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Seb 213 / Seb 217 Maintenance And Care - Miele SEB 213 - ANNEXE 561 Operating Instructions Manual

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SEB 213 / SEB 217 Maintenance and Care

Re-installing the roller brush
Please note that there are a series of
notches on the roller supports located
at each end of the roller brush (see il-
A new roller brush or a brush with
slightly worn bristles should be installed
with the single notch facing up (left il-
If the roller brush is old and/or the bris-
tles are worn:
^ Install the supports so that the two
notches are facing up (right illustra-
The correct orientation of the supports
allows the proper length of bristle to
protrude from the roller cover. The
brush can continue to be used in the
"two notch" position until the bristles
wear down to the point where they no
longer clean. At that time, the roller
brush must be replaced.
^ Replace the roller cover and tighten
the lock screws.

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