Installing An Adapter In A Server; Installing A Low Profile Bracket - HP 28673A - AdvanceStack 10:10 LAN Bridge MB User Manual

Pci express gigabit server adapter
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Installing an adapter in a server

See the HP ProLiant server documentation for additional information on how to safely install a PCI Express
card in the server.
cord from the power outlet before removing the server access panel. Failure to do so may
damage the adapter or server.
Power down the server.
Remove the power cord and server access panel. Then remove the cover bracket from a PCI Express
internal system components to cool before touching them.
Firmly seat the adapter in a PCI Express slot and secure the adapter bracket.
profile bracket. See Installing a low profile bracket (on page 9).
Replace the access panel and plug in the power cord.

Installing a low profile bracket

You may have to install a low profile bracket to complete the product installation. The low profile bracket
replaces the existing standard profile bracket shipped on the product.
To install a low profile bracket:
Using a correctly sized slotted screwdriver, carefully remove the two board lock screws located at
the top and bottom of the connector.
If the server is not PCI Hot Plug compliant, power it down and unplug the power
To reduce the risk of personal injury from hot surfaces, allow the drives and the
For 1U type servers you may need to replace the standard profile bracket with a low
Installing an adapter 9


Table of Contents

Table of Contents