Installing The Adapter In A Server; Connecting The Network Cable - HP NC6170 User Manual

Dual port pci-x 1000sx gigabit server adapter
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Installing the Adapter

Installing the Adapter in a Server

Refer to the HP ProLiant server documentation for additional information on how to safely
install a PCI card in the server.
Figure 2-1: Installing the adapter in a server
1. Remove the power cord and server cover. Then remove the cover bracket from a
PCI/PCI-X slot.
2. Firmly seat the adapter in the PCI/PCI-X slot and secure the adapter bracket.
3. Replace the server cover and plug in the power cord.

Connecting the Network Cable

The HP NC6170 Gigabit Server Adapter uses LC fiber ports. These ports support multimode
fiber with a maximum cable length dependent on the fiber type, mode, and cable size. Refer
to Appendix C for maximum cable lengths.
To insert the LC connector into the adapter port, line up the slot on the fiber connector with
the adapter and gently push until the retainers click into place.
WARNING: If the server is not PCI Hot Plug compliant, power it down and unplug the
power cord from the power outlet before removing the server cover. Failure to do so
may damage the adapter or server.
WARNING: To reduce the risk of personal injury from hot surfaces, allow the internal
system components to cool before touching them.
HP NC6170 Dual Port PCI-X 1000SX Gigabit Server Adpater User Guide


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents