Installing An Adapter; Installation Overview - HP 28673A - AdvanceStack 10:10 LAN Bridge MB User Manual

Pci express gigabit server adapter
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Installing an adapter

Installation overview

This section describes installation precautions, how to install the adapter, and how to connect the network
safety information and user documentation provided with the server before attempting the
Many servers are capable of providing energy levels that are considered hazardous and are
intended to be serviced only by qualified personnel who have been trained to deal with these
hazards. Do not remove enclosures or attempt to bypass any interlocks that may be provided
for the purpose of removing these hazardous conditions.
qualified in the servicing of computer equipment, and trained in the hazards associated with
products capable of producing hazardous energy levels.
This adapter is intended to be installed in Certified (UL or CSA) ITE equipment having
instructions for adding and removing user installed components such as PCI, PCI-X, and PCI
Express devices. Refer to the equipment instructions to verify that it is suitable for user installed
components and that it has the power capacity to support all of the installed components.
methods for installing a PCI Express card and avoiding electric shock hazards.
To reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to the equipment, consult the
Installation of this adapter should be performed by individuals who are both
Before removing the cover of your server, refer to the HP documentation for the proper
Installing an adapter 8


Table of Contents

Table of Contents