB) S@&ZwH&E 33dB, F+lkHz% 75 Q (3WMM!) <AM(MW)SWR353> NSX-330HE,E,K,NSX-A92HE .4M531(530) kHz-1 ,602{1 .710)kHz NSX-330LH,U, C, Nsx-332LT: AM530~531)kHz-1.710~l, 350 IJ V/m...

  • Page 54

    k!ztwmwaE%14’R EwPHM’Fwft, Km%mli?$m?a. . i%i%fEiJR. $H3ME, fl%%iEHS2E%, iEEZ%FRiFi%iR. W%mtH& WE I I l’i%2iEi?EzEE%o imil!m$wwi. ‘&*,’gj&&g& liS#VOCAL FADER.

  • Page 55

    Main unit @ PAUSE (11)/SET button ~ @ @ Q @ Display window @ REV MODE button -+ @ @ @I @ DOLBY NR button ~ @ @l @ Remote sensor+ (@TIMER buttons (STANDBY, SLEEP) - @ SYNCHRO DUBBING buttons (NORMAL, HIGH) + @JRECORD/REC MUTE button ~...

  • Page 56

    Main unit Q VOCAL FADER button+ @ POWER button+ @T-BASS button 4 @ PHONES jack+ @MlCjack4 @ ECHO LEVEL lever (NSX-330HE, NSX-A92 only) @ Cassette compartment (deck 1) @ MIXING PLAY knob -+ @ @ BBE button + @ GRAPHIC EQUALIZER buttons (ROCK, POP, CLASSIC) - @VOLUME...

  • Page 57

    Display window a Spectrum analyzer ~ T-BASS indicator IS BBE indicator ~ Stereo indicator @Timer standby indicator I@Timer/frequency/CD time counter @Tape side indicator 18 Music calendar : 1 9 RECOFID indicator ID DOlby NR indicator @Deck 2 reverse mode indicator @ RANDC)M/REPEAT indicator @Clock/function...

  • Page 58

    Remote control @ SLEEP button @TIMER button @ RANDOM button @ DISPLAY button @ Function buttons (TAPE, TUNER, VIDEO/AUXr @TUNING/PRESET/TIMER buttons Pbf) @ PAUSE (11)/SET button The n/SET button does not function to set the clock and to preset radio stations. @ GEQ button @ REC/REC MUTE (0/0) button...

  • Page 59

    Battery insertion Colocacion de Ias pilas ZE%UZ5??% Eattery replacement When the maximum operation distance of the remote control decreases, replace the batteries with new ones. Hints for correct operation 10 For the remote control to operate, it should have an unobstructed line of sight with the REMOTE SENSCEt.

  • Page 60

    Om apparaten anvands pa annat satt an i denna bruksanvisning specificerats, kan anvandaren utsatta for osynlig laser-str2dning, som overskrider gransen for Iaserklass 1, of procedures other ude af AIWA CO., LTD. Note This product is manufactured to comply with the radio inter- ference requirements of EEC directive 82/499/ECC. Nota Este producto cumple Ios requisites de radlointerferencia la normativa de la CEE 82/499/CEE.

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