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Operating Range Of The Remote Control Unit - Pioneer PDP-4304 Operating Instructions Manual

Pioneer pdp-4304: operating instruction.
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Part Names and Functions
Operating range of the remote
control unit
When operating the remote control unit, point it at the
remote sensor (Î) located on the front panel of the
main unit. The remote control unit is operable up to 7 m
(23 feet) from the unit and within a 30° angle on each
side of the sensor.
7 m
(23 feet)
Illustration depicts PDP-5004
and PDP-4304 models.
If you are having difficulty with operation of
the remote control unit
¶ The remote control unit may not operate if there are
objects placed between it and the display.
¶ Operational distance will gradually become shorter as the
batteries begin to wear out, replace weak batteries with
new ones as soon as possible.
¶ This unit discharges infrared rays from the screen. Placing a
video deck or other component that is operated by an
infrared remote control unit near this unit may hamper that
component's reception of the remote control's signal, or
prevent it from receiving the signal entirely. Should this
occur, move the component to a position further away from
this unit.
¶ Depending on the installation surroundings, this unit's
remote control unit may be influenced by the infrared rays
discharged from the plasma display, hampering reception of
its rays or limiting its operational distance. The strength of
infrared rays discharged from the screen will differ
according to the picture displayed.
Remote Sensor
Inserting the batteries in the
remote control unit
While pressing down lightly, slide
in the direction of the arrow.
¶ Insert batteries so that the plus (+) and minus (–) sides
are aligned according to the markings in the battery case.
¶ When not using the remote control unit for a long period
of time (1 month or more), remove the batteries from the
remote control unit to prevent leaking of battery fluid. If
battery liquid has leaked, thoroughly wipe the inside of
the case until all liquid is removed, and then insert new
When disposing of used batteries, please comply
with governmental regulations or
environmental public instruction's rules that
apply in your country/area.
¶ Do not mix new batteries with used ones.
¶ The voltage of batteries may differ even if they are the
same shape. Please do not mix different kinds of
batteries together.
¶ Do not charge, short, disassemble or throw the provided
batteries in a fire.
Two AA (R6)



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